Personal Money Store’s complaint resources

Personal Money Market weeds out bad lenders Personal Money Market offers Complaint Resources. This information is helpful for borrowers who have had a bad experience with lenders. The purpose of Complaint Resources are twofold: To ensure borrowers have the tools they need to file a complaint against a lender who they feel has treated them
Cocoa Beans

Chocolate more costly after £658 million cocoa purchase

“Not for all the tea in China” is the expression used when something is so valuable to an individual that it isn’t up for sale (although tea in China is a huge staple of exchange or barter). Yet cocoa is a different story, as British financier Anthony Ward has proven. Mr. Ward set down £658
Should salt be regulated?

Should the FDA regulate sodium in food?

The Food and Drug Administration has received a call to begin a study concerning whether it should regulate or limit the amount of sodium that food items contain.  Such a study would cost more than a few payday advances, to say the least, but many advisory groups, including the American Medical Association, are in favor
A toddler who appears to be going over dad's business paperwork.  This brings to mind the new documentary entitled "Babies," which has some critics questioning whether the production violated child labor laws.

Babies movie may violate child labor laws, critics say

“Babies,” a new movie documentary by Thomas Balmes, follows the lives of four babies from different parts of the world. There is no dialogue but music accompanying scenes of the children in their natural environments. “Babies” reviews have generally admitted that while the 80-minute Focus Features film is cute, it may be too simplistic. Showing
Bottle of wine.

The label on a bottle of wine — breaking it down

Options to put in your wine glass have always existed,  but in the last few years, the options seem to have been expanding. You can find thousands of dollars worth of wine in one bottle, or pick up a bottle for a few dollars at the gas station store. Sorting through the vocabulary on a

Tropical storm Igor turns into Hurricane Igor

Every year, hurricanes move throughout the Caribbean and the Atlantic, threatening island nations and wreaking havoc on the mainland. So far, the 2010 hurricane season has been thankfully mild. However, more storm systems have gathered enough force in the past few weeks to become legitimate threats. Currently, tropical storm Igor has become large and volatile

Installment Loans — Better Financing for Your Situation

The best loans are installment loans Our society is money-based and money is the essential commodity used to live life. There are many ways to borrow money, and the best way for any particular person depends on individual factors. But for lots of people, the installment loan is a good option. An installment loan is
2010 gulf oil spill

Transocean execs donate safety bonus after firestorm of criticism

Transocean, the owner of the oil rig that exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico, doled out big “safety bonuses” over the weekend. Transocean, which investigators determined was complicit in the 2010 Gulf oil spill, said 2010 was the safest year in the company’s history. After a firestorm of criticism, Transocean announced that the
Walamrt in China

Walmart combats lower sales with coupons and samples

Walmart, the world’s leading box store, has been steadily losing customers in the United States. To lure shopper back, the store is using heavy coupon promotions and free samples on its website. US sales on the decline Though it is the largest retailer worldwide, Walmart’s revenue has been on the decline in the U.S. for

New health care bill summary | Health Care Reform basics Part 1

Yesterday evening in congress, the health care reform bill, HR 4872, passed the house of representatives on a 219-212 vote. An incredibly sweeping change, the new health care bill has many pros and cons. With more than 2,000 pages in HR 4872, the basics of the new health care reform bill are extensive. In short,
French President Nicolas Sarkozy during better times.

Sarkozy bribing scandal rocks French government

The Economist reports that two junior ministers from the French government have resigned over expense report discrepancies like $15,000 Cuban cigars and $147,489 for a private jet to fly to “a conference devoted to the penniless victims of the Haiti earthquake.” Now scandals regarding the acceptance of illegal campaign contributions have touched French Labor Minister

Use of open credit loans declines with credit card delinquencies

Americans are paying off debt in greater frequency, as the popularity of open-ended credit loans is declining. The near collapse of the credit market has led to more people questioning the value of debt. More people want their payday cash going to their own pockets, not to banks and loan lenders. Credit card delinquencies decline
a political rally in north korea with giant flag

North Korea news about childish nuclear state tanks stock market

North Korea news is dominating the headlines, scaring stock market traders and trying the patience of world leaders. Crass and belligerent as a rule, North Korea has turned its international misconduct up a notch lately. The nuclear-armed dictatorship can’t feed its own people attacked and sank a South Korean ship in March. After all available
A pile of gold bars

Gold prices and cash for gold scams rise, stock market tanks

The gold market has been where the action is for investors lately. As a neurotic stock market and the European debt crisis spur predictions of a global financial meltdown, a vault full of gold is like a dose of Valium for stressed out investors. The spot gold price started at more than $1,200 dollars an
U.S. Tax form 1040 with a calculator spelling out "HELP"

Tax extension form | Find the IRS Extension form you need

Tax day is quickly approaching, and if you need extra time to complete your 2009 federal taxes, you will need to submit a tax extension form 2010 to the IRS. There are two types of an IRS extension form – one that extends your filing deadline, and one that extends your tax resolution deadline. Make
Close-up of a coffee cup. The world "coffee" is spelled out in bold relief.

Take a shot on National Coffee Day today

Wednesday, Sept. 29, is National Coffee Day, and across the U.S. various establishments are offering a free cup of Joe to get you going. That singular roasted aroma, rich flavor and welcome shot of morning electricity to tired brain cells is welcomed by all who can handle the rush. CBS News reminds us that we
When Josie King died, her mother chose to create positive change instead of sinking into despair.

Josie’s Story Adds New Angle to Health Care Reform

‘Josie’s Story’ Featured on ‘Today’ This morning on “Today,” Matt Lauer interviewed Sorrel King, author of the book “Josie’s Story.” Josie was Sorrel King’s 18-month-old daughter, who died in the hospital in 2001 because of the hospital staff’s errors. Sorrel King’s book, “Josie’s Story: A Mother’s Inspiring Crusade to Make Medical Care Safe,” just came