Phoebe Prince tormentors indicted for role in her death

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Sign posted at a school that reads "Bully-Free Zone." School bullying led to the suicide of Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old freshman at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts.

If South Hadley had been one of these, Phoebe Prince would still be alive. (Photo:

South Hadley, Massachusetts is the nice, comfortable middle-class suburb where Phoebe Prince was driven to commit suicide after incessant taunting, bullying and intimidation from a clique known as the “Mean Girls of South Hadley.” Nine teenagers in total have been indicted by Massachusetts District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel for a series of actions that are believed to have pushed Phoebe Prince to despondency and eventual suicide. In addition to the teenagers directly involved, it has been reported by various sources that numerous students and at least one school faculty member at South Hadley High School witnessed what the Mean Girls of Hadley did to Phoebe Prince. According to Dscriber, the events “went unreported to school administrators until after Phoebe’s death.”

Phoebe Prince was only 15 years old

She’d moved from Ireland to her family’s home in the cozy Massachusetts town. Apparently, Prince had never faced anything like the scathing brand of bullying the Mean Girls of South Hadley had to offer. That Phoebe Prince was pretty drew the attention of the clique, but the fact that she dated a senior football player while she was a freshman was apparently too much to ignore. She was constantly “put in her place” by the bullies, while others looked on and did nothing. That the Mean Girls of South Hadley were the “in” crowd enabled them to operate with more freedom than less popular bullies.

Some of the charges against the Mean Girls of South Hadley and accomplices

This is what is known so far, per Dscriber:

  • Sean Mulveyhill, 17 – statutory rape, violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, disturbance of a school assembly
  • Austin Renaud, 18 – statutory rape
  • Kayla Narey, 17 – violation of civil rights, criminal harassment, disturbance of a school assembly
  • Ashley Longe, 16 – violation of civil rights, as a youthful offender
  • Flannery Mullins, 16 – violation of civil rights as a youthful offender, stalking as a youthful offender
  • Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16 – violation of civil rights as a youthful offender, stalking as a youthful offender
  • Three juveniles, all females from South Hadley, charged as juveniles (names not released)

No South Hadley School officials are being charged at this time.

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