Ramon Mercader style assassin possibly sent after double agent

Leon Trotsky

The double agent that gave up Anna Chapman may have a Ramon Mercader type hit man after him. Mercader was sent to kill Leon Trotsky (pictured). Image from Wikimedia Commons.

It is rumored that a Ramon Mercader type hit has been ordered on a Russian double agent. A high ranking Russian official and member of the intelligence service reported Anna Chapman and other spies to American authorities and defected. Ramon Mercader assassinated Leon Trotsky on behalf of Joseph Stalin, and now Ramon Mercader’s name is synonymous with retaliatory murder.

Rumor of Ramon Mercader style hit ordered

Anna Chapman, along with nine others, were arrested on charges of committing espionage on behalf of the Russian government after U.S. officials were tipped off. A rumored high ranking defector disclosed the spy ring. A recently published article in the Russian periodical Kommersant included some statements from a high ranking member of the SVR, the Russian intelligence service, according to The Guardian. The official claims that “a Mercader” had been dispatched to take care of the defector. The name “Mercader” refers to Ramon Mercader, who was a Spanish agent of the Soviet Union who went to Mexico to murder Leon Trotsky after Trotsky’s exile from the Soviet Union. Mercader was decorated with the Hero of the Soviet Union award.

High ranking defector

The source of the leak that brought down the Russian spy ring that included Anna Chapman is said to be a high ranking official in the Russian intelligence services. His name is given as Colonel Scherbakov, according to The Telegraph. Dimitri Medvedev, the president of Russia, recently told reporters that it was old news to him. The supposed Scherbakov would bring illegal immigrants from Russia to the United States and plant them in various places under assumed identities. The 10 spies were exchanged for four agents being held in Russia in July.

Cold War apparently not over

It has been suggested by some that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a former KGB operative, is trying to resurrect the Cold War. The fact that Russian agents are operating within the United States certainly makes it seem plausible.


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