Get Paid To Click On Advertisements – Are these Sites Worth It?

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Are get-paid-to-click Web sites worth the time investment? (Photo:

Are get-paid-to-click Web sites worth the time investment? (Photo:

I’ve tried quite a few get-paid-to-click (GPT) sites that will pay you to click on advertisements or read E-mails. They are typically free to join with the option to upgrade your membership for more privileges and more advertisements. Don’t get too excited. You would only be clicking for pennies. Most budding GPT sites pay just a fraction of a cent, usually ¼ to ¾ of a cent. You have to earn a minimum amount before you can be paid.

The Payout Minimum Is A Clue

If you see a get-paid-to-click site with a low pay out of $2 or $3, these sites might not be worth your time. It means you’ll either be earning a fraction of a cent per click, or you won’t receive more than 5-10 ads a day. However, if the site offers a minimum payout of $25, this could be a good sign that click pay rates are high, with more chances of earning money. Be sure to investigate further. Sites like Adflasher offer 10 cents per click with a payout of $30.

Be equally careful of sites that offer a $1 per click. Those are most likely scams that require you to pay a membership. Remember, get-paid-to click sites get their revenue from advertisers. If you’re asked to pay for a get-paid-to-click membership upon sign-up that offers no free membership, that should fly red flags in your mind. Inability to get sufficient advertisers could indicate an inability to pay you.

Multiply Your Revenue With Referrals

The real way to make any money with get-paid-to-click sites is by obtaining more referrals, because you earn a percentage of what they make on the site as well. This can help you gain money faster, but realize they’re clicking for just pennies, too. Some get-paid-to-click sites allow you to buy referrals that sign up from the site’s main home page. It’s a good idea to obtain them as quickly as possible. But what if your referrals just sit there and do nothing? Your GPT site will usually trade them out for more active referrals after a certain period of time.

Advertisers Are a Must

In order for you to click on ads, advertisers need to have a reason to advertise on your GPT site. If your site is new, it can take a while before you see a stable stream of advertisers. Therefore, the site will have to campaign very hard to attract advertisers along with clickers. Be sure your GPT site is very clear about its policies. A site that updates and informs its members on a weekly basis is a reputable site. If you get absolutely no contact from your site’s staff, steer clear. You have lazy admin, or a site not willing to make improvements or worse, not pay you. You never want to be in the dark about how and when you’ll be paid. Most sites pay via PayPal or Alert Pay, but a few sites will pay you by check.

Are GPT Sites Worthwhile?

Get-paid-to-click sites are an easy way to earn small cash, but unless you have a serious number of referrals and a profitable click rate, you’re only going to be earning a few dollars a month at best. Plus, the task can get boring very quickly. If you don’t mind clicking for a few dollars at the end of the month, then GPT sites are probably for you. If you need a more challenging way to make money online, you may want to consider other options such as freelance writing or affiliate marketing.

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