School board shooting video shows Panama City, Florida, shootout

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V for Vendetta

The V for Vendetta symbol was painted on the wall by Clay Duke before he took over the school board meeting. Image: Flickr / bjornb / CC-BY-SA

In a scene that seems almost surreal, a school board meeting in Panama City, Florida, was interrupted by a shootout. A man ranting about sales taxes and employment, armed with a handgun, interrupted the Florida school board meeting. Clay A. Duke and his takeover were captured in a dramatic school board shooting video.

School board shooting video captures Clay A. Duke

The Panama City, Florida, school board regularly records its meetings with a stationary video camera. During Tuesday night’s meeting, the camera was rolling when ex-convict Clay A. Duke interrupted the meeting. He first spray-painted the “V for Vendetta” logo on the wall. Duke then pulled a handgun. The camera was rolling throughout the entire school board shooting video, which lasted several minutes.

Warning: This video contains violence

Panama City shooting video shows heroism

The video showing the school board shooting also shows the everyday heroism of the school board members. One board member, Ginger Littleton, tried to disarm Clay A. Duke with her purse after he dismissed her from the room. Bill Husfelt, superintendent of the Panama City, Florida, schools tried to talk the gunman down. The gunman had indicated that he intended to end the day dead. Not much is known about Duke, though he appears to have created a Facebook page in early December that rants against the abuses of the wealthy. In October of 1999, Duke was convicted of aggravated stalking.

Security guard at school board shooting responds

Though Clay A. Duke had taken over the Panama City, Florida, school board meeting for a few minutes, it was when shots were fired that security guard Mike Jones responded. Protocol in this situation demanded that he wait for backup, but Mike Jones instead went into the school board room. The armed security guard shot Clay Duke in a non-fatal area. While on the ground, Duke fatally shot himself. The school board shooting video shows the entire incident, start to finish.


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  1. Bubba says:

    u remembered? (nice)

  2. sassychachita says:

    I'm glad that they all made it. And whoever that troubled soul was, i hope he had at least one gleam of light in his life. He was the only one that knew what was going on in his head, and of one thing I am sure, he used his freewill in the worst way possible. Lets see this situation as a bad example, one that must not be followed. If we ever find ourselves in an overwhelming situation there is no shame on asking for help. The real strenght is shown when we recognize that we are weak. Love one another, take care of one another, All year long no matter the season.

  3. Jason Smith says:

    Exactly! Praise Jesus for divine intervention!!!

    Unfortunately, God was busy earlier in a similar situation in which the gunman shot and killed two councilmen, two policemen, and the public works director in Kirkwood, Mo. Either that, or all those victims didn't go to church often enough.

  4. Franrose says:

    I’ve gotta give it up to the woman who came in swinging at the gunman with her purse. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but that’s one hell of a tough lady. I’m so glad everyone made it out of there in one piece.

  5. Pearly says:

    All I can say is whoever says that there is no God are IDIOTS !! Because nothing can explain why not one of the board members were hurt, not one was shot. It was nothing but the grace of GOD !! I'm glad that the board members acknowledged that too.

  6. Hugh Adams says:

    My heart goes out to the victims and famlies involved in this tragic Panama City shooting. For the shooter's family as well. Saddly this kind of thing happens more often than you think, now that the immediate news is cast world wide via the internet. I was at home watching television when the story broke. I couldnt believe my eyes. The station I was watching here in Pensacola aired most of the tragedy except for the final suicide. I was appaulled for the children that were able to see it. Good accurate reporting is one thing….but something like this? Leave it on the web where parents at least have the control to sensor what their children see.

  7. Johnny Asshole says:

    “Before we let you watch the school board shooting video, here’s a 30-pitch for the latest Microsoft crap.” Stay classy.

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