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To start off this little tale, I’d just like to say that payday advance loans are a financially wise choice for getting the help you need at the drop of a dime.

My name is Geoff. I have a beautiful wife named Sarah and two little girls, Alexis and Anna. We recently discovered how much we enjoyed boating. To get our hobby underway, the first thing we did was go to a used boat dealer. Why used? Because even though my pay isn’t bad, it’s not in the pay grade that buys a Catamaran. So we looked around and found several nice boats, but none that truly captured our attention.

Our summer sailing with payday advance loans

I never would have thought payday advance loans would come to our rescue. After looking through the newspaper ads, we then headed for a dealer on the other side of town. It was there that we spotted the boat for us. It was in a driveway beside a nicely manicured little home. An elderly gentleman sat on a vintage porch swing, enjoying the fruits of his labor while nursing a tall glass of lemonade.

The “FOR SALE” sign on that beauty called my name, so I pulled into the man’s driveway, where I was soon greeted with a warm welcome and a nice, firm handshake. We exchanged small talk after introducing ourselves and he asked what he could do for us.

I told him that the boat in his driveway is one of the most gorgeous boats we had ever seen, and I would love the chance to make an offer. He said that he was asking $4,500, but since we only had $4,000, he cut us a break. We thanked the kind man several times as he helped me hitch the boat to my old Chevy extended cab.

Off to the lake… or not.

After we left his house, we headed straight to a beautiful launch near our small Pacific Northwest town. I had my wife back up the truck and lower the boat into the water, as I was in the boat ready to start it up.

We soon realized the boat’s battery hasn’t been charged for some time. Being that we had spent every dollar we had except the girls’ college savings, our boating trip was moored in dry-dock. What’s more, I would not be paid for another 10 days, and summer was dwindling fast.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Feeling dejected, we got back in the truck. Then a thought flashed through my wife’s brain. She mentioned that helps people in our situation get payday advance loans really fast. I knew that was the answer to our problem! They got us the cash we needed super fast; we got a new battery and were on the water having quality family time!

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