Playstation Phone | PSP phone to expand Sony offerings

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The new Playstation Phone, based on the design of a PSPGo, may be released as early as November 2010. Image: Flickr / thinksincode / CC-BY-SA

For the last five years, the Playstation Portable has been a powerful player in the mobile gaming market. Though not confirmed by Sony, there are very convincing rumors of a Playstation Phone. The PSP Phone will likely run on Android and be a game-centric competitor to the iPhone.

Playstation Phone for 2010 release

The Playstation Phone is currently in prototype stage. Tech website Engadget has gotten its hands on that prototype. The Playstation Phone could be released for the 2010 holiday shopping season. Sony has not yet confirmed the existence of the Playstation Phone, though reports say that the current prototype has a lot of bugs.

The stats for the Playstation Phone

The Playstation Phone will reportedly have a 1GHz processor chip. The phone will also have 512 MB of random access memory, 1 GB of ROM, and a microSD card slot. The phone will have a multitouch touchpad, as well as the eleven standard PSP control buttons. The lack of a numerical pad also indicates that the Playstation Phone will have a touchscreen. In short, the Playstation Phone will most likely be mostly a Playstation device that also happens to make phone calls.

Gingerbread – Android 3.0 to run Playstation Phone

The Playstation Phone is the first major device that has announced it will be running Android 3.0. Codenamed “Gingerbread,” the new Android operating system will most likely release within the next few months. The Android 3.0 Gingerbread base will likely be heavily customized. There is no word yet whether games designed for the original PSP will operate on the Playstation Phone, though that backward compatibility is standard in gaming devices. One producer for Mortal Kombat is said to have a “PSP2 in house” and it “looks like a pretty powerful machine.” Most likely, the PSP2 and Playstation Phone are either the same device or very closely related the way the iPod Touch and iPhone are.



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