Rustic Décor for your Log Cabin

The great indoors

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Interior spaces should appeal to your family and guests. It’s unpleasant to spend time in a home that presents a cold atmosphere. When beginning a decorating project it’s important to think your plan through.

For example, if you own a log cabin, you need proper rustic décor. There are simple and efficient ways to make your cabin warm and inviting. On the same note, if you’re enhancing a home, you’ll want the interior decorating to make it memorable to your guests. When your home or lodge is embellished well, you’ll be giving your guests the gift of cozy memories each time they visit.

A warm atmosphere

Typical lodge décor offers a bucolic atmosphere. One of the easiest and most effective tricks is sometimes overlooked. Rustic heat registers make all the difference in the world when promoting warm ambiance.

Just look around a lodge or log cabin that has off-colored and unattractive vents. It takes away from what would otherwise be an accomplished decorating project. Rustic heating vents are easy to install. This is a positive step towards your overall decorating goals.

Light up a room

Rustic lighting can also help. This is an area that is also often neglected. Take advantage of the many unique styles; each will add magic to any room. Everything from chandeliers to post mount lights are available.

A mix of ranch island lights and a showy illuminated piece will make a statement. An amber mica desk lamp could bring charm to any den or study. Other options include pinecone, fish, bear, and twig designs for lighting of rustic décor. Square lanterns make for a truly rustic take on sconce lighting. The idea is to bring the outdoors to the inside of your log cabin or lodge. Create an environment that feels adventurous!

Get down to it

Another method for decorating success is to choose the right rugs. They are an important helper to bring warmth to your rooms. Rustic rugs come in sizes that accommodate any area.

Rugs are a main attraction that liven up any log cabin or lodge. Included among the many appropriate rustic designs are Navajo and Western rugs. There is also a line of rugs designed specifically for lodge décor with rich, earthy tones. Colors add interest and rugs are an effortless way to bring it all together.

Take it outside

Don’t forget the necessities needed on the outside. It’s a shame when people work hard to achieve a certain look and then skip over noticeable outdoor features.

Mailboxes and house numbers are objects that emphasize an expression. Address markers that appear to be made of bark set the mood for visitors before they cross the threshold. Mailboxes also can make a distinctive statement. They are what passers-by see most often, and something you see every day. There is a wide variety to choose from online that include styles perfect for any setting.

Bring it on home

Everyone wants their dinner guests to feel right at home. These uncomplicated and sometimes overlooked rustic décor ideas can be done easily at any time. Maybe your lodge or log cabin just needs a facelift. There are trouble-free ways to create a fresh look. These decorative ideas will work in any type of space, be it in the middle of nowhere or the middle of the city.

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