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One of the more unique mail-order gift options, Pajamagram is getting ever more popular. Pajamagram has recently rolled pajama jeans into its offerings. Pajamagram reviews say that the company is great to work with – but beware of the price you may pay.

The appeal of Pajamagram

The Pajamagram company is a sister company to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, which also owns Calyx Flowers. The company sends soft, comfortable pajamas or bath and body products in attractive packaging with personalized cards. Pajamagram reviews say that the pajamas they send are very soft and comfortable.


PajamaJeans were originally a product sold via television commercials. A pajama-style pant that looks like jeans, PajamaJeans are proving very popular. Made of a cotton/spandex blend that stretches and moves like a pair of pajama pants, without the zippers and buttons of regular jeans. Because of the strategically placed rivets, the theory is that they are both comfortable and fashionable. Reviews say that the jeans don’t look exactly like their more denim-y counterparts, but they are passable as something more than pajamas. The rivets have a tendency to fall off very quickly. At almost $60, though, PajamaJeans are more expensive than a quality pair of denim jeans.

Making your own Pajamagram

The appeal of Pajamagram is that you can easily get a gift sent to anyone you would like, with just a few clicks of a button. Unless you are specifically looking for PajamaJeans, though, you can get the same, thoughtful, soft gift sent for less money and just a bit more work. A very comfortable set of pajamas can be $20 or $30. A very pretty box and customized card can be purchased for another $5 or so at your local craft store. Add another $5 for shipping, and you not only have a lot more choice about your gift, but you’ve saved at least $10 — up to $100. What could be better then an ultra-personalized Pajamagram?


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