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Social Security card

Some are questioning the legitimacy of Obama's social security number. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

This morning, the question of President Obama’s citizenship has again been raised, this time by the Obama social security number question. A private investigator is claiming that he has found that President Obama’s social security number is from Connecticut — and/or that Obama has multiple social security numbers. Because social security numbers are required for everything from auto loans to selective service registrations, many are wondering if the Obama SSN flap truly brings his citizenship into question.

Obama’s Social Security number: the claim

The question of Obama’s Social Security number started with private investigator Orly Taitz. Hired by an attorney who has filed lawsuits questioning Obama’s legitimacy as a citizen, Orly Taitz did a search to find Obama’s social security number. Using alternate spellings of Barack Obama such as “Barac” and “Barak” and “Barock” this investigator found 25 different Obama SSN identifiers. Using just the name “Barack Obama”, 16 social security numbers were found. The conclusion the investigator came to and has reported, is that the Obama social security number used most often begins with 042, which was a number issued in Connecticut in 1976 or 1977.

Obama Social Security number — proof of conspiracy?

Many people are calling this Obama social security number a revelation or proof of conspiracy. The basic idea is that President Obama, who was living in Hawaii at the time, could not have been issued a social security number in Connecticut so long after his birth. Others are claiming that President Obama has stolen or misused the Connecticut social security number. In general, this Obama social security number question is being pointed at by many so-called “birthers” or those who question Obama’s citizenship.

Obama Social Security number — facts to keep in mind

The Obama Social Security “revelation,” though, leaves many open questions. First of all, the private investigator searched for several different spellings of “Barack Obama” and did not differentiate between individuals with the same name. While Barack Obama is not a common name, there are likely at least two dozen individuals with U.S. social security numbers with that name. Second, a social security number has not always been issued at birth – in fact, it was not until about 1990 that a social security number was automatically issued at birth. Until 1986, most people did not have a social security number until they were at least 14 years old. Third, the social security administration issues a Social Security number based on the zip code on the application, not on the resident’s place of birth.

President Obama Social Security number — the conclusion

The social security number of President Obama will likely be under question for quite a while. However, it is important to keep in mind that multiple social security numbers for one name do not prove anything – that is why the number is unique. The fact that President Obama’s Social Security number was not issued until the late ’70s was not unusual at the time. Before jumping to conclusions about the Obama Connecticut social security number, it is important to consider the historical and social context of the time, not how the system currently works.


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This post has 38 comments

  1. mrstone says:

    If you really want to get into Harvard, you need straight A+ and 5.0 GPA at least. (4.0 is the minimum) Their fees each year are really high too. You need a strong recommendation from your teacher, a strong resume/essay. Mostly (All) students that attend Harvard are really Geniuses. MY question is how did Barick Hussan Obam be admitted to Harvard university?'

  2. julia says:

    "Third, the social security administration issues a Social Security number based on the zip code on the application, not on the resident’s place of birth."

    Not true at all…I was living in a state far from where I was born when I applied for my first social security card. Even so, my card had the same first three digits as the other members of my family who were born in the same place. Here is what the social security administration has to say on this matter:

    "Since 1973, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. The applicant's mailing address does not have to be the same as their place of

  3. Chuck U Farley says:

    Obama has A LOT to hide…he will be caught in the long run. He is an EXTREME danger to America, he is a Jew hater, and a Radical Islamic Extremist working from within the White House…Are all you FOOLS who voted for him happy now? Change? You got your change!!! And don't call me racist…I have white blood in me also!

  4. jake123 says:

    The reality is that all Obama has to do is address the issues and the controversy goes away. He won't do it, which makes people wonder. At a minimum I believe he won't release the real information because it would lead to proof that he lied and created a life story in his book that isn't real. He and Axelrod have lied about his past and for it to come out now would mean his Presidency would be finished. Question to those left wing supporters of his on here, if this were GW Bush what would your response be?

    • BrotherPatriot says:

      What about the fact that the uses of the SSN's attached to him correlate with the known addresses of where he lived. The truth is coming out!

  5. Mauka says:

    U.S. Selective Service in Obama cover-up?
    Mysterious Social Security Number now wreaks havoc in online search:

    Google clamps down on Obama's Social Security story
    Now offering warning that some sites referencing dispute 'may harm' computers!

    Marxism at work people!! Do you still wanna C H A N G E ! ? ! ?

  6. Roger says:

    The $64,000 question about Obama is, are any of the loans at Chicago Shore Bank match the social security numbers of Obama, were any loans forclosed on have links to one of Obama's 47 social security numbers?

  7. Doug says:

    I believe this administration including Obama have a problem with HONESTY .

  8. Shocked says:

    After reading these comment, I can't believe how many mentally retarded people live in the US. You guys should really get yourselves checked. Maybe then you'll understand why and how your life is where it is.

  9. Jeff says:

    stupid or racist? – hahaha ease off on the smokin' the hopium doug

    The document that he produced was a certificate of live birth. It is an official document, but, it is NOT a birth certificate. Try to get a passport with a COLB, you wont be able to. Its also not accepted for DOE/Q or DOD/TS clearance applications.

  10. Louise says:

    If the president has nothing to hide then just why not show us all? The man has spent MILLONS of dollars to hide who he is. One of my questions is if he does not have to show his then why do I have to show my ID to get a car loan or even a job? I have worked most of my life and for every job I have had I have had to show my ID, my social security number card and for some my jobs a birth certificate. So tell me what is the big deal here Mr President why dont you just cure it all and show us what you have and who you are. If what you claim is really true then you have nothing to hide. I am not racist nor am I stupid, I happen to be a smart woman who just wants answers. So what do you say Mr. President how about showing us all and then we "birthers" will leave you to do your job and go about your life.

    • Steve says:

      I don't care for what Obama's doing to the country, or our economy since he's taken office, but I never really questioned his birth certificate issue till more recently. The fact that there's even Congressmen questioning why he's been so diligent about covering up his past & also the fact that there are no records of his college years at Columbia, leaves me with the LOGICAL conclusion that he's definitely got something to hide. If Bush, McCain, or just about anyone else pulled this, the leftists Nazi's would be all over it. Many on the left also believe in the 9/11 cover up, but they don't think their golden idol Obama, or his Marxist minions is capable of conspiracy? I think there are several unanswered questions about 9/11, so I'm not against the lefties who think this, but come on, you can't be so ignorant to the facts, just because you'd rather not see them! It's been proven that he's got ties to communists & communist organizations, why is it so difficult to believe that he was "Placed" in place to bring down America? He's keeping up with Bush's UNCONSTITUTIONAL foreign policies & he's done the exact opposite of what he said he was going to do during his campaign, so wake up sheeple, this is serious business!!!!

    • Joe Hissam says:

      I found it!!!!!!!! IT IS UNREAL!!! I have proof positive on Obama's birth certificate, $$$ talks!!! Also, wait until you see his College records!!!!! I will be meeting with Glen Beck 1st week of August!!!

  11. constitutional watch says:

    Obama has released a COLB (certificate of live birth) which is worthless- can't get on a little league team with it. Obama has spent 1.6 million to conceal his records and his alleged long form birth certificate. In addition to this he also has a fraudulant social security number issued from the state of CT although he should have a SSN issued from the state of Hawaii. Again this SSN previously belonged to some dead guy 119 yrs ago. Further cross referencing of this SSN with his Selective Service number shows that this CT SSN is indeed president Obama's SSN of record. Here is another double whammy for you– his selective service document is a fraud— the DLN on the acutal SS document indicates that it was created in 2008. Can you imagine what we will find when his records become public! I'm sick and tired of the media, legal system, and Obamanatics protecting him. Let America have the truth!

    • olyphant says:

      I just enrolled my kid into little league, guess what the COLB wasn't even asked for. So that line of nonsense is just stupid. I only have a COLB. I picked it up a few years back after I found out I was adopeted, thought I could find more information….the only one I have ever had, or needed and I am 56.

  12. Bride of Chucky says:

    @Rich: POTUS has for many years probably had a higher security clearance than you have ever had. Do you REALLY think he hasn't been checked out thoroughly? He has been enrolled in multiple schools over the years, has a driver's license etc. All the things that you have also had over the years and I would imagine you have both presented the same credentials…..

  13. Kelly says:

    Doug- No it doesn't and to say such a thing is what is stupid. I live on Oahu and as of yet not one Dr. or nurse has come forward to say they were in the room when a U.S. President was birthed, not one. In fact, they're don't even agree on which hospital it was. Nobody wants to look bad when this all unravels and they know at some point it will.

    Mr. president, what are the first three numbers of your SSN???

    • Steven Tarlow says:

      And here come the birthers…

      • rbean says:

        According to this story "the social security administration issues a Social Security number based on the zip code on the application, not on the resident’s place of birth." Who then was 0bama's application zip code Connecticut and not wherever it was that he was residing at the time such card was issued?

        @ Doug M. Your Secretary of State has been quoted saying;"“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic.” Are the "new rules" if you disagree with a "progressive" president one is now also racist because the president is the product of both Caucasian and Negro parents? You say there is proof that 0bama "was born where he says he was born than likely any American President before him." If this is true, why has NO unimpeachable "truth" been provided by either the 0bama camp, the democratic party, or the national, state run media? Sorry, but your assertion raises far more questions than it answers.

    • Bryce says:

      "not one Dr. or nurse has come forward to say they were in the room when a U.S. President was birthed, not one."

      Yes, because I, as a doctor, am extremely concerned about memorizing every single person who I give birth to in case one day they too are elected President.

    • Bryce says:

      Not to mention that fact that the President is 48 years old. Meaning any person who delivered him would be in their 70s by now, assuming they were still alive.

    • jim says:

      I would like to know when all this started, a lady the news service confirmed was obamas legal aunt, stated she was there just after his birth and walked down to the hospital to greet him into this world. She was in Kenya, pointed down the street and said the hospital is still there, three blocks away, and that's the hospital I walked to. This alone started people to question legality to be president.

  14. doubting thomas says:

    I'm younger than Obama, but didn't get a SS# until I was 14, and needed it for a summer job I had. I was born in New Mexico, but my SS# was issued in Montana.

    All these Right Wing wackos and their insane conspiracy theories just prove that this country needs mandatory mental health screening.

    • nc1 says:

      You did not tell in your post whether you lived in Montana at the time when you applied for SSN?

    • pearl says:

      Have you considered the fact that he admits to being employed in 1975, four years before the SSN was issued from Connecticut? If not, perhaps you should look at this whole issue objectively and assess the likelihood of all these unusual circumstances.

    • pearl says:

      If you had an SSN issued from Montana, you must have been living there at that time. Obama never lived in Connecticut. Please, don't use that tired left-wing tactic of ad hominem attacks against those with whom you disagree just because your argument is lacking. Be careful what you wish for. "Mandatory mental screening" would be a very dangerous thing for Dems.

    • jenn says:

      Do you know why your SS was designated a Montana prefix?

  15. Rich says:

    This man is the President of the United States and hasn't produced one document that proves he is eligible under the Constitution. Why? I am in the Military and had to show a valid Birth Certificate (Not certificate of live birth) as well as a High School Diploma, SSN, etc… to be an enlisted service member. He's the President and had to prove nothing. As an American these are things that should be answered for as he is making policy that will change our country forever.

      • BobNY says:

        Nice, show the document he couldn't use to join the little league. Where is the attending physician? The hospital?? This is NOT a birth certificate that is issued from Hawaii when a person is born their, this is one that can be gotten by anyone living in Hawaii at the time. You try the same ruse as the Obama administration does, and it still doesn't hold water

    • becca says:

      My husband is military and he has never seen his Birth Certificate. They were completely happy with his certificate of live birth… I’m pretty sure you’re full of it… Either that or they didn’t really want you to join and hoped you couldn’t produce that document since most Americans can’t. Most states don’t replace it (like Hawaii) so if you lose it you get a certificate of live birth.

  16. Doug F. says:

    Nice try, but Obama could squash all these conspiracy stories in short order by simply producing some documents. When someone keeps working so hard to keep things hidden, sooner or later you've got to start to wonder if he has something to hide.

    • Doug M says:

      Actually, these conspiracy theories BEGAN when he produced the very document that all these birthers claim to demand. There is more proof that Obama was born where he says he was born than likely any American President before him.

      Like I told a co-worker recently: if you doubt the birthplace of the POUTS, you are either stupid or racist. There are no other options.

      • pearl says:

        As you say, this question is one of stupidity and racism. However you are mistaken on several counts. First, this man, Obama, has never released his Birth Certificate, nor has he released any of his school records, as all Presidents of the recent past have done, sometimes to their great embarrassment. What Mr. Obama has done, however is spent well over $1,000,000 to fight the release of any documentation that pertains to his personal history.

        Yes, it takes a great deal of stupidity to avoid the obvious conclusion that this person has reason to hide his past. And clearly anyone who refuses to admit this, is a racist of the highest order, condoning the most blatant fraud for this person simply because he is black.

      • Bill A says:

        Do you mean POTUS or are you stupid?

      • Kingfish says:

        If i had been that co-worker I would smacked u upside the head, maybe knock some sense into you, why are all you sucking libs so hard headed, but I guess ignorant is bliss.

      • JoeT says:

        And you're a moron; I win!

      • jenn says:

        Your post is confusing at best. The controversy began far before a certificate of live birth was produced, mind you I'm not a "birther" as you call them but I do believe the White House should make all documents pertaining to Pres. Obama's citizenship available to the public. Why not? and if there's a question to the validity of the SS, just answer it, right, nothing to hide? Although I'd be one to point out it doesn't really matter, what does matter is the sad state of affairs and the extreme left slant of the current administration. We're "dumbing" down as a nation, and it's scary!!

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