Phoebe Prince tormentors indicted for role in her death

Monday, March 29th, 2010 By

Sign posted at a school that reads "Bully-Free Zone." School bullying led to the suicide of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old freshman at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts.

If South Hadley had been one of these, Phoebe Prince would still be alive. (Photo:

South Hadley, Massachusetts is the nice, comfortable middle-class suburb where Phoebe Prince was driven to commit suicide after incessant taunting, bullying and intimidation from a clique known as the “Mean Girls of South Hadley.” Nine teenagers in total have been indicted by Massachusetts District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel for a series of actions that are believed to have pushed Phoebe Prince to despondency and eventual suicide. In addition to the teenagers directly involved, it has been reported by various sources that numerous students and at least one school faculty member at South Hadley High School witnessed what the Mean Girls of Hadley did to Phoebe Prince. According to Dscriber, the events “went unreported to school administrators until after Phoebe’s death.”

Phoebe Prince was only 15 years old

She’d moved from Ireland to her family’s home in the cozy Massachusetts town. Apparently, Prince had never faced anything like the scathing brand of bullying the Mean Girls of South Hadley had to offer. That Phoebe Prince was pretty drew the attention of the clique, but the fact that she dated a senior football player while she was a freshman was apparently too much to ignore. She was constantly “put in her place” by the bullies, while others looked on and did nothing. That the Mean Girls of South Hadley were the “in” crowd enabled them to operate with more freedom than less popular bullies.

Some of the charges against the Mean Girls of South Hadley and accomplices

This is what is known so far, per Dscriber:

  • Sean Mulveyhill, 17 – statutory rape, violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, disturbance of a school assembly
  • Austin Renaud, 18 – statutory rape
  • Kayla Narey, 17 – violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, disturbance of a school assembly
  • Ashley Longe, 16 – violation of civil rights, as a youthful offender
  • Flannery Mullins, 16 – violation of civil rights as a youthful offender, stalking as a youthful offender
  • Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16 – violation of civil rights as a youthful offender, stalking as a youthful offender
  • Three juveniles, all females from South Hadley, charged as juveniles (names not released)

No South Hadley School officials are being charged at this time.

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This post has 9 comments

  1. Alex says:


  2. john says:

    This is an outrage in every sense of the word. Here you have a a District Attorney with enough guts to go after these kids for various charges, but not enough guts to go after the school administration.
    Here is what can happen if she fails to file against those administrators who knew what was going on.
    Under the law you have to charge the equally culpable or a bright attorney can have the case dismissed for selective prosecution before it even gets to trial. Now some would say well you have to show some sort of discrimination like sexual orientation or religious beliefs, but this is not true, Phillip H. Falls v. Town of Dyer Indiana (7th Cir).. others will say that the Falls case only applies in the 7th circuit….not true… is persuasive as to what the rule should be….this charging of some but not others is a bill of attainder in another name and can be dismissed by simple motion unless this D.A. rolls up her sleeves and gets ready for a real battle.

    • Steven Tarlow says:

      That’s frightening, John. You may be a lawyer, I don’t know, but I’d like to get a lawyer’s take on what you propose. Phoebe Prince deserves someone to fight a real battle on her behalf.

  3. Luke Easter says:

    Phoebe Prince R.I.P.

    LaVena Lynn Johnson, Jamie Leigh Jones, what’s been happening since?

    Josie Lou Ratley and the end of innocence for 15 year-old Phoebe Prince,

    To those who pushed this girl to suicide I say murder in the first degree,

    And during plea-bargaining negations nothing less than the max felony.

    The first three mentioned had different circumstances in their own right,

    However, what makes this unique is that it did not happen over night,

    There was a continual pattern of harassment by bullies in high school,

    On at least one occasion it was witnessed by students & a teacher too.

    Exactly what must these administrators, teachers and their parents do?

    To stop these students from imitating life found in the Metro Park Zoo,

    By the way, speaking of administrators & parents not one of them knew?

    Oh but wait, there were some in the upper echelon who did have a clue.

    Arriving from Ireland it started last September, the girl never had a chance,

    Tragically found hanging at home two days before the high school dance,

    Enough became too much as she sadly ended her life this past January 14,

    Nine will face charges of statutory rape, assault and others, six were teens

    Back to those in charge who were aware of the in person and online abuse,

    What kind of message are they sending, how about this one, what’s the use?

    This wasn’t a job after graduation where everyone has the status of an adult,

    Neither was it in some hide away camp, commune or serect religious cult.

    Not a remote island off the radar neither a far away galaxy did it take place,

    South Hadley Massachusetts which is located in the good old United States,

    Primarily conducted at school during school hours as classes were in session,

    I Yahooed, Googled, you name it but no where could I find this in any lesson.

    It was so devesatating that her brokenhearted parents just had to move away,

    Wondering why none came forward so they could see their child another day,

    Here’s a question, whose son or daughter is being bullied right now and where?

    Hopefully in future instances those in charge will do more than say, “we care.”

    Earlier this month Massachusetts Legislature passed anti-bullying legislation,

    If that is really the case then how did this young lady die from strangulation?

    There’s an age old question, “if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?”

    Here’s a new 1, “if a law’s passed & U R a victim anyway why have it around?”

    by Luke Easter

  4. Eric Schneider says:

    I too was bullied when I was in school and, like the case of Phoebe Prince, faculty and employees of the school looked the other way. That is, of course, until the day I fought back; the bully suffered a broken nose and an extracted (knocked-out) tooth. It was then that teachers and school staff took notice and referred to me as an animal. Isn't that typical?

    The Animal Control Issue that exists in South Hadley High School involves the bullies who harassed Phoebe Prince until she took her own life. Those bullies are the animals, worthless biomass who are breathing our oxygen; they are nothing more than cloggers of society's arteries, simple human trash. These animals should be put to sleep so that we may clean the human gene pool.

    Isn’t it convenient, for South Hadley High School, that their website has been disabled? It seems that these lightweights can’t handle the hate email. The cold and incompetent faculty and administrators of this second-rate high school would rather hide than take responsibility for what they let happen to Phoebe Prince.

    In the wake of this tragedy, my only comfort is that there is justice in the universe; for the barely-human trash that harassed Phoebe and the cowardly idiots who permitted it, there exists a painful hell for them to burn in. If there is any humanity left in them (that is, if there was ever any to begin with, but I doubt it), they should fear God. However, they may not be intelligent enough to understand this.

  5. Ken Leibow says:

    I am a parent of two teenagers. This is an outrage! Phoebe died a needless death. This could have definitely been prevented. School administrators and some teachers at South Hadley High School should be at least fired! Zero tolerance! The administrators and teachers of this school have permitted a hostile environment to evolve, and they never took corrective action. The highest priority and sense of urgency should be on everyone’s radar when it comes to the safety and welfare of our children. The teachers and school administrators are responsible for educating our children and providing a safe environment to learn. After a thorough investigation, I believe some of these South Hadley school administrators, teachers and parents have accountability and should pay by way of the criminal and civil court system. What disgusts me the most is that these criminal students still bullied Phoebe on her memorial websites. Where is the remorse for the death of Phoebe and her family from the parents of these bullies? Where is the remorse from the South Hadley High School Superintendant and Principal? Where is the remorse from the South Hadley School teachers? Human rights, civil rights and the life of Phoebe Prince has been violated and destroyed. All direct and indirect parties involved including students and adults should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I applaud the district attorney and hope she has the courage to bring justice to this horrific crime. This is tragic. May Phoebe Prince rest in peace…

  6. Franrose says:

    I hope these brutes get every single punishment they deserve for what they did to Phoebe. Nothing they did was justifiable, and they now should face the ultimate consequence. Bulllying should never, ever be tolerated and must never be overlooked. We’ve all heard many stories of bullying, many of which have ended in blood spills. But have we made the necessary measures to prevent such tragedies from happening again? Sadly, from what it looks like, the answer is no. We should not and cannot wait for another Phoebe Prince taking blows from bullies like the Mean Girls of South Hadley before we set things in motion. It must be made solid clear that bullying is completely unacceptable and great punishment will follow if one chooses to do so. RIP Phoebe Prince.

  7. Dennis Mattson says:

    Please Elizabeth, do all in your power to see that these “CRIMINALS” face EVERYTHING that they deserve…..



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