Area of the Sonora Desert in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Small business lending drought has hurt Scottsdale, Arizona

Convincing banks to write short term loans for any size business has been difficult lately. Large-scale operations with multiple sources of capital can subsist, but small businesses like those in Scottsdale, Ariz., need short term loans in order to operate and expand. The Arizona Republic reports that banks and businesses have very different views of
A frustrated consumer with his credit card bill

Convenient short term loans remain a target of financial reform

Payday lenders and their customers escaped regulation during the latest round of financial reform in Congress. But the payday loan as a financial reform issue isn’t going to go away. A payday loan amendment regulating the industry failed to make the financial reform bill. But a provision creating a consumer protection agency did. This consumer
Bank of America

Miami hostage situation at Coral Gables Bank | Bomb remains

In Florida this morning, a robber walked into Coral Gables Bank of America and took hostages. The Miami hostage situation may have started with a kidnapping earlier in the day, though investigations will be ongoing. At approximately 11:42 this morning, Coral Gables police confirmed that the last person was out of the bank and the

Massive blizzard threatens to bury Chicago and Midwest in snow

A massive winter storm system is currently threatening the Midwest region. The city of Chicago could receive the worst of the storm with more than a foot of snow, and wind gusts of 50 miles per hour or more are anticipated. Whiteout conditions are possible. Massive storm system bearing down on Midwest The Midwest region

Investors Use Short Term Loans to Flip Foreclosed Houses

Flipping houses for profit Real estate investors are using short term loans to flip houses once again. A few years ago flipping homes was all the rage. Millions of Americans tried making money by buying and then quickly reselling new houses and condominiums. Some put a few thousand dollars into renovations and upgrades and then

Instant Payday Loans

Nobody wants to wait in line for a payday loan. However, many people in a financial bind seem to believe there is no other option. Don’t let yourself be one of them. Instant Payday Loans in minutes! You could be approved for an instant payday loan in as little as two hours. No longer do
republicans take a swing at repealing health care reform

The Republican pledge to repeal health care reform is unrealistic

The Republican Pledge to America includes repealing health care reform. With November elections imminent, the GOP believes the public is on their side. Polls show growing opposition to the health care law. But other polls show that most Americans have no idea what is in the health care law. Republicans hope to capitalize on this
A Sprint smartphone

Google to unveil its own near-field mobile payment system

Google has announced it will unveil its own mobile payment system that will allow people to use their cell phones in lieu of a wallet. Google is launching its own near-field communication technology, which uses a chip mounted in a phone that is read by a sensor and linked to a bank account. Google is
For Sale sign

Mortgage loan closing costs on the rise

One of the costs of a mortgage loan is the closing costs, or the fee you pay when you finally pay your mortgage off or sell your home. The costs can be considerable, and the average closing cost nationally is several times more than the average payday loan. The average amount of a closing cost
Will the Deed for Lease program save your home from foreclosure? (Photo:

Can the D4L Program Help You Save Your Home?

Fannie Mae Unveils D4L For select homeowners who can’t afford their mortgage payments there are still more options to bring much-needed aid. Fannie Mae just released their new Deed for Lease, or D4L, program. It’s a program that allows homeowners to sign a deed in lieu of foreclosure and then rent back their home from
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Goldman Sachs Facebook deal sets bank up to manage possible IPO

A Goldman Sachs Facebook investment of $450 million was the biggest news on Wall Street Monday. The Goldman Sachs Facebook deal, plus an additional $50 million investment from a Russian firm, has given Facebook an implied market value of $50 billion. Goldman’s investment makes it a front runner to manage a Facebook IPO that most
The facade of the New York Stock Exhange draped in the U.S. flag

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae stocks delisted from NYSE, losses grow

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the key sources of funding that have kept lending to home buyers from completely drying up, were ordered by the government to cease trading their shares on the New York Stock Exchange to abide by NYSE delisting rules. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae stocks, which have already lost nearly all
acetaminophen overdose

FDA cuts acetaminophen dose in prescription painkillers by half

Acetaminophen is a common ingredient in prescription and over-the-counter pain medications. Acetaminophen can be poisonous, and an overdose can seriously damage the liver. To halt a rising occurrence of acetaminophen overdose, the Food and Drug Administration has ordered drug companies to cut the amount of acetaminophen used in prescription medications. OTC acetaminophen drugs escape ruling

Costco adjusting offerings amid strong sales and dropping stock

Among publicly owned retail stores, Costco is in a unique place. The store makes much of its income from membership fees. Though stock prices are dropping, quarterly sales results are strong — and Costco is making some adjustments to its offerings. Costco’s quarterly results Costco, publicly traded on Wall Street, recently released its quarterly results.
Mother Duck and Ducklings

Proposed consumer protection agency to target lenders

In the wake of the Wall Street collapse and the ongoing investigation of Goldman Sachs, there are calls for a consumer protection agency, or multiple ones. There seems to be a real need for some financial reform, but which consumer protection laws should be put forth are a point of contention.  Part of the proposed
The Monopoly Man is out of money. His demotivational poster reads: “College Tuition: Start saving now so you can retire by age 100.”

Eight percent UC tuition hike approved for fall 2011

Higher education is an expensive proposition, and thanks to the UC Board of Regents, it’s going to become more expensive for students to obtain a University of California education. According to the Associated Press, a plan was approved today that will raise student tuition by 8 percent in fall 2011. Financial aid offerings will be

Nevada students organizing to fight budget cuts

In Reno, Nevada, college students are gearing up for a fight. These students, however, are armed with statistics, numbers and suggestions. As the legislature considers cutting education funding yet again, some students are fighting back. Proposed cuts to Nevada education Nevada, like most other states, is facing huge budget deficits that it must balance. Nevada’s