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Spirit Airlines Airbus

Spirit Airlines will soon be charging customers for carry-on and checked luggage. Image from Flickr.

Since 2008, many major airlines have started charging fees for checked baggage – now Spirit Airlines is taking those bag fees one step further. In a move sure to be watched closely by larger carriers, Florida-based regional carrier Spirit Airlines will be charging airline passengers for carry-on luggage. No word yet if the airlines will be offering no credit check payday loans to cover the cost of the new fees.

Spirit Airlines is a no-frills carrier

Spirit Airlines is an airline that specializes in no-frills service. With a $40 yearly membership, some customers can get Spirit airline fares for as little as $9 each way. Average Spirit Airline fares range from $50 to $150 each way. Spirit Airlines already charges $25 for the first checked bag, and $45 for the second checked bag. Spirit Airlines claims that at the same time the carry-on bag fee is instituted, it will drop their average fare by $40, saving some customers from getting payday loans no credit check to pay for their travel.

Spirit Airlines to charge for carry-on bags

Since many major airlines have started charging for checked baggage, many customers are carrying on more luggage. On Aug. 1, Spirit Airlines will begin charging for carry-on luggage. Spirit Airline “members” will be charged $20. Pre-registering the carry-on bag will cost $30. At the gate, passengers will be charged $45 for their one allowed carry-on bag. Spirit Airlines is also considering removing the front-counter service at some airports, replacing that service with self-service kiosks only. Spirit Airlines will not charge for “personal items” that fit in the space under the seat in front of passengers.

Will major airlines follow the example of Spirit Airlines?

Major airline carriers have not yet said if they plan to follow Spirit Airlines with these charges. Southwest and JetBlue have been the only two carriers to not use checked-bag fees. Since bag fees have been instituted by airlines, the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics has said that fees have brought in 11 percent additional income to airlines – $700 million in the third quarter of last year. In that same time period, average fares fell 14 percent from the same period last year.


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  1. Iridian Guevara says:

    charging for the carry on? COMPLETELY ABSURD!

  2. Jack says:

    So how does an airline justify charging for luggage that they don’t have to handle. If it’s a weight issue because of using extra fuel, what’s next, charging per weight of the passenger? The airlines need to start focusing on satisfying the customers before they all go out of business. JH

  3. Norris Hall says:

    The most equitable way to go is to have a scale that weighs the passenger and all his luggage. Everyone who occupies a seat gets charged by the pound.

    If you are fat , it takes more fuel to fly you to where you are going. So you should pay more than skinny people or kids.

    Or…just take Southwest. They don't charge for baggage…or fat people

  4. Leads Generation says:

    That means that in this current market crisis all these big businesses will try using dirty tactics but will never think once that we should at least give customers and consumers something in return. They are thinking to take the last penny in the wallet of the customer. Lolz

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