Payday cash won’t make up for dealing with a bad boss

Back on payroll For millions of Americans wanting to earn payday cash again, it’s great news to finally find employment. According to the US Labor Department statistics, today the average unemployed person searches for work between 7 to 14 months, depending on experience and education. That’s a long time for hopeful workers to be without
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The Story of Stuff : Now a book, too

When The Story of Stuff video was released in 2007, it quickly went viral. The video asks us to re-think the “materials economy” – where people purchase stuff, sometimes using cheap payday loans, use it, and then dispose of it. Over 10 million views later, Annie Leonard has released a 300-page book that goes much
Cash For Clunkers has been extended (Photo:

Cash For Clunkers Gets $2 Billion Green Light

If you’re in the market for a car, get to buying! Did you actually think that a Senate with a Democratic super majority would allow one of President Obama’s pet projects to die? Did you believe that the shot in the arm for automobile dealerships would be allowed to fade away? Did you think for
Protesters outside Bell, Calif., City Hall. The 2009 city administrator salary scandal marred the public trust.

E-mail evidence in Bell, California, salary scandal surfaces

City administrators abusing the public trust has been an unfortunate theme in Bell, Calif. The 2009 salary scandal that shook the city’s coffers has been under investigation for some time, and it is only now that some of the e-mails Bell administrators sent among themselves have become public. As the Los Angeles Times reports, there
One of Cottonwood Financial LTD's The Cash Store locations. A Wisconsin appeals court has said personal loans contracts cannot prevent customers from their right to file or join class action lawsuits.

Cash Store cannot bar class action suits, says Wisconsin court

A Wisconsin appeals court has ruled that the Cash Store cannot use language in its loan contracts that bars customers from the right to be able to file or join class action lawsuits, reports the Associated Press. Such verbiage has often been found in the fine print of contracts that Cottonwood Financial LTD (parent company

Crime and cash advances have nothing to do with each other

Claims have been made that when lenders offering cash advances move into an area, crime is sure to follow. There have been many problems throughout history attributed to things that have nothing to do with them. For instance, crime used to be blamed on people drinking alcohol. When Prohibition went into effect, violent crime increased

Women Reservation Bill guarantees Parliament seats for women

In order to fully appreciate the importance of the Women Reservation Bill that has passed the high house of Indian Parliament, you must understand something of India’s history. Indian society was caste-based for thousands of years. It took the passage of the Constitution of India in 1949 to begin to break down the rigid class
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Fourth of July recipes | Ice cream and sorbets of the rainbow

Fourth of July recipes can be a challenge. A good fourth of July recipe should be easy to make, incredibly tasty and have an element of fun. If it can be made red, white and blue, that’s even better. So what could be better for the Fourth of July than ice cream and sorbet? The
the devastation left behind by mountaintop removal mining companies

Big banks backing away from financing mountaintop removal mining

Banks are starting to have second thoughts about making loans to companies that destroy the environment. Banks have made huge profits financing destructive industries such as mountaintop removal mining. However, pressure by environmentalists and court decisions holding banks accountable for financing environmental destruction are mounting. A growing number of banks are choosing to avoid environmental
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The fastest payday loan lenders around

If you are searching for the fastest payday lenders around, you have come to the right place. Personal Money Market has built a wide network of some of the most highly regarded payday loan lenders that are focused on one thing and one thing only: fund your need as quickly as possible. We know that

Genetic engineers create artificial life form using synthetic DNA

Genetic engineers have announced that they have created a living organism with synthetic DNA sequencing. That scientists have created a so-called life form from scratch has created a good news/bad news scenario. Man-made DNA sequencing could lead to new fuels, drugs, vaccines and sources of food. It also leads some to imagine thriller scenarios like
A typical screen from the previous rendition of Google Voice.

Google Voice now integrated into Gmail interface

The prospect of making free telephone calls from within the United States to other U.S. and Canadian numbers – regardless of whether those numbers are land line, cell phone or desktop virtual phone numbers – is enticing to all. It’s enticing to everyone except traditional phone and cellular service providers, that is. Now that Google
US Treasury gets money back from General Motors.

General Motors pays back US Treasury

It was recently announced that General Motors has paid the U.S. Treasury back on a portion of the  loans it received in the auto bailout.  General Motors entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, then set about getting back on track.  It paid off portions of the loans with interest far ahead of schedule, so apparently they
Man sitting at a table looking at his laptop and holding a credit card.

Online loans save money, avoid hassles

No matter how determined you are to stay within your budget, when you live from paycheck to paycheck, the smallest emergency or unexpected expense can leave you short of cash until payday. You have choices: You can use a credit card if you have one or you can let the bills slide until next payday.

iPhone Virus Can Wipe Out Your Bank Account

With calls and SMS fees, that is I am an iPhone enthusiast. It’s mightily expensive, but I’m hooked. I haven’t had to take out payday loans or cash advances to finance my habit, but it does occupy a significant portion of my budget each month, particularly since I have the unlimited data plan. If the
A humorous poster about unemployment using a star wars storm trooper

U.S. unemployment rate takes one step forward, two steps back

The latest jobs report detailing the U.S. unemployment rate for July reflects the ongoing battle between the bad news and the good news. The unemployment rate held steady at 9.5 percent. But the U.S. economy had more job loss than economists expected. The U.S. economy added 71,000 jobs in July, but lost 131,000. Manufacturing added
Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick latest news: He is off to prison

Disgraced former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick has been found guilty of violating the terms of his probation. Part of his probation was that he was required to make restitution payments from earlier court cases, and he failed to make sufficient payments. He was sentenced to five years for violating his parole, and he must