Sharron Angle wins Nevada GOP primary, wants prohibition

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An archival photo from the Prohibition-era 1920s. Under police supervision, men are dumping barrels of liquor into the sewer. Nevada GOP primary winner Sharron Angle would like to see Prohibition reinstated.

John Law burned down the liquor store – and Sharron Angle wants him to do it again. (Photo: Wikipedia)

In the race for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s seat, Republican primary winner Sharron Angle from Nevada is riding her tea party credentials in what her supporters hope will be a move to clear the old guard out of Washington. Yet a number of Sharron Angle’s views are attracting the wrong kind of attention. According to the Los Angeles Times, the former teacher and current Scientologist wants to phase out Social Security for younger workers. That is only somewhat controversial, however, considering that Social Security is likely on its last legs. More controversial are her views on education, prohibition and prison inmate treatment.

Sharron Angle says no to federal education control

According to Sharron Angle’s website, the candidate wants the Federal Department of Education to be shut down because she believes it is unconstitutional. She points to failed one-size-fits-all programs like No Child Left behind that have allegedly overburdened classrooms and overburdened teachers with excessive testing and regulations. Sharron Angle believes that alternative education choices like home schooling, quick cash vouchers and charter schools are a better option for Nevada (and America’s) children.

A return to prohibition

Sharron Angle’s stance on alcohol is perhaps the one view that could cause her the most trouble in her battle against Harry Reid in Nevada. Slash Politics reports that in a 2006 interview for Liberty Watch magazine, Angle said that alcohol should be treated the same way as marijuana. In essence, that would make alcohol illegal and hearken back to the days of prohibition. This is particularly odd, considering that Sharron Angle is running out of Nevada, the land of Las Vegas. Campaign spokesman Jerry Stacy went on damage control after Angle’s published remarks on alcohol, and it remains to be seen whether that gaff will be forgotten as she faces off against Reid.

Spa treatments for inmates

As a Scientologist, Sharron Angle does not support the use of psychiatric drugs. According to Talking Points Memo, Angle tried to “gain support for a prison drug rehabilitation program that would involve prisoners quitting drugs cold turkey, with saunas and massages as part of treatment.” This comes straight from Church of Scientology beliefs, and Sharron Angle has reportedly supported the notion on multiple occasions.


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