You know the PS3... but do you know Slim? (Photo:

PS3 Slim Price $299 Coming 8/24/09

Early adopters feel the sting When it comes to video game systems or any other form of consumer electronics technology, there’s always a danger that comes with being an early adopter. First of all, if there is a competing technology on the market (take HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray, for example), the other one might take over,

Maria Belen Chapur… Mark Sanford’s Fire-Starter?

He’s dead inside… and C Street House knew before his wife There’s something dreadfully wrong with that. That C Street House, C Street Band, The Family, or whatever you want to call them knew that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was having an affair with Argentine reporter Maria Belen Chapur. The super-secret religious organization knew

Cut Your Spending | Part I

Start saving your cash today Money is tight, but there are lots of simple things you can do to free up some extra cash. In fact, making just a few minor changes to your spending routines could mean you’ll never have to get a payday cash advance again. Make off-season purchases You can save lots
Laura Gambucci (top) and a client | Image from San Diego Magazine

Laura Gambucci Boutique Makes a Splash in La Jolla

Customers love selection at Laura Gambucci Fashion Boutiques are a dime a dozen in La Jolla, and in California as a whole, but the name “Laura Gambucci” has managed to perk up a few ears in the fashion world. Her customers rave about her selection, clothing that can’t be found at other boutiques in the

Installment Loans | A Walk in the Park With Us!

Score a home run for your finances So, what do you know about payday loans or installment loans? Chances are you’ve heard about them in some way, shape or form, as television, radio and online advertising sings their praises. Not only has advertising been a big part of the public’s awareness of the short term

Little Tikes Recall On Workshop Sets and Trucks

Parents, be alert and aware Parents, we all want to know that our children are safe when it comes to the toys they play with. After the recent scare with Chinese toys and unacceptable levels of lead in the paint used, we’re all paying closer attention to the quality of toys our youngsters are using

Erector Spykee the Spy Robot | WiFi Spying, Worldwide

Robots, lasers and my childhood paradise From the time I was quite small, I was fascinated by robots. Particularly robots equipped with laser beams. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, eh? My dream was that my family would be able to afford a ruby tube so that I could construct a laser in my

Hillary Clinton Angry | “I’m Secretary, Not My Husband!”

Lost in translation Recently, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down for a town hall-style meeting at the Congolese capital of Kinshasa. According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, her stop is part of an 11-day tour through Africa to promote “development and good governance, and to underscore the Obama administration’s commitment” to aiding the
And you thought this type of caffeine had a big effect on business productivity.

Google Caffeine Could Affect Many Businesses

Google Caffeine might shake things up There’s no doubt about the fact that Google is the go-to search engine for a vast majority of the world. While most casual users do appreciate the power inherent with being the world’s most-used search engine, it’s a little crazy to think of the extent this power goes to.

Who’s Winning the Clunker Derby?

The numbers are in According to a list compiled by the National Transportation Safety Administration, compact cars and hybrids are top sellers in the Cash for Clunkers trade-in program. The average combined city and highway fuel economy of the top ten cars ranges from 27 to 33 miles per gallon, depending on which versions people
Surveillance cameras are a good investment for payday loan stores.

Serial Robbers Target Payday Loan Stores

Payday loan robbers abound The payday loan police have been pretty busy lately, tracking down and locking up men who are suspected of robbing multiple businesses, including several payday loan stores. The first payday loan store robbery story I have for you comes out of Indiana, where a man is accused of robbing a shocking

Opponents Use Health Care Bill Page 58 Scare Tactics

Health care bill page 58 spawns crop of lies OK, people this is getting a little old. What am I talking about? The ridiculous, flat-out lies surrounding the health care bill, HR 3200. Now in question is health care bill page 58. People are saying that health care bill page 58 mandates that everyone will

Mom Drags Kid On Leash, Gets What She Deserves

Think about it Being a parent can be an amazing journey. It can also be an exhausting one, particularly when it comes to handling situations like tantrums in public. I am a father or two young children, so I have firsthand experience dealing with some of the difficult times in a young child’s life. Being

GOP Thugs at Town Halls: Paid By Healthcare Industry

Obamacare town halls draw hooligans You would expect that people would be able to hold a civilized discourse with elected officials when it comes to arguing the merits or drawbacks to an important piece of legislation. However, when it comes to universal healthcare with a public option in America, it appears that productive discussion is

Clinton Secures Pardon For U.S. Reporters in N. Korea

That’s Bill, not Hillary Not that Hillary couldn’t have gotten the job done. She’s more than capable. But Bill had already established a relationship with the North Korean government; they’ve even requested to meet with him specifically a few times over the past 15 years. What job am I talking about? After “exhaustive conversation” with

Cash For Clunkers Car List? There May Be No Program!

People want more than government can deliver Were you able to take advantage of Cash For Clunkers when it breezed through town? That’s what it seemed like: a breeze that came to call for but a moment. Once that moment was gone, the government put the entire thing on hold. Things like that happen when

Cash For Clunkers Bill | Insult and Injury to Obamacare?

We await the Senate vote on Cash For Clunkers Sen. McCain has already made it known that he didn’t approve of the original $1 billion allotted for the Cash For Clunkers bill, so he definitely doesn’t approve of funneling $2 billion more into it. He will do all he can short of a filibuster (the