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Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash – Filling Small Loans Since 1997

Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash are speedsters when it comes to your payday loan needs.

Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash are speedsters when it comes to your payday loan needs.

One of the great benefits of payday loans are their outright speed. When you’re in an emergency situation that requires cash, you want it post haste – you want it fast. Hence, it makes perfect sense that a payday loan company would call itself Speedy Cash (aka Rapid Cash, see According to their Web site, Speedy Cash is “a multi-state, high-quality financial service company” with something different.

How Do We Know They’re Different?

Apparently it’s because they say so. “We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service in a safe, clean and professional environment,” which sounds reasonable if not exactly revolutionary. But where Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash claim they truly stand apart is in the act of “designing and investing in visually appealing and well-run stores with a strong commitment to the communities we serve.” Sorry, that isn’t unique to your business. But let there be no mistake that it is an admirable goal.

“We are different because we are better.
We are better because we are different.”

Features of Speedy Cash Payday Loans

Here are just some of the reasons that Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash keep the tradition of payday loan service alive through their offerings:

  • Receive up to $1,000 in some states
  • Quick online application
  • Find out if you’re approved, 24/7
  • Applications are secure and confidential
  • Bad credit does not preclude you from receiving a loan
  • Faxing application info is rarely if ever required
  • Brick-and-mortar payday loan store locations nationwide (See

What You Need to Apply at Speedy Cash

If you want a Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash payday loan, you’ll need to be prepared with the following items:

  • Active checking account
  • Income documentation
  • Verifiable contact info

Services Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash Offer

Diversity is vitally important for the success of any modern payday loan business, be it online or a physical storefront. Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash are no different, so they have invested in the following consumer financial services:

  • Payday loans and cash advance
  • Cash for gold
  • Check cashing
  • Automobile title loans
  • Automobile equity loans
  • Pre-paid debit cards

How People Access

Thanks to data from, we know that Speedy Cash received 115,986 unique visitors in November of 2009, which is a 20 percent increase over the previous month. In total, there were 175,313 visitors, which is a 14 percent increase. was the most used search engine guiding consumers to (12 percent), but was close behind (11 percent). In terms of what payday loan customers were looking for that brought them to, “speedy cash” was the obvious leader at 20 percent of traffic, while “payday loans” (14 percent), “speedycash” (four percent) and “” (three percent) round out the field

Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash Live Up to Their Names

That is, if you want to apply for and hopefully receive a payday loan – be it online or in person – speed is the operative term. Personal Money Market finds it comforting to know that the convenience of payday loans is alive and well.

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