Chinese Vase

Chinese vase causes sensation after enormous sale price

A Chinese vase recently sold at auction in Britain has caused a sensation. The vase became the most expensive ever sold, fetching more than 53 million pounds or $85 million. The vase is likely from the late 18th century, and it was discovered in an attic. Chinese vase found in attic The family that sold

When to Say ‘No’ To Requests for More Money

More Parents in Debt Hundreds of adult Americans, aged 22 and over, are working full time and earning a decent wage, yet they depend on their parents for financial assistance. These are students who have urged their parents to take out personal loans to finance their education. Having convinced their parents about the necessity to

Instant Cash Changes Everything in an Instant

Instant Cash meant nothing to me I’ve been hanging by a thread for a couple of years now at a job I can’t stand. With so many people out of work, I know I’m lucky just to be employed. Still, every day at 5:00 when I bolt out the door, I fantasize about never coming
A screenshot of, Pawn America's website. It is divided into easily to navigate sections, including their eBay store.

Pawn America | Bringing value to every customer

During this recession, pawn shop companies like Pawn America (See have provided a valuable service for cash-strapped consumers. Secured loans in exchange for collateral property have been a popular service for hundreds of years, but companies like Pawn America have got it down to a science. As they state on their website, they see themselves as
Corpse flower

Corpse Flower | Amorphophallus titanium blooms around the country

Native to Sumatra, the “corpse flower” — officially known as the amorphophallus titanium — is a flower of many mysteries. The flower starts as a tuber, lives most of its life as one big leaf, and then blooms into a giant, rotting-flesh-smelling flower. Most corpse flowers only bloom two or three times in their lives,
A sign promoting the home buyer tax credit in front of a home

Tax credit extension depends on fate of unemployment extension

Another tax credit extension to keep the moribund U.S. housing market from getting even worse was being considered by Congress. The deadline for real estate closings to qualify for a federal home buyer tax credit worth up to $8,000 is 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. The House voted Tuesday to extend the tax credit closing deadline to
Another satisfied ACORN customer. Does he also need no fax payday loans with no credit check? (Photo:

ACORN Urges Pimps and Prostitutes to Lie to the IRS

“Social activism” taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for If you’re familiar with what ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) does to “serve” American society, then you know that they’ve managed to do a great deal of harm in the name of “social justice.” Not only did they play a large role in
Two men in police uniforms are riding toy motorcycles down a sidewalk.

Recession makes civilian police jobs frighteningly necessary

When police budget cuts and layoffs make responding to fraud, burglary and theft calls impossible, some cities count on an infusion of quick cash to turn the tide. However, as USA Today reports, police agencies on the other side of the tracks are resorting to unconventional measures to fill vacancies. Paid and volunteer civilian police
For Sale

Flippa | Great domain marketplace or expensive storefront?

The domain-selling marketplace Flippa has recently staged somewhat of a coup., the original URL for what became Facebook, is for sale on Flippa. Many domain buyers and sellers, though, are concerned that Flippa is simply too expensive to use. FaceMash on Flippa Flippa, which is a website that is a marketplace for domains, recently

Aon Corporation purchases Hewitt Associates, creates Aon Hewitt

In a deal worth almost $5 billion, consulting and insurance company Aon Corporation is buying HR outsourcing firm Hewitt Associates. The newly-formed Aon Hewitt division will function much like Hewitt Associates did before the purchase. The companies estimate that this merger will eventually save the companies $355 million each year. The Aon Hewitt purchase Announced

How Our Spending Habits Have Changed

Just the Basics I know that my spending habits have changed in the last couple of years. Yours likely have too. This change is the result of job cuts, lower pay and the overall financial downturn. We all need the economy to recover and getting out there and spending some money would certainly help turn
Cisco logo

Cisco announcment: CRS-3 router

An impending Cisco announcement has been on techies’ radars for weeks, and this morning the Cisco announcement finally came. Cisco Systems, which supplies hardware to Internet service providers, announced that it has developed a new router, the CRS-3, that can handle 12 times more traffic that previous models. Cisco announcement: how it affects users I

A Hot Mess | Sarah Palin Runner’s World Interview

Where are you running to? Did you see the Sarah Palin Runner’s World interview? It may give us some idea of what she’s running for, but is the real question that we should be asking “What’s she running from?” Where’s Sarah Palin headed these days? That’s a question that has the Republican party stumped. Is
Quick and convenient, faxless online payday loans are a great way to deal with a cash shortage at the end of the month. (Photo:

Apply For Faxless Online Payday Loans

End of Cash by End of Month? Get An Faxless Online Payday Loan As the end of the month approaches, various bills may start getting you behind. If you have run out of available cash and are unable to pay these bills on time, you may well have to delay payment until the time you
Kindle E-Reader

Top Tech Gifts for the 2010 holidays | Your five best bets

Tech gifts have always been popular,  for good reason. Top tech gifts are usually something that someone won’t buy for themselves or at least put off the purchase of. The top tech gifts for the 2010 holidays cover a wide price range and many of the people on your gift list. Point-and-shoot cameras Even though
Autism ribbon, a looped ribbon made of colorful jigsaw puzzle pieces

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day

Today is the third annual World Autism Awareness Day, an international day of observance intended to improve our understanding of autism. Autism is a mysterious and complex disorder, which is now said to be the most rapidly increasing developmental disorder in the world. Autism has a strong genetic basis; proposed environmental causes, such as heavy

Google Operating System to Compete With Windows 7

Chrome OS takes fight to Windows 7 on netbooks Since you’re here, I can assume at least one of these things: You are intrigued by the Google Operating System. You need a payday loan (or payday loans) to help with a short-term budget snafu. You look to Personal Money Market for news and views on