Consumer Reports cars point out the best and worst choices

Consumer Reports cars that made the magazines “Best 10″ list don’t include the government bailout automakers General Motors and Chrysler. The best cars for auto financing are being built by Honda and Subaru, according to Consumer Reports latest automaker rankings. The automaker showing the most dramatic improvement is South Korean carmaker Hyundai,jumping to fourth place
soldiers in afghanistan on a ridge surveying the terrian below

Wikileaks documents paint a grim picture of the Afghanistan war

Wikileaks, the controversial news website founded by Julian Assange, released 92,000 classified documents containing sensitive information about the war in Afghanistan. In what is being called one of the biggest stories in recent years, Wikileaks gave the classified documents to the New York Times in the U.S., The Guardian in Britain and Der Spiegel in
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Obama Picks Regina Benjamin to Be Surgeon General

In times of trouble, it takes resiliency and determination to pick up the pieces of a shattered existence and rebuild it better than it was before. If you have budget problems, a cash advance or cash loan can help you avoid danger and begin to rebuild your credit in the process. When it comes to
Photo of former Swiss banker and Wikileaks associated Rudolf Elmer.

Wikileaks Swiss bank data leads to arrest of Rudolf Elmer

Rudolf Elmer, 55, a former employee of the Swiss bank Julius Bär and associate of Wikileaks, has been taken into custody by Swiss police, reports Reuters. Elmer has been accused of helping Wikileaks by violating Swiss bank secrecy laws in order to obtain customer data for Wikileaks. A Zurich court had found Elmer guilty of

Top 10 ways to decrease your appetite

Did you fall off the wagon this Super Bowl? I am a proponent of doing many things – not all – in moderation. Eating is one of those things. While I do not yet claim success in practicing all of the following methods to control my appetite, I figure that where there’s a will, there’s
A corporate business man using a binocular to find money.

Corporate politics and spending

Currently, the global economy is ruled by corporations. In fact, this is what is referred to as the Corporate Hegemony of the 21st Century. The influence and reach of corporations extend to every corner of society. They are able to shape every facet of society, and they have ties to every power structure and institution
a lotus flower used as photo illustration for Bloom Box fuel cell

Bloom Box fuel cell uses secret formula to produce clean energy

The Bloom Box is a fuel cell that generates electricity from oxygen and natural gas. Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box was featured on “60 Minutes” Sunday, a few days ahead of the company’s formal launch on Sept. 1. Bloom Energy claims that the Bloom Box is an “energy server” that creates clean, reliable and affordable power.

Pay Day Loans can Help when Your Job is Among those Lost Forever

Pay Day Loans are One Option as some Jobs are Lost Forever The recession has brought widespread hardship; borrowing money in the form of pay day loans or help from friends is often one of the few ways that newly casual workers can make it to the next pay cheque. A huge contributor to the

5-year-old brings gun to school in Florida | Loaded, no rounds

During a music class, a preschooler ended up getting kicked out of class. The 5-year-old had a gun in school in Florida. The Florida boy’s gun was loaded but had no rounds chambered. 5-year-old has gun in Florida school During a preschool music class, a semiautomatic handgun fell out of a 5-year-old’s pocket. The teacher

Pay Day Loans – Get Up To $1,500 in 2 Hours

Pros and Cons of Pay Day Loans Short-term loans have been known to be the financial tools utilized by many individuals at some point of their life. And pay day loans are a great avenue to pursue in order to fulfill one’s emergency cash needs in one way or the other. Pay day loans like

Neanderthal diet more sophisticated than previously thought

A recent discovery was made that is altering the view of the Neanderthal diet. Neanderthals, ancient relatives of modern humans, apparently cooked and ate vegetables quite often. Ancient humans and related species are not thoroughly understood, but diet gives incredible insight into daily life. Eat like a Neanderthal with more veggies It was recently discovered
A mug shot of Charles Ponzi, the con artist who invented the financial pyramid scheme known as the Ponzi scheme.

Ken Starr arrested for perpetrating $30 million Ponzi scheme

Manhattan, New York investment adviser Ken Starr – not to be confused with the attorney made famous by the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal – is the latest shifty-eyed money man to get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He has been arrested by federal authorities for allegedly brewing a $30 million Ponzi scheme,

5 easy credit repair tricks to help you borrow money successfully

Your Credit Score The contents of your credit report can make or break your next loan application and your ability to borrow money. A good FICO score is the key to success. However, if your credit has taken a beating in recent times, you will have to do a little dusting off. The good news

Cranberry relish and cranberry sauce recipes: beyond the jelly

For some people, a cranberry sauce recipe means opening up a can of a jelly-like substance. A good cranberry sauce recipe should be more than that, though. There are multiple ways you could approach a cranberry sauce recipe and pull even more flavor out of this Thanksgiving side dish. The basics of a cranberry sauce

Bomb New York City Subway Because of High Interest Loans?

First Hand Account of Mr. Zazi in Court Terrorist plots are on the rise. Today Mr. Najibullah Zazi pleaded guilty to plotting a bomb attack on a New York City subway. Pat Milton, an investigative producer for CBS, was in the court room gaining exclusive information about the subject at hand. Zazi didn’t appear to
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Home Mortgage Loans Available For Everyone

Good timing Whether you are looking to secure a new home mortgage or refinance an existing mortgage loan, there may not be a better time than right now. Interest rates are at historic lows, and demands for a new mortgage loans are at new highs. While the economy is in recovery and new home sales
Painting of a overweight boy seated in a chair. A bowl of potato chips sits on a table beside him.

Working mothers have more obese kids, says study

Numerous studies indicate that childhood obesity has more than tripled over the past three decades. According to a new study by an American University professor, a common theme among obese children is working mothers who are frequently away from home. Families with mothers who worked more hours had children with a higher body mass index