Rahm Emanuel tossed from Chicago mayor race

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel has been kicked out of the Chicago mayor race for not meeting eligibility requirements. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Rahm Emanuel has been tossed from the Chicago mayor race. The eligibility of the former White House Chief of Staff was challenged in court, and the first Rahm Emanuel ruling upheld his right to run. However, an appeals court ruling overturned that decision.

Rahm Emanuel ruling excludes him from Chicago mayor run

For the moment, it appears that Rahm Emanuel is out of the race to be the next Chicago mayor, according to the Chicago Sun Times. Emanuel was found by the Illinois Court of Appeals to not have satisfied residency requirements to run for office. Rahm Emanuel left his position as White House Chief of Staff for the Obama administration in order to run for the position. The incumbent mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, has been mayor since 1989 and decided to step down. Daley is the son of legendary Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and brother of William M. Daley, who succeeded Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff.

Eligibility requirements see Emanuel out of race

This is the second trip to court for Rahm Emanuel to keep him in the running for Chicago’s mayor. In December of 2010, Emanuel’s eligibility was confirmed by the Chicago Board of Elections, which was challenged in court but upheld by a Cook County judge. The decision was appealed, and the appellate court ruled two to one to exclude Emanuel from the ballot. The law states that a candidate has to have lived in the city in which he intends to run for at least a year prior to election day. As Emanuel had rented his Chicago residence out to Rob Halpin, a former mayoral candidate himself, he clearly had not been residing there.

Possible appeal

Emanuel may appeal the verdict. However, the attorney who lodged the appeal against Emanuel noted that the justice who delivered the opinion addressed the issue of eligibility so well that the Illinois Superior Court may refuse to touch the case. If no appeal is filed, Emanuel will be stricken from the ballot.


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