a stack of computer motherboards

Is Perfect Citizen national security, or Big Brother in disguise?

“Perfect Citizen” is a federal government program that empowers the National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor the computer networks of public and private entities. The purpose of Perfect Citizen is to prevent cyber attacks against resources considered vital to national security such as public utilities and power plants. Public Citizen is reassuring internet security to
A woman using a phone to apply for a loan.

A quick loan by phone can save you time, money

Getting a loan by phone has never been so easy. Gone are the days of having to drive to a walk-in payday loan store, stand in line and fill out extensive paperwork just to borrow a small amount of money. Consumers now have quick access to short term financing, online or over the phone. Avoid
Hand washing

Global Hand Washing Day 2010

It seems like in America we can pick almost any day of the year and find some celebration going on. Starting a day to encourage certain behaviors is an abundant practice as well. But Oct. 15 falls at the perfect time of year to celebrate Global Hand Washing Day. Educate yourself and your children on

Mortgage and Personal Loans Perfect for Con Artist’s Tricks

The recession created desperate consumers Mortgage and personal loans are perfect breeding grounds for con artist’s tactics. The recession created problems for consumers nationwide. Foreclosure rates soared, unemployment was at an all-time high and debt was unmanageable. Consumers everywhere felt the crunch of the economic downturn and frantically looked to find aid for the difficult
Jet Blue

Jet Blue offers $10 flights to celebrate

Airfares are not usually something one celebrates, but Jet Blue is offering some $10 fares to celebrate its 10th anniversary. These $10 Jetblue flights are only between a few cities, and are for a limited time, but can be a good deal if you’re lucky enough to need those flights. The same morning, Citigroup raised
burning down the house

Burning down Escondido bomb house is safest option

The Escondido bomb house is a residence in Escondido, Calif., that is severely contaminated with extremely high-explosive material. A man who rented the Escondido bomb house had turned the home into a deadly bomb factory. The home is so unstable officials said the only way to protect the neighborhood was to burn the Escondido bomb

Android selling more smartphones than Research in Motion

In the war for supremacy in the market for smartphones, the Android operating system has finally toppled Research in Motion and the Blackberry line. Google’s popular Android line has spread quickly, overtaking Apple and Microsoft products within months of the the first launch of an Android phone. More than types of 170 devices use the
an oil spill skimmer ship in port

Jones Act of 1920 hinders best response to gulf oil spill in 2010

The Jones Act, a federal law passed in 1920, is making headlines in 2010 thanks to (what else?) the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. The Jones Act was passed 90 years ago to give U.S. shipping companies an advantage over the rest of the world in U.S. waters. Today the Jones Act
Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano (Photo: thehobokenjournal.blogspot.com)

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano and Rabbis Arrested

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… A mayor and some rabbis walk into a bar. They launder lots of money on an international scale while they’re there, so they are arrested. That’s exactly what happened to Peter Cammarano and the rabbis arrested in a huge money laundering scheme that the New York Daily
A “Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots” game. The robot boxer in the blue corner represents Facebook, while the red robot represents Google.

Google slams Facebook over contact data inflexibility

The Google vs. Facebook online data war rages on, reports the Guardian. The latest exchange of blows centers on Google’s view that Facebook leaves users in a “data dead end” that is inconsistent with a “world of true data liberation.” In short, Google has criticized Facebook because users of the social network cannot export their
fed qe2 commodity price spike raises grocery bill

Fed QE2 imposes tax on consumers as it raises commodity prices

When the Federal Reserve pumped billions of dollars into the economy with quantitative easing last week, investors rejoiced. But for consumers, the Fed’s monetary stimulus is a tax that has caused the price of oil, food and clothing to rise. QE2 made the stock market rise, but the Fed’s bond buy has also sent commodity
Credit cards

Credit Cards Newest Area of Potential Problems for Banks

Banks and credit cards Banks have suffered through the recession with huge mortgage industry defaults, but a new fear that credit cards will do the same is looming. Ken Lewis, Bank of America CEO, stated he believes that despite the government’s $700 billion rescue program, it will be “an awful year” for credit cards and

Rhode Island teachers fired as school feels government heat

All 88 teachers at Central Falls High School are gone Central Falls, Rhode Island is reeling from a firestorm of student, parent and teacher protest. Central Falls High School wasn’t making the grade with its standardized test scores and graduation rates, so the school board voted to fire the entire teaching staff. The 88 teachers

Installment Loans and How They Operate

Installment loans If you are one of the many people who are experiencing an unexpected financial emergency, an installment loan maybe just the right thing for you.  Installment loans are a simple way to get cash on hand quickly.  What exactly is an installment loan?  It is a short term loan. When you take out
A young man listening to books on tape.

Books on tape can help further your education

We all know how busy everyone can get. So how do people fit in time for advancing their own education in the middle of their busy everyday lives? One way you can do this is to listen to books on tape (or CD, iPod, etc.), as you can learn just about anything on tape. The

Bloom Energy Hopes to Get Businesses off the Grid

Electricity for eight to nine cents per kilowatt hour Bloom Energy has launched a new energy server with patented solid-oxide fuel-cell technology that can generate 100 kW, enough to power one small office building or 100 average U.S. homes. The Bloom Energy Server makes it possible to generate electricity locally, rather than purchasing it from

How to Invest Your 401(k) Dollars

There is no such thing as a perfect portfolio Despite the claims made by financial advisors and planners, in reality there is no real possibility of having the perfect portfolio that performs to your expectations. Most portfolio planning today uses some variation of the mean-variance optimization process invented by Harry Markowitz, and though this system