Samantha Bell labels father Joe Stack a hero

She supports his politics, but not his violence – it’s “inappropriate”

Samantha Bell says her father was an American "hero?" Like the TV character, he wasn't always in control.

The events of the recent Austin plane crash will not soon be forgotten. Joe Stack was a man in search of redress from a government that has been less than representative for far too many people. There are very real arguments out there which insist that the IRS is unconstitutional. I won’t recount them here, but click the link if you’re interested. Tax debt is frustrating, but misguided vengeance is tragic. Don’t tell me that Joe Stack was “a hero.” That’s what his daughter Samantha Bell is saying, even though she told “Good Morning America” that she considers his last desperate, violent act to be “inappropriate.”

Bell lives in Norway, where taxes are among the highest on Earth

Yet she tells the media that she feels that she gets “more for her money” there than she did in America. I’m not advocating turning away from America for some cold, blonde place of wonder and herring. I’m just saying that maybe I agree with some of what Joe Stack and Samantha Bell are saying about our “representative” government. It is representative, but too many people remain asleep and do not participate. Therefore, a minority of the American population is represented – a smart minority who know that you either get up off the couch/out from under your Linus blanket and take action or shut up and take it like a non-participant should.

That does not justify violence

In fact, the violence of Joe Stack’s “final solution” diluted his good points considerably. You’re only a failure if you stop trying, and Joe Stack no longer has the ability to pursue his beliefs. With counseling, perhaps he could have saved his own life. It certainly would have saved the life of Vernon Hunter, the man who died when Stack’s plane struck the IRS building. Samantha Bell is deluding herself when she says that “maybe people will listen.” You lost me at the fireball and the shattered glass of someone else’s dream.

Depression makes a man unable to see the forest for the trees

“Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.” That’s what Joe Stack had to say in his manifesto. His tax debt may have indicated in part some of the flaws inherent in the current system, but his pound of flesh killed an innocent man. It was as substantive as bacon fat. I hope you have stronger meat to offer the world, Samantha Bell.

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