Don't forget, even cheap furniture is expensive to ship. Image from Flikr.

Boyle’s Furniture Outlet America’s New Favorite

Boyle’s Furniture featured on ‘Today’ It never fails. Any time a business is mentioned on the “Today” show, it suddenly becomes infinitely more popular as people seek to find the company’s web site, study it and book mark it so they will be able to find it any time they are trying to do the
Zhu Zhu pets are like this guy, but they aren't alive. However, many thousands of kids don't care. (Photo:

Toys R Us Names Zhu Zhu Pets Hottest Holiday Toy in 2009

What Can Zhu Zhu Do For You? Retail stores are getting ready for the Christmas shopping season, which means that people who aren’t compulsively early shoppers are getting ready to buy their gifts. If that means getting in touch with personal loan companies to bankroll the whole operation, so be it. What a person decides
These are dangerous if you're running on empty. A cash advance can keep you going until your next payday. (Photo:

Get Financial Help With A Cash Advance Now!

A Cash Advance With No Faxing Required? Yes, Please! With all of the financial turmoil that American families are facing right now, cash advances have become a way to get the money you need, when you need it. Read on to better understand a few of the main reasons why people turn to a cash
Floor mat problem? A personal loan will get you some super glue. (Photo:

Toyota Recalls 3.8 Million Cars With Deadly Floor Mats

Lexus and Toyota vehicles affected by recall When the world’s largest automaker recalls 3.8 million cars, you know something serious is going on. That’s exactly what the recent Toyota recall has done because of floor mats that present a risk of causing accidents. Removing the mats and obtaining new ones (even if you need a
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Short-Term Loans

Short-Term Loans are Cost Effective and Credit Friendly Short-term loans, also known as payday loans, are a cost effective way to get the money you need. In this day and age, when credit scores are becoming increasingly important, short-term loans allow you to borrow money without affecting your credit score. What can I use a
Feeling the money crunch? Online payday loans can help. (Photo:

Online Payday Loans Are Crazy Easy To Get

Online Payday Loans Offer Quick and Hassle-Free Finances Online payday loans are a perfect solution for people who remain busy in their day-to-day schedules. One of the biggest advantages of online payday loans is that these short-term loans can be used at your discretion. Even if you cannot pay back your payday loans immediately, most

Looking For Payday Loans With Bad Credit?

Times are tough, relief is available with payday loans Many believe you can’t get payday loans with bad credit. That may have been the case in the past, but it no longer is. Bad credit can be a result of the economic downturn, the housing market collapse and many other things outside of your control. Lenders are
This 2007 photo shows HandsOn Network volunteers cleaning up a neighborhood. Image from

HandsOn Network, Disney Team Up to Encourage Volunteers

Largest volunteer network in the U.S. We have all heard the president calling for everyone to be good citizens and do volunteer work. Now, there’s a little extra incentive from Disney, who is running the “Give a day, get a Disney day” promotion. Disney has teamed up with the HandsOn Network, which is part of
Improper punctuation can be dangerous. Image from

National Punctuation Day | Celebrate Your Own Way

Apostrophes, colons and dashes, oh my! National Punctuation Day is a holiday like no other. Unlike most holidays that are invented seemingly out of the blue, National Punctuation Day wasn’t created as a business promotion. It’s sort of like Talk Like a Pirate Day. It doesn’t make anybody any money. It doesn’t spread publicity for
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Tylenol Recall 2009 | Children’s SoftChews and Meltaways

Company fears consumes could overdose Tylenol has issued a recall of all 80-milligram Children’s Tylenol Meltaways packaged in bottles and blisters, 80-milligram Children’s Tylenol SoftChews packaged in blisters, and 160-milligram Jr. Tylenol Meltaways packaged in blisters. The Tylenol recall 2009 is totally voluntary, not ordered by the FDA. The company that issued the Tylenol products,
Don't worry, the cats who were at the Montgomery Animal Shelter are safe. Image from

Montgomery Animal Shelter Closing Subject of False Rumors

With great power comes great responsibility Everyone knows the Internet is a powerful thing. Through massive social networking sites, you can get a message to numerous people instantly. However, the Montgomery Animal Shelter closing story is an example of the fact that if you’re going to disseminate a message to the masses, you’d better make
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Cash Advance & Payday Loan 90 Day Trend Report

Statistical Report on Payday Loans, Cash Advances, and Other Types Of Personal Loans Personal Money Store is not a lender itself. However, it does provide a free service that matches borrowers with lenders. This provides a unique look into the inner workings of the sub prime lending industry. There are a few reports below which
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September 11 Lesson Plans Funded By Education Trust

WTC United Family Group aims to educate The September 11 Education Trust — founded in 2001 as the World Trade Center United Family Group — has spend the past eight years developing September 11 Lesson Plans to teach kids about the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The group’s web site says “The September
Paul Karason took too much colloidal silver. It's a wonder he isn't dead. (Photo:

Colloidal Silver Got You Blue? Talk to Paul Karason

He wanted a cure, but became Papa Smurf instead If you’re into miracle health cures that don’t involve proper diet and exercise, you’ve probably heard about colloidal silver. Even if you aren’t into magic elixirs, you’ve probably heard mention of colloidal silver’s healing properties. As the L.A. Times recently documented, there are those that believe
Not pictured: Orange County Assemblyman Michael Duvall. (Photo:

Heidi Dejong Barsuglia and Michael Duvall | Family Values Hijinks

Politicians and lobbyists are literally in bed together now Like most unscrupulous politicians, California Assemblyman Michael Duvall could have simply told Sacramento-based lobbyist Heidi Dejong Barsuglia, “Give me my cash now!” However, what was common knowledge in the California state legislature is now common knowledge to the public. Michael Duvall was having an affair with
Steve Jobs is all better! Image from wikimedia.

Apple Announcement: iPhones, Cameras and iTunes, Oh My!

Apple announcement about new products As usual, Apple held its September Apple announcement, or “media event” as they like to call it (though Mashable points out there are usually more employees than media at the Apple announcement). People — and WIRED Magazine — have been speculating for weeks about what the Apple announcement would be
That expires today, bucko. But don't worry: mortgage loan modification is available today and after 09/09/09. (Photo:

09/09/09 | Your Lucky Day or “Suffering” in Japanese?

This probably won’t happen again in your lifetime If you’re looking to do a mortgage loan modification or play the lotto, 9 9 09 (or 9/09/09 if you prefer, as I do) may just be the day to do it. Or perhaps you want to get your hands on the new game “The Beatles: Rock