Quick Payday Loan Rescued Me From the Underground Railroad

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Locked in the Past, Cash Strapped in the Present

Harriet Tubman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Did I mention I was trapped there once, and that a quick payday loan busted me out? (Photo: wikipedia.org)

Harriet Tubman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Did I mention I was trapped there once, and that a quick payday loan busted me out? (Photo: wikipedia.org)

Not long ago, I needed a quick payday loan to help me out of a jam. Thankfully, my cell phone gets reception underground. Otherwise, I’d still be aging with the wine thanks to the cobwebs in my wallet.

There’s a story to this, so bear with me as we go underground

My mother-in-law lives in a granny flat on our property, and there’s a below-ground tunnel that connects our living rooms. Why was there a tunnel, you may be wondering? Apparently, the family who owned the property 150 years ago was comprised of conductors on the Underground Railroad. Anyway, we’d been using the historic crawlspace as a wine cellar, and I went down to fetch a vintage bottle of Merlot. As I reached to unlatch the door and return to my dinner at home, the vintage lock wouldn’t turn. But I didn’t panic; I simply walked to the other end of the cellar and tried the door on my mother-in-law’s end. It didn’t work, either – I was stuck in the Underground Railroad and embarrassed as all get out. My brother-in-law worked for the local fire department, so I surely didn’t want him to catch wind of my predicament.

A Slave to My Own Cellar

Yet I didn’t panic. I knew I’d need a private locksmith, but I was short of cash and payday was far away. Unlike conductors on the Underground Railroad in the Antebellum South, I had a cell phone. I used my 3G connection to look up PersonalMoneyStore.com. It was a very easy Web site to us. Furthermore, I was approved fast and the funds were deposited that same day. That was early enough for me to call a locksmith who could set me free.

An Employee Was Worried

I couldn’t believe it, but since I’d mentioned in the comments section of Personal Money Market what kind of a situation I was in, an employee called me. Ostensibly it was to verify information in order to determine my loan worthiness, but I think she just wanted to talk to somebody who’s locked themselves in a wine cellar. She couldn’t believe what had happened to me.

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In fact, once I told her about the historic nature of my home and that the locks hadn’t been replaced since the Civil War, she probably wrote me off as an eccentric old coot. That’s what I imagine, but I have no complaints about how she handled my transaction. She was professional and helped me stay cool as a julep. I thanked for her help, and once the money was available, I called the locksmith.

I toast you with a glass of Pinot wherever you are, Personal Money Market lady. A quick payday loan truly did set me free.

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