“Wise Latina” Sonia Sotomayor Vote Leaps GOP Speedbump

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It appears she’ll become a Supreme Court Justice

(Photo: abovethelaw.com)

(Photo: abovethelaw.com)

It isn’t over yet, folks, but it appears that the confirmation process may almost be over for Judge Sonia Sotomayor. She should be on her way to a seat on the Supreme Court – Sonia Sotomayor was approved by a preliminary vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Now her nomination goes to the floor of the Senate for further debate and a final vote that is expected to fall in her favor, considering the Democratic majority.

Wonder how she’ll vote on the constitutionality of payday loans and unsecured loans?

J. Taylor Rushing reports on The Hill blog that Sotomayor’s nomination “sailed through the Senate Judiciary Committee by a wide margin, but only bare bipartisan support.” In other words, the Rush-minded Republicans are sticking to their backfiring guns. Remember Wile E. Coyote? Even though he was a “supra-genius,” Roadrunner could still turn the barrel of his gun back on him right before he fired. Considering that the Republicans are hardly supra-genius caliber, I fear for the safety of anyone near them. Perhaps Jeff Sessions (Alabama), John Cornyn (Texas), Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), Jon Kyl (Arizona), Charles Grassley (Iowa) and Orrin Hatch (Utah) should appear via satellite from a bunker for the time being – a bunker where no sharp objects are allowed.

Tally whacker, whack the tally

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The Committee vote was 13-6 to send the Sonia Sotomayor vote for Supreme Court question to the floor of the Senate. It will be debated before their next recess on Friday, August 7. The vote came as little surprise, as Democrats held a 12-7 edge on the panel. The sole Republican vote came from Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, aka the Gov. Mark Sanford state. Graham claims he “understands the Republican criticism of Sotomayor.” Yet he wanted to “demonstrate a reversal from the filibusters that were launched against Chief Justice John Roberts’ nomination in 2005 and Samuel Alito in 2006.” Whatta guy.

Despite his qualms with some of her dissertations, Graham assured The Hill of where he stands: “I base my vote on qualifications, and I came away from the hearing feeling she was well-qualified. I haven’t seen this activism that we all dread and reject… I would not have chosen her, but I understand why President Obama did.”

That wacky activist

So Sotomayor supports Puerto Rico’s independence. So she likes to eat traditional Hispanic food and had interesting things to say about the ability of a “wise Latina” to make a judgment better than a white man. On the last, Sotomayor acknowledged her mistake. Yet are these things enough to make Sonia Sotomayor an “activist judge?” Some think so, and most of them are Republicans. Her ruling (which was overturned by the Supreme Court) that the white firefighters were not the victims of reverse discrimination was popular fodder for circus clowns like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. The GOP also claim they’re frustrated over Sotomayor’s “evasions” and “backtracking” during her hearings.

Get over it. She was coached. It’s an unavoidable political fact of life now. You know that President Obama’s speeches are almost completely scripted, and that he doesn’t vary from his telestator, right? If he does the job, I don’t care what kind of machine he uses to help him deliver speeches.

Defending Sotomayor

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Chairman Patrick Leahy of Vermont took the lead on the panel in supporting  Sotomayor. “Judge Sotomayor is well qualified; one need look no further than her experience, ability, temperament and judgment,” Leahy said. “In her 17 years on the bench there is not one example, let alone a pattern, of her ruling based on bias or prejudice or sympathy.”

I think that electing Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court will be a landmark move in terms of race relations. Even though being Latina won’t dictate the decisions she would make as a Supreme Court justice, it will perhaps add a perspective that the court has never had before. If that makes Rush Limbaugh uncomfortable, that suits me just fine. If he screeches like Glenn Beck and is sent to an institution, that would make me laugh at his material. What more could a circus clown ask for? Perhaps payday loans and unsecured loans for those big shoes, as Rush won’t be making the big broadcasting dollars once he joins the circus.

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  1. Peter Stone says:

    Activist judges…that is the dumbest buzz phrase to come out of the last 20 years. What's meant by activist judges, as the author points out above, is that it's what conservatives don't like, regardless of how legally sound it is. If you follow history, you'll find that no matter how much law and order conservatives like to preach, what they mean is not law and order, it's only the laws that they like. For instance, flag burning – whatever one's feelings on it, it's constitutionally protected, and conservatives blame it on activist judges. However, you'll notice that they never complain about 8th and 4th amendment violations. Also, what about Bush v. Gore? The constitution would seem to mandate a vote from the House or Senate, not a Supreme Court decision, yet SCOTUS declaring Bush the President is not activist judicial ruling, is it?

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