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Unmarried couples face different standards in finance

Unmarried couples are becoming more common, as fewer heterosexual couples elect to become married and same sex couples aren’t allowed in many areas. Moral arguments aside, a relationship that avoids convention also has some different financial risk built into it. There are also some benefits to it as well.   Omitted or denial of vows
alan grayson for congress

Florida Rep Alan Grayson goes down swinging … at Democrats

Former Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson tried to beat the Republicans at their own game in the midterm election and lost. He made a name for himself in his single term as a U.S. rep from Florida by trying to match right wing extremists with unabashed left wing extremism. Grayson was drubbed after running what some
New Haven Explosives Homemade bombs

Homemade bombs false alarm | New Haven explosives were fireworks

In New Haven, Conn., a 26-year old man is being questioned about explosives. The New Haven Explosives, which have been erroneously called homemade bombs, were found Wednesday night. No charges have been filed, as the “homemade bombs” found may have actually been fireworks. Reports of smoke led to New Haven explosives called ‘homemade bombs’ On
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The Benefits of Cash Advances

Paying for Unexpected Bills Cash advances can be a great help when you have an emergency expense like a hospital bill. Getting an advance is very easy and you can even apply for it online from the comfort of your home. It will only take you a few minutes to fill in the forms and
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Over-budget ARC tunnel commuter train project canceled

One of the key components of the Obama administration’s plan for America’s economic recovery is infrastructure projects that create jobs and bolster commerce. The potential influx of new jobs is particularly valuable in light of runaway unemployment. Unfortunately, not all public works projects get off the ground. reports that the New York to New
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TV pitchman Don Lapre indicted for fraud on 41 charges

Well-known TV pitchman Don Lapre, who bills himself as “the king of infomercials,” has been indicted in Phoenix, Ariz. Federal prosecutors have charged Lapre with 41 counts, including conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, promotional money laundering and transactional money laundering. As seen on TV Lapre, 47, was often seen on television infomercials between 2004 and
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Love is a natural painkiller

Pain is a subjective experience. In a medical setting, pain assessment is established through facial expressions, scales and verbal descriptions. Every individual undergoes different kinds of pain. Physical pain can be caused by illness, trauma or surgery. Emotional pain could be caused by a death of a loved one, divorce, sexual abuse or loss of
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May 5 deserves celebration for many reasons

Indeed, May 5 is Cinco De Mayo, but believe it or not, there have been a lot of very significant events that took place on May 5 throughout history.  Any holiday has some historical significant event that took place, but some of these are real big ones.  The seeds of the French Revolution and two
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Quick payday loans solve money problems

It’s a wonderful thing to know that your bills are paid, your refrigerator’s well-stocked and you still have plenty of cash until payday. But for people struggling from paycheck to paycheck, extra cash is a rare luxury. If you need money now and can still get by on your next paycheck after paying back a
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Shawls by Hoda | Flexible, fashionable warmth

Shawls by Hoda are quickly becoming the ultimate in flexible, hand-knitted warmth and fashion. Featured on “The Today Show,” which Hoda co-hosts, Shawls by Hoda are selling like crazy, with some proceeds going to breast cancer research. If you want to order or make your own Shawls by Hoda style wrap, it can easily be
supply side economics

Ryan budget plan relies on discredited supply side economics

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., submitted a budget proposal known as the “Path to Prosperity” this week. It relies heavily on supply side economics that insist lower corporate taxes translate to more jobs and higher government revenues. Supply side economics were the principle behind the Bush tax cuts of 2001, which gave record profits to corporations
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I’ll Have a Green Christmas

Is Christmas a waste? Christmas is a time of joy, when we get to see loved ones we haven’t seen for a while. Christmas in many families is filled with history and tradition. Christmas has a lot of pros, but it also has more than a few cons. One of the biggest problems with Christmas

Your Credit | Establish, Protect and Improve

We all know that we need good credit. You need it to get a house or a new car; some companies even do credit checks before hiring. What is credit, though? How do you get it and keep it in good standing? Credit is essentially borrowing money from a lender, with an outlined payback plan
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Get a Payday Cash Loan, Even With Bad Credit

It’s time to make hay Has something happened in your life that has made you realize that you’re probably not going to be able to make ends meet this month, though you’re really fretting because something such as a poor credit history has limited or even eliminated most of your options? If so, consider opting
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The Cash Advance Application Process, Simplified

Here’s the Cash Advance Process in a Nutshell It is not difficult to get an online cash advance loan these days, and it seems that just about anyone can get one. An element that adds the cherry on top of a payday advance is that the process can be quick, easy and convenient. There are

Skype IPO | Details revealed, date not yet set

Just one year after spinning off from Ebay, Skype has filed the initial paperwork with the SEC for an initial public offering. The Skype IPO has been long expected, though some surprising numbers were revealed in the filings. After the IPO, the ownership structure of Skype will be complicated — though users are hoping that
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Ingmar Guandique convicted for murder of Chandra Levy

The Chandra Levy case has seemingly been closed with the conviction of Ingmar Guandique. Guandique, an immigrant from El Salvador, was found guilty after the jury deliberated for four days. The case is still controversial, as some believe Guandique has been framed. Ingmar Guandique convicted for killing Chandra Levy After years of the case going