Close-up of a man's hand signing a legal settlement.

Online payday loan company settles with W.Va. consumers

Payday cash loan portals provide a segment of the public with a useful short-term credit resource, but not everyone supports the terms of such online payday loan products. For online payday loan companies, lending to credit-impaired individuals involves a significant amount of risk that many would argue justify a certain fee level. However, the state
fcc net neutrality rules

House Republicans seek to defund net neutrality in budget bill

House Republicans voted to block new Federal Communications Commission net neutrality rules, calling them an example of an overreaching federal government. The FCC seeks to implement rules preventing Internet service providers from discriminating against content providers and customers via different fees and connection speeds. The House passed an amendment to a spending bill that would
transition from ipv4 to ipv6

Our 20-year-old internet is finally running out of IP addresses

Available internet IP addresses are on the verge of running out in the web’s vintage configuration. The International Assigned Numbers Authority, a non-profit group that manages the planet’s inventory of 4.3 billion internet addresses, handed out the last five bundles for distribution worldwide on Thursday. The pending exhaustion of internet IP addresses will facilitate transition
Fannie Mae corporate Headquarters

Bottom drops out of Fannie Mae losses

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae just announced record losses, and the company is asking for another $8.4 billion from the government to stay afloat. Fannie Mae has been in conservatorship — or possessed by the federal government — for some time.  Its losses have grown almost exponentially, and have posted the 12th consecutive quarterly loss.  Clearly,
Kid's Cooking

Thanksgiving recipes for kids | Getting the whole family involved

Thanksgiving Day can be a big production that brings family together. With a serious lack of Thanksgiving recipes for kids, though, getting the whole family involved can feel tough. There are Thanksgiving recipes for kids of all ages that you can use to get them involved and interested — and keep everyone happy. Thanksgiving recipes
Nationald debt clock

National debt ceiling debate affects us all

The U.S. will soon hit the $14.294 trillion debt ceiling, prompting Congress to vote on again raising the limit. But Congressional Republicans have threatened opposition if the vote does not include budget cuts and long-term debt reduction. If an agreement is not reached by August, it will be an unprecedented situation that will be felt

Know your credit score, and take steps to raise the number

To improve your credit score, nothing works better than paying off your credit cards and taking them out of your wallet. Knowing your credit score is the most basic fundamental of credit repair. But it’s even more important to know what affects  your credit score. And even more important than that is knowing what you
Two executive employees of Yahoo! are pictured. They're natives of Topeka, Kansas, which is one reason why this Topeka – Google photo appears here.

Deconstructing Topeka | A Google April Fool with legs

If you dig into Topeka, you’re bound to find good potatoes. That’s what “topeka” means in the Kansa and Ioway languages, according to Wikipedia: “To dig good potatoes.” But if you Google Topeka (or is it Topeka Google?), you will be caught in an infinite loop in which questions like “Why does Google say Topeka?”
a turkey vulture with a huge wingspan in flight

Vulture investors move from flippers to landlords in down market

Vulture investors are feasting on the depressed U.S. housing market. Deflating home prices, rock-bottom mortgage rates and a rental market surging with people who have lost their homes are attracting swarms of vulture investors who are after distressed properties. But in this weak U.S. economy, their strategy is changing. In boom times, vulture investors were
A woman in costume at an anti-Blue Shield demonstration.

Blue Shield of California wants 59 percent rate hike

Health insurance premiums have been out of control for years, but apparently someone forgot to send Blue Shield of California the memo. The Los Angeles Times reports that Blue Shield has shocked California policyholders with a proposal to institute insurance premium hikes as high as 59 percent on March 1. The change would affect tens
Sumo Wrestlers came in during name calling ceremony, introduced one by one

From Chicago to Atlanta, Teachers Cheat

Thanks to the federal No Child Left Behind act and other high-stakes testing laws, schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have something in common. According to Steven Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, authors of the 2005 best-selling Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything, they both cheat. High-stakes testing This article is limited to
File photo of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at a book signing.

Julian Assange police report leaked; legal team enraged

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may be out on bail right now, but that doesn’t mean his legal team is happy. The Australian reports that Julian Assange’s police report has leaked to the British newspaper The Guardian. According to reports, not only was the report intended to be confidential, but the sexually graphic details leaked are
A mural of the ayatollah Khomeni in Teheran, Iran

Iranian nuclear scientist goes home to the Ayatollah empty-handed

An Iranian nuclear scientist who defected to the U.S. in 2009 returned to a hero’s welcome in Iran Thursday. Shahram Amiri claims he was kidnapped by the CIA. U.S. officials say he defected on his own free will and apparently got homesick. Some speculate that Amiri has been an agent controlled by the Iranian government
2010 nobel peace prize winner liu xiaobo

Jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Friday, but he probably doesn’t even know it yet. Liu, a Chinese literary critic and the country’s most prominent human rights dissident, is in prison. In awarding Liu Xiaobo the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel committee sent an undeniable message to the Chinese government that it must
A man dressed in a 1970s “Battlestar Galactica” Cylon costume. He's pandhandling. His  sign reads “Replaced by CGI. Please help.”

Two-thirds of US men worked in 2010, a record low

A lower percentage of Americans held jobs last year than at any point since 1983, reports USA Today. After a peak of 49.3 percent employment in 2000, only 45.4 percent of Americans were employed. In addition, only 66.8 percent of men were employed in 2010, the lowest figure on record. Challenges to U.S. social programs
Blackberry Bold

Blackberry Bold 9650 | Blackberry Pearl 3G | New models coming

The second-most popular smartphone maker, Blackberry, has announced that the Blackberry Bold 9650 and Blackberry Pearl 3G will both be hitting the market soon. Both the Blackberry Bold 9650 and Pearl 3G are improvements on existing Blackberry models and will include upgrades such as Wi-Fi. The Bold 9650 is set to be released on May
Close up of an iPad in a man's hand. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is clearly visible on the touchscreen display.

Jesse Jackson Jr. says iPad is killing publishing, costing jobs

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) was for the iPad before he was against it. Just one month ago, Jackson lauded Apple’s groundbreaking tablet as a revolutionary educational tool. On Friday, however, iPad owner Jackson turned around and exclaimed before Congress that the iPad is a dangerous device that is “probably responsible for eliminating thousands of