Think a cut in insurance cost is a good debt relief idea in this situation? (Photo:

Is Cutting Back on Insurance A Good Way to Find Debt Relief?

Taking Care of Debt Many consumers are ready to do just about anything to find debt relief. The recession has left people in difficult situations, not knowing when or if they can pay their bills on time.  One area where people are showing major cutbacks is in insurance.  For example, last year Barry Miller of
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Sheila Jackson Lee Squares Off Against Rush Limbaugh

House Rep. says keep Limbaugh out of NFL When I wrote earlier about the possibility of Rush Limbaugh buying the St. Louis Rams, I kind of thought that whole process had been snuffed out already. Apparently I was mistaken, as yesterday Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) in a floor speech said the NFL should not
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Interest Rates on Credit Cards are Steadily Rising

Interest rates are up across the board Although many interest rates were recently cut, credit cards lenders are set to increase theirs. Mortgages and savings rates have fallen dramatically due to government intervention; however, credit card rates have moved up. Even cards listed as “low-rate” are averaging 11.62%, balance-transfer cards are averaging 13.15% and cards
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Pet Owners Use Payday Loans for Emergency Pet Care

It’s no secret: People love their pets Pet owners love their animals and many of them use payday loans to pay for emergency pet care. Regardless of economic conditions, people will always find ways to provide the best care they possibly can for a loyal dog or a faithful cat. Today, the average pet owner
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How a Payday Loan Works

A Payday Loan is Quick When You Need It A payday loan is a financial arrangement that allows a person to borrow a sum of money over a short period of time so that it is possible to overcome a shortfall in the personal budget until the next payday. It is usually unsecured and the
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Can Quick Payday Loans Avert a War of the Worlds?

No, But They Can Pay to Fix Windshields OK, so this is a story about something called quick payday loans. My brother and I had some fun with a neighbor’s cat, and the weird dude owner threw a rock that broke our car window, and dad needed the extra cash to fix things up. Here
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Payday Installment Loans – Is It Safe To Get started Online?

Safety of payday installment loans A financial crisis doesn’t happen without any warning or notice. However hard we try, almost always the monetary crisis becomes larger than the reserves we can actually come up with. Thus we’ll need fast and cheap economic rescue plans such as payday loans for bad credit to cope with such
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Credit Card Offers Are Back. Is That a Good Thing?

A troubled market Lenders are starting to offer credit cards to consumers again. It’s no secret that lending to troubled borrowers was the beginning of the credit-industry downfall. Have credit card companies learned a lesson? Or are they headed down the same road again? Brenda Jerez, who recently overcame credit problems by slowing paying off
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GOP Sens Vote 30-9 Against Rape Amendment

Yet Sen. Al Franken’s Amendment Passes, 69-30 Following one of the more vile incidents against a woman in American history, the Senate has voted in favor of Sen. Al Franken’s amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that gives the government the right to withhold defense contracts (no small cash loans, either) from companies like

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Website Design, SEO, Advertising, and Marketing in Spokane WA The “Pay Only For Real Customers” Network New Spokane Washington company enters Spokane market for website design, internet marketing, lead generation, search engine optimization and video production services (see location: Spokane Website Design). Adworkz is primarily an affiliate advertising network that connects advertisers through an affiliate

Payday Loan Borrowers Hope for Credit Card Reform

Obama calls for immediate credit card reform Consumers are still relying on payday loans to make ends meet as President Obama calls for credit card reform.  The President is demanding a credit card reform bill by the end of this month.  “Americans know that they have a responsibility to live within their means and pay
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Consumers Look to Debt Relief Options as DOW Changes

New Dow Jones Consumers are looking for more debt relief options as the stock market continues to fluctuate. This week the DOW Jones Industrial average made some drastic changes. The DOW Jones average is a roster of thirty stocks that most effectively weight the Wall Street’s financial climate. The DOW dropped Citigroup Inc and GM
The Holistic Mom's Network encourages moms

Holistic Moms Network Focuses on Health and Healing

Connect with Holistic Mom’s Network The cost of medical care is weighing down families as Congress unsuccessfully tries to finish and pass a health care reform bill. Some Americans are turning their backs on the health care industry and turning to holistic medicine and avoiding illness through holistic living. The Holistic Moms Network is an
Debt relief

Banks Starting to Help Customers with Debt Relief

Banks aid consumers In an effort to attract new customers, banks are starting to help consumers with debt relief.  If you do an online search for “banks and deals,” you’ll surely find a wide variety of choices. Banks are now realizing that to bring customers in, they need to  view the economy from the consumer’s
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Students Worry about Debt Relief as Parents Struggle

New poll highlights economic woes of college students According to a new poll conducted by the AP and mtvU, college students today are more worried than ever before about debt relief. Although summer is reputed to be a time of partying for college students, most are too stressed out the economy to even think about
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Halloween Spending | Will Jacko Be Retailers’ Saving Grace?

Michael’s Death Could Keep Costumers Alive I know, I’ve already covered this topic on this blog, but the chance to post a Michael Jackson Halloween mask is just too much for me to pass up. His untimely passing gave his music sales a boost over the summer, now Michael Jackson masks, costumes and accessories are
The Economic Stress Index predicts that debt relief may be on its way for beleaguered consumers. (Photo:

New Poll Shows that Debt Relief is On The Way

Market May be Bottoming Out Debt relief may be on the way according to a new AP poll called the Economic Stress Index.  This index is a calculation that ranges from 1 to 100 and is based on the nation’s approximately rates of unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcy totals.  The lower the score, the less economic