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Belly up to the butt end of America

Welcome to America's last stop for value, people of Wal Mart! We hope you enjoy the show and use the spittoon for all expectorations present and future. (Photo:

Welcome to America’s last stop for value, people of Wal Mart! We hope you enjoy the show and use the spittoon for all expectorations present and future. (Photo:

Wal-Mart may have a social conscience (as witnessed by their removing corporate ads from Glenn Beck’s programs), but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still pandering to the lowest common denominator. While the constant comment would be that people shop at Wal-Mart because it’s more affordable for families during tough times, I would argue that what we sacrifice by shopping there – siding against organized labor, supporting items made cheaply outside America, saying yes to the corporate giant over mom-and-pop store and buying into the disgusting maelstrom of mass consumption, to name a few – makes the little bit of savings at the register far from worth it. And since they’re overspending and creating a need for installment loans for bad credit anyway, Wal-Mart simply doesn’t make sense.

Let’s go even further than that, however. Not only does making Wal-Mart your sole shopping destination do all of those things, but it also shows that you, like so many others, have stopped caring. At first, you may dress well when you go there, but eventually things start to slip – including your pants.

You become one of the People of Wal Mart

Letting it all hang out, telling the world you’ve stopped caring about your appearance and scarfing down hunks of cheese and greasy pizza as you parade about the aisles in search of cheaper ice cream and a new pair of Dickies to disguise the cigarette burns from your last Saturday night blowup with the missus. That’s the scene at your local Wal-Mart. But wait, let’s not forget parents who scream at their children and constantly hold the threat of physical punishment over their heads while they curse into their prepaid cell phones. What chance do kids have of behaving appropriately in that situation when the People of Wal Mart are their role models?

Time asks why the People of Wal Mart often don’t dress or act appropriately, why their clothing choices range from lazy to eccentric, bronco busting to burlesque. Why have they stopped caring about putting their best face forward?

The Web site has no answers, only more questions

But if you’re either a masochist or somebody who appreciates slice of life Americana they way Edward Hopper did when he painted “Nighthawks,” you’re sure to enjoy the People of Wal Mart Web site. People of all (generally larger) shapes and sizes and states of undress can be seen there, and you know that the voyeur in you wants to take in this train wreck. The founders of the site aren’t so much fascinated by the stereotypes at play here, but they definitely have a taste for the unusual. Andrew (they only list their first names) put it this way: “We want to document the kind of stuff that when you see it, you immediately have to call someone and be like, ‘Dude, I’m at Wal-Mart and I just saw a goat.’ ”

Meanwhile, at a South Carolina Wal-Mart…

Governor-for-now Mark Sanford was not there purchasing gifts for his soul mate Maria Argentina, but Andrew did document a young mother wearing a profane T-shirt who was leading her two-year-old child about the store with a harness that looked like a dog leash. I’ll tell you who the dog was there: not the kid. I’ve seen this at Wal-Mart in San Diego and Spokane as well. It isn’t region specific. In fact, I’d wager that parental abuse of children is common in Mr. Walton’s family chain of consumer dump sites. I’ve even gotten involved long enough to ensure that the child is going to be safe. Certainly not what Mr. Walton would have wanted in his stores, but it’s what his family gets to enjoy – even though they discourage it as any right-thinking business would.

Now People of Wal Mart is viral

They’re mentioned across the World Wide Web. Recently, their traffic increased 700 percent in a single day. People began submitting photos like crazy and the site has crashed more than once.

“Isn’t this all a bit too much exploitation?” you might wonder. Thankfully, People of Wal Mart doesn’t go too far. Adam, another of the founders, comments that “We have limits. We won’t make fun of the people who can’t help it.” Thus, they won’t publish of people with disabilities or employees who can’t help the degrading situation they’re in – at least not while they’re on the job. In addition to people with disabilities, Adam told Time People of Wal Mart won’t ridicule religious groups. Why, I wonder?

Bad hair, tats and clothes are fair game

But people who dress in odd costumes, bring goats into the store or whose overall demeanor signifies NASCAR groupie with the gas fumes to prove it are worthy of ridicule. If nothing else, perhaps they’ll begin to see their folly and work to improve themselves. It’s what America would want, if it spent less time shopping at Wal-Mart for installment loans for bad credit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but at some point your budget has to bear fruit.

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This post has 21 comments

  1. not available says:

    i work at walmart the cutomers and co workers are nice most of the time but it just not worth the money having 18 things to get done in 1 hour because were understaffed.another thing is we try to help the customers but 3 people cant help 15 all at the same time so most cutomers get mad and leave or cuss u because they had to wait

  2. bob moose says:

    I work at walmartand it sucks huge we are just told you are lucky to have a job, We are now just ready to be flushed. I at one time thought there was a future

  3. Blazer says:

    In this day and age unions kill companies, they don't help them. Greedy unions and their fat cats drive companies overseas. One only needs to look at Detroit and the disaster area it has become to see that. The Union label doesn't mean squat, since other non-union companies have just as high quality of a product if not better.Cheaply made doesn't necessarily mean, badly made.

    I could care less about spending more money if that means taking care of a selfish union leech in their cushy job who cares nothing about competition or the company they work for, only a paycheck. When the auto companies were bailed out, did the unions offer to take a pay cut? hell no, they figured we would all be on the hook for their greed now. They all go pound sand, I hope they fail.

    These folks are just about as bad if not worse than government employees. they think we work for them.

    Steven is just another big government liberal pissed off because Wal Mart is offering something good to the people.

    " Don't you know? Its the governments job to do that !!"

    • disgruntled says:

      wal mart will be the down fall of many more small businesses. they have destroyed many many lives. know lots of people who work for wal mart and none of them are treated with any respect. you may think they have good prices. wait till there's nowhere else to shop. dont think prices will be so low then.

  4. Another worker says:

    Alot of the times, at least at the store i work at, we're shorthanded. The cashiers will call for a carryout and it takes them a while to get up there and the customer usually is very impatient and just leaves after waiting just 5 to 10 mins. Its not that they dont want to help the customer its the problem of finding someone whos available for 5 mins. The customers make it sound as if we go to work to chit chat or aimlessly walk around and ignore the customers. The truth is everyone has tons of work to do. The sales floor associates have to stock items and organize their depts within certain time frames which explains why alot of the time price discrepances are a problem. The cashiers have to keep the lines down. Since we're shorthanded that becomes a problem. And the customers aren't appreciative of the cashiers who ARE working hard. all they see is the fact that they had to wait an hour or so to check out cause there were only 3 lines open. thats not the fault of the cashier working there. And trust me, you're not the first to complain about the problem so do us cashiers a favor and quit complaining about it to us each time it happens. We're not happy about it either!!! Complain to the supervisors or better yet Corp. and tell them to hire more people!!!

    In a nushell:
    ****Alot of the problems that customers have at any walmart can be resolved by just talking to a supervisor****

    In regards to our pay checks, i've had no problems. I have direct deposit and everything adds up. If you go to you can see a copy of your paystub. It shows your earnings, tax deductions, and extra deductions(which are 401k, medical, dental, stock, and anything else you enrolled in during your annual enrollment)…thats it! No mystery deductions or crap like that.

  5. John G says:

    went to school; needlessly attacked a poster because he misspelled a few words; on the horror! S.Newman should have received assistance, but they most likely didn’t because I’ve noticed anytime I have ever asked a handicapped customer for help they always say no.
    I work at Wal-Mart and its not some horrendous even empire intent on taking over the world or screwing over it’s customers. We just want to make money. I like working at my store and I like most of my co-workers and most of the management. Although to be fair my experience at most wal-marts has been adequate or sometimes bad, but this has extended to Target and the majority of establishments that pay their workers poorly; what do you expect?

  6. Rose W. says:

    I kinda flew off the handle a bit at lp… Pardon me, it's a terrible habit I have.

    Shane, my experience, in my store has been anything but good. I understand, though, that not all stores are that way. I've also heard the stores in our area are the worst about how they treat their associates, unless you are lucky enough to be a favorite. Still, if I ever were to find a Wal-mart that treated it's associates with more respect, I would happily like to work there.

    Still, I can't help but feel we've strayed far of topic from what the original topic was about. Haha!

  7. shane burgy says:

    my dad has worked for wall mart for 20 years, wall mart has taken good care of my dad and my family..they have given him bonusus and they have put food on our table for years now…it also helped pay bills and put cloths on all our backs, so quit bad mouthing wall mart…

    • david says:

      maybe your dad should have invested his wal-mart money in an education for you. it's called spell check if your in doubt.

      • kate says:

        Hey, David… perhaps you shouldn't pick on others. Spell check can't fix your grammar. It should be "it's called spell check if YOU'RE in doubt" not "it's called spell check if YOUR in doubt." Try being nice.

  8. Rose W. says:

    walmart LP, I’d like to know where you work, because I too work at Walmart, and at my store the exact opposite is true. I know they all aren’t the same, but the majority of the stores in my area are.

    Though I agree that s.Newman would’ve probably gotten help if they asked, associate disrespect is usually passed through the ranks, not always from a customer’s own disrespect.

    There probably isn’t hidden fees on checks, but at least seven associates with direct deposit in my store alone, who have never had their checks garnished, nor had any reasons for their check to be garnished (I’m married to one, and make sure all his debts ARE paid) and yet they have mysterious deductions from in Walmarts name, and no one, not even the bank knows where this money is going. this is the one reason why I never wanted to get direct deposit. I dislike the paycards, because it would be much harder to trace where my money went if I find a discrepincy between my stub and my amount on the card. I realize other companies are doing paycards, but I’ve never heard of a similar situation anywhere else… whether Walmart is really taking those people’s money or not, I have no clue, Personell couldn’t help track it, and neither could the bank. But still, I’d rather have the peace of mind that I wouldn’t wake up some day and find myself over $900 in debt, and have to quit just to get it to stop.

    I agree that it doesn’t matter where a roduct is made, but the stores in our area are notorius for discontinuing products that people wanted, or actually liked. And anytime we asked Home Office if we could get a product back it, we never got a positive response. normally “it didn’t make enough sales” even though we couldn’t stock the product fast enough. And our customers are getting sick of only choosing from Great Value or…Great Value. as the only store within most of the populations price range in 60 miles, we could at least try to help our customers.

    Though I see your comment about liking and valueing our customers are hypocritical, considering the fact you just cut down how many of them now? Anonymous mask or not, your words reflect alot on how our associates really think of our customers.

    1. Respect the individual. This goes for more than just the workplace if you are going to say you work there.

    As a note on management fixing problems,I can’t help but mention my recent experience with the “Sundown rule” and “open door policies”

    Back in June, we had an interview over some things our store manager, and a few of our other managers were doing. the Human resource manager was sent in to do the interveiws, and after a much less than gentle tyriad (riddled with derrogatory sayings) and accusations of how we weren’t going to say anything, we were brought in for questioning. A few day after the interviews, over 20 associates (half on my shift, apparently the only one interviewed) were dealt coachings, D-Days, and 1 termination.

    My favourite D-day handed out was to a gal who had no previous coachings. Apparently she was “spreading rumors” the one she was accused of spreading being the exact one she told the Human Resource Manager in the interview.

    The single termination handed out was to my husband. Aparently “more than one person” had stated that we were hugging and kissing on the clock, and that we always had our hands in each other’s pants in the breakroom. Unfortunatley, sitting across the table from each other made it difficult to do that, unless of course I married Mr. Incredible. And other than holding his hand while leaving the building, after being clocked out, we had made no other contact with each other, especially while I was on the clock.

    I had also been one of the one who had coachings bypassed, and imidiatly been given a D-Day. I was trying my hardest to get this appealed, as we hadn’t been doing what we were accused of, and nobody could provide proof we had been doing this. Also, they refused to give any names, understandable, but my husband and I have had more than one associate not pleased with my husband. One of them even went so far as to have his wife approach me while I was on the clock and threatened my job and bodily harm on me if I didn’t divorce him right away. I got a restraining order on her from the police, but management at my Walmart were anything but helpful with the matter (They were’nt there to see it happen, so it didn’t happen)

    I had tried to use the Open Door policy, by going to the Market manager, but he was less than helpful. “It’s a Human Resource issue, there isn’t anyhting I can do about it…”

    So I tried the next step, the Human resource manager above our market. Unfortuantely after trying for over a week, I could not get ahold of the man. by either number provided.

    Everyone else I tried to call gave me the same response my Market manager gave me. I guess no one is above the market Human Resource manager?

    I even called the MHR manager, but she was very rude about the whole thing, accusing me of just being sore about being caught. I’m not one to be rude over the phone, but even if I did sound a little sore, No manager should treat their associates in such a manner.

    If Walmart wasn’t the only store in the area who hires (because of the high turnover rate) I would certainly have a job somewhere else, but my medical problems keep me from getting jobs in construction, and in factories, the only other jobs that hire around here. And I’ve found it difficult to work from home with out a college degree.

    I do enjoy my store and the people I work with and the customers who shop there, but personally, I think Walmart should be more “hometown store” oriented than they say, and start getting managers who truely belive our customers come first, and that the associates will reflect how they get treated by their supervisors.

    But I care about my store (and only complain because I know Walmart can do much better), and do believe in Mr. Waltons first rule, Respect the individual. Maybe that’s the reason why I only stock shelves…

  9. went to school says:

    Walmart LP, nice spelling and grammar. I think Walmart just may be the best job you will ever have. You are more than qualified to work there.

  10. walmart LP says:

    As an employee of walmart they treat me well and dont screw around with my pay. The managers are very respectful and maybe you didnt get the help S. Newman is because you were probly rude and disrespectful and you probly didnt even ask for help. Jane Doe theres no hidden fees on paychecks. It works the same if it was a paper check why is it your problem. Rosa and Sunjer whats it got to do with anything were its made. Wal-mart is all over the world and I bet ppl in other country's dont bitch if there product was made in the USA. You all need a gut check and if you dont like it dont cry about it. We value our customers they come first if you have a problem go talk to a member of management and they will take care of the problem.

  11. S. Newman says:

    I drive 32 miles to shop at a store other than Wal-Mart….which is just a mile from me. The customer service here is horrid and, as a person with a disability, it is demeaning. Don't ask for someone to help you to your car — you won't get it. Even with over $100 worth of merchandise in my basket, the "greeter" did not call for assistance for me. This was only one of my bad experiences with them…and I have not been back to that store in over 9 months..nor do I intend to go back. Also – they used to advertise "We buy American" — what happened to that claim? Now it is almost every country but the USA. SO – I will continue to support a store 32 miles from here, even if it means I use more gas. And I won't even buy their "discounted gas" at their station here. Sorry Wal-Mart. You are no longer an American institution…

  12. jane doe says:

    sounds like you shop at walmart alot. people suck no matter where you shop!
    if the mom and pop stores would lower their price i’d shop there to. i recently went to a mom and pop store and paid $5.19 for a small tube of tooth paste. walmart is stopping employees paychecks and gonna pay them on a debit card that has alot of hidden fees so their making money on their employees and most likely this isn’t the only company doing this. do they really need to screw more people.

    • wmassc says:

      I work for Walmart and that debit card has the option to withdraw the money as cash for free and it does not have any hidden fees. This is part of their sustainability project in cutting down waste, less paper.

  13. Trudge164 says:

    Now those WalMart customers know what it feels like to be on the business-end of a papparazzi's lens like all those celebrities they gawk at

  14. sunjer says:

    "Rosa says:
    September 2, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    Attn shoppers! Yes, you. Look at the label and see where it was made. Why do you think our factories closed?"

    Rosa – Look at your label and your ancestors label and see where you all are made?

  15. Rosa says:

    Attn shoppers! Yes, you. Look at the label and see where it was made. Why do you think our factories closed?

  16. Franrose says:

    Wal-Mart and McDonald's somewhat falls in the same category. They really don't have the best customer service like they proclaim to have. Wal-Mart is generally a good place to go for low prices, but if you're there for a good experience then you're out of luck. At our local Wal-Mart, there's always someone at the entrance of the store to greet customers. The problem with this is they are not always so welcoming. They either appear hung-over or sad as if their dog died. More or less, some make it obvious they really don't want to be there. And then there's McDonald's, the place that "loves to see you smile." Yeah right. I'm was at their drive-thru making an order and every time I add one single item to the list the person on the other end gives me my total and hurries me off. I had to constantly tell her I wasn't finished, which made the ordering process last even longer. When I got to the window there was no acknowledgment, not a smile or a simple hello. So I politely told her, "Excuse me, but your customer service sucks. You should really work on it." I was even polite enough to say thank you.

  17. Peter Stone says:

    You can see people with kids on leashes at places other than Wal Mart, it isn't exclusive to it.

    When it comes down to it, Wal Mart DOES seem to attract a lot of, shall we say, colorful characters. They certainly can't afford to shop at Nordstrom, although the thing about rich people is that they're every bit as prejudiced, dysfunctional, and laughable as the more colorful among the poor. (Just look at the Kennedys, or the Bushes or Palins for that matter.)

    What I do like about that website is that it does make the distinction, to one degree or another, that the subjects on the website at least are a minority. Wal Mart was one of my favorite destinations as a college student – it meant I was able to get far more for my money than I would somewhere else, and that is the reason why they were able to be one of the largest companies on earth, from their success. That said, there are some of their corporate practices that I disapprove of, and subsequently I'll only shop there if I have no other alternative.

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