Bad Credit Personal Loans

Loans for People with Bad Credit Example use of bad credit personal loans How to apply for bad credit personal loans Benefits of a bad credit personal loans Conclusion and Application One of the loan products offered by Personal Money Market are reasonable personal loans for people with bad credit. Whether you’ve been in a

May is National Egg Month – Here’s how to celebrate

May is National Egg Month, a time to celebrate and appreciate the protein far too many of us take for granted. Baked, boiled, fried or even decorated, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients available. Here is why May is National Egg Month and how to celebrate properly. Why is May National Egg Month?
An infant suffering from a bout of diaper rash. Will this suffering cause a Pampers recall?

No Pampers recall yet; Dry Max diapers under scrutiny

Proctor & Gamble is reeling, much like many other American companies during today’s stock market crash, and spirits will sag further yet if there is a Pampers recall. Parents don’t care quite as much about whether somebody on Wall Street made a typo when recording a big Proctor & Gamble trade (sending investors scrambling for
Natural Gas

Atlas Energy Chevron buyout under multiple investigations

Atlas Energy is a natural gas producer and developer in middle America and the Appalachian region. A publicly-held company, Atlas Energy has received a buyout offer from Chevron valued at $4.3 billion. Two shareholder-representative companies have launched investigations into the offer, however. Chevron’s offer for Atlas Energy Atlas Energy has been trading at around $30
A jobless man holding up a sign that says "No way, no how, no bailout."

Unemployed refuse offers for jobs filled by illegal immigration

Illegal immigration and immigration reform are bubbling to the top of the media cauldron. The Obama administration sued to block the Arizona immigration law. Polls show most Americans agree with the law, and Utah wants to pass one just like it. Meanwhile, the United Farm Workers Union is getting a tepid response after offering the
If you want to use plastic without overspending, get a payday advance and use your debit card.

Payday Advances: An Alternative to Credit Cards

Payday advances help make ends meet Just when you could really use it, you run out of cash. You scrape together enough money to pay the mortgage, and the home insurance bill comes in the mail. You might be able to let that slide until next payday, but then, just for good measure, the car
John Rockefeller

Cash advance lenders do not make huge gains

The way payday loan and cash advance lenders are talked about, people may think they sit atop piles of cash. Contrary to popular belief, short term loan lenders aren’t the extortion artists many believe they are. In fact, the typical payday loan lender doesn’t make a lot from loans. The profit margins are pretty slim.

Kansas Payday Loan Store Employee Foils Robbers

Payday loan store not robbed Kansas seems to be a pretty popular place for payday loan store robberies. However, the workers at payday loan stores are getting wise. Check out this story from The Wichita Eagle: WICHITA — Two men attempted to rob a payday loan business Monday, but were foiled when an employee was
An H&R Block storefront

Loss of refund loans causes mounting losses at H&R Block

Tax preparation giant H&R Block has just filed for another quarterly loss, despite it being the busiest quarter of the year. Though tax return season is when tax preparers make the bulk of their income, the loss of the refund anticipation loan product has cost Block dearly. The loan against tax refunds is facing extinction

What each minute of your time on Facebook is worth

The company Facebook has recently been valued at approximately $65 billion. While the actual worth of the company cannot be safely estimated until the company goes on the market, it can safely be said that Facebook is worth a large chunk of cash. The value of Facebook, however, comes from its users.   Facebook statistics
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Four-Day Workweek Is a Win-Win

Better for workers, better for the environment Less electricity usage, more time As businesses scramble to cut expenses, some are choosing to close the office on Fridays rather than lay employees off. Advocates of the four-day, ten-hour-a-day workweek contend that it not only saves money and eases pressures on the environment, it also promotes employee
The Kentucky capitol building.

Payday loan reprieve: Kentucky House Bill 182 fails to pass

Kentucky lawmakers who stood behind House Bill 182 are now wallowing in the agony of defeat, reports the Louisville Courier-Journal. The proposed legislation that would have cut the APR payday lenders may charge to 36 percent was voted down 13-10 in the Kentucky House Banking and Insurance Committee. Military loans remain capped at 36 percent
Start being responsible with your money now. Youll thank yourself later.

Preparing for Parents to Cut You Off | What to do When It Happens

Can’t stay lucky forever Most college students get financial help from their parents. It’s perfectly normal and widely accepted, but it can give people a false sense of security and a skewed vision of financial responsibility. If you’re one of those people who is lucky enough to get help from your parents, be grateful and

Are You Under-Educated about Finances?

National Bureau of Economic Research There is more bad news according to a recent survey done by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The survey, titled “Financial Literacy among the Young” showed that fewer than 33% of young adults from 20 to 30 years of age have a basic knowledge of interest rates, inflation and
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Dip in Minimum Wage Brings Down Income and Morale

Dip in Minimum Wage Brings Down Income and Morale Another Sign of the Times Just when you thought the economic news could not get much worse, news that Colorado will be dropping its minimum wage comes through. According to an Associated Press (See: story, the state will lower the minimum wage by 3 cents

Sweeten Your Next Car Deal

Overcoming car dealership pressure Cars, like people, don’t last forever. Everyone finds themselves in the scary position of sitting in front of the sales manager at the local dealership sweating out a deal. The office is hectic and there seems to be information coming from everywhere. That atmosphere is part of the strategy, to distract