Space Shuttle Landing | Two attempts scrubbed, more tomorrow

Launch of the space shuttle Discovery

If you are lucky enough to live in the path of the space shuttle landing, you could get quite the show. Image from Flickr.

NASA this morning announced that the space shuttle landing originally scheduled for this morning, April 19, was “scrubbed.” With two canceled landing attempts, the space shuttle landing will be attempted again tomorrow. The first attempt will be at 7:34 a.m. in Florida, and if needed the second attempt will aim for Edwards Air Force Base in California. Ideally, the space shuttle landing will be in Florida tomorrow morning, which will eliminate the necessity of low interest loans to pay for shuttling the space shuttle across the country.

Space shuttle landing show

This space shuttle landing will provide an airshow that is very rare. The path of the space shuttle landing will be visible from British Columbia, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida. Anyone under the landing path should be able to see the streak of the landing space shuttle for up to a full three minutes. Take a break from your research into secured loans and go outside to take a look if you are in the path.

Space shuttle landing may be in California

The two scrubbed space shuttle landing attempts on Monday morning were canceled because of clouds over Florida. The low, thick clouds would have blocked visibility for the space shuttle landing. Because the space shuttle is basically a giant glider when coming in for a landing, it is very important that there is good visibility for the crew to be able to safely land the space shuttle.

Space shuttle landing leaves only three missions

Once this space shuttle landing of Discovery is completed, there will be only three space shuttle landings left. This mission, as well as the three planned missions after it, were focused on upgrading and re-supplying the International Space Station. After the Discovery space shuttle is retired, NASA will be moving into other areas, including developing a program and craft designed to land on Mars. The Russian space program will shoulder the burden of shuttling astronauts, cosmonauts, and supplies to the International Space Station until further plans are made.

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