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Why so serious about your ignorance?

Apparently, this is what the healthcare industry does in its spare time (Photo: bedlammagazine.com)

If you live in Los Angeles, you may have seen them already. If you surf the World Wide Web for your news, you’ve likely seen it by now. It’s the Obama Joker poster, seen here. Many people will think this is funny; personally, I don’t find illiteracy and a general lack of reading comprehension to be humorous.

If you’ve seen Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in “The Dark Knight,” you know that the Joker’s platform was one of anarchy. He simply wanted to sit back and watch the world burn, as Alfred Pennyworth puts it. He’d sooner set fire to a mountain of money instead of distributing the wealth, simply because he can. Money means little to him, or just as much as a hammer and nails would to someone with a home repair job to do. For normal people, no fax payday loans and cash advances serve a purpose. I do not advocate burning them.

Socialism isn’t anarchy

Governance is order, even if we’re referring to self-government or something else along the lines of libertarianism. The Joker relishes disorder, particularly the pain and confusion it can cause. If the most beneficial type of socialism is geared to keep the most harmful elements of human behavior in check for the good of the whole, then we can easily see that the Joker is not a socialist. He hungers eternally for maximum damage.

No joke – change is needed

A writer for the Examiner wonders where this Obama Joker poster came from. It’s been appearing on freeway off-ramps and underpasses in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. Some are outraged, others are simply confused (which the Joker would have loved), but what seems quite clear is that this is a protest against President Obama’s movement toward universal health care for Americans.

In general, Obama’s wants health coverage for the uninsured while keeping health care spending in check.

Preparing to battle the misinformation

Sheryl Stolberg and David Herszenhorn report for the New York Times that Obama and Democrats in Congress are entrenching themselves for a major offensive against the campaign of anti-health care reform misinformation. Clearly the machine is broken when it comes to the greatest number of people having adequate or affordable coverage in America, so change is necessary. Yet those who oppose Obama’s plans of late offer little to nothing in the way of change. Or at best, they would suggest stopgap reforms to health insurance while laying off the necessary reform to the health care industry as a whole. Why? Because health insurance companies have deep pockets!

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Check your humanity at the door, GOP!

Obama, says the NY Times, wants to make it clear that attacking the entire diseased system will “protect consumers by ending unpopular insurance industry practices, like refusing patients with pre-existing conditions.” Senior Obama advisor David Axelrod says that the president wants to convey that “this is going to give people who have insurance a degree of security and stability, the protection that they don’t have today against the sort of mercurial judgments of insurance bureaucrats.”

Republicans say this will be too expensive to institute, but how do they suggest change without expense? Perhaps they think no change is better, as families continue to suffer? I hope the insurance giants are paying the Republicans well to abandon their humanity.

Inciting to riot, which is in fact a felony

Large health insurance industry trade groups like America’s Health Insurance Plans are calling for sheeple to “confront Democrats at public meetings,” for the sheer purpose of distraction. No healthy debate, just sent people in to make noise and cause a ruckus. I’d hitch my star to such idiocy any day! Seriously, no.

America needs civil conversation. But that conversation needs to be based on fact rather than innuendo. Republicans are mobilizing, attempting to argue that quality of care will go down while costs will skyrocket. Republican Representative Mike Pence of Indiana claims that Obama’s proposed coverage will include “more than $800 billion in new tax hikes” and offer up “harmful cuts” to Medicare. That’s a big one that health insurance industry Republican cronies are using to scare the aging baby boomers. Yet how do those claims gel with the Health Insurance Consumer Protections the White House is promising? They don’t. Somebody’s lying to you here with trumped up statistics.

Speaking of trumped up statistics, consider the source

The status quo is not good enough. It never was. (Photo: southernstudies.org)

There are polls somewhere that indicate that the American public is “growing uneasy” with the debate over reforming health care. A recent New York Times/CBS News survey indicates that Obama still has support, but it is waning somewhat. No doubt the Republican scare campaigns and Obama Joker posters have something to do with that. But let’s consider the discussion in the video below.

Republicans who site statistics that supposedly prove that Obama’s plan will backfire appear to cite the same source each time for their information: the Lewin Group. This is supposedly an independent think tank, but the truth is that the Lewin Group is in fact funded by UnitedHealth Group – one of America’s largest health insurers. Talk about maintaining the status quo! Here’s a tidbit about UnitedHealth Group, courtesy of the Washington Post. It has to do with data used to determine how much (or in this case how little) consumers are reimbursed for out-of-network care:

In January, UnitedHealth agreed to a $50 million settlement with the New York attorney general and a $350 million settlement with the AMA, covering conduct going back as far as 1994.

Settlements and payment of this nature don’t typically burden honesty companies. Republicans, do you seriously want to take your information against Obama’s health care plan from a convicted wrongdoer – from the belly of the beast?

Anti-health care reform Republicans are the real jokers here

And I mean that in the most sickeningly hyper-capitalist way possible. Massive profit, minimal payout – the way of America’s health insurers – was never good enough for America. Now that we have the opportunity to institute change, people make Obama joker posters. Striking idea in clown makeup, but you misunderstand the concept of socialism, the concept of anarchy – and you simply waste the time of people who have brains and know how to use them.

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This post has 9 comments

  1. klink says:

    If Obama care is so great, why are companies, corperations asking and being granted the option to opt-out?
    And how many states are sueing to opt out? I think the author of this article is the person that is ignorant.
    I'm sure he would disagree. He is the one getting PAID to write arictles the degrade those that disagree.

  2. Hilarious Joker says:

    The more I read it, the more it impresses me. I don’t know how I ever worked without hilarious and funny things in our life, Life would be so much easier especially when there's a jokes here and there. Being funny is nice because a lot of serious people are lacking with this kind of behavior that is why they are much look older. I would like to thank you for your outstanding blog post. Keep it up! Awesome!

  3. russ mathers says:

    Double talk and word substituion by the Pres. and cohorts in the "Plan" are rampant. The death panel is not in the packet but the actual panel that it does plan for is the same thing. No taxes on the middle class . Good thing his nose doesn't grow everytime he lies. Those posters have stirred up people and thats the way its supposed to work. Look back on historical cartoons such as Thomas Nash. He was way more demeaning and is immortal to those who enjoy political cartoons. Demorats lighten up- Rebubs – wake up, the natives are restless.

  4. allen the true says:

    I have told everyone i possibly can please for the love of GOD and the love of your CHILDREN and the love of your COUNTRY take a good look around , stop being brainwashed by the media in any form , dont sit and wonder gee what can i entertain my self or my family with tonight ,amovie or someother media event . lets quit filling our minds with garbage , there is very little time to discovre what REAL americans like ALEX JONES and many others are showing us ,.ITS here AND its REAL . rethink what you are doing, get involed contact and go out of your way to explain the reallity about THE OBAMA DECEPTION, or just stand there ,and let THE NEW WORLD ORDER GENTLY SLIP THE NOOSE around your neck and smile at you as they pull the lever on the trap door . I have watched so many familes , and long time business since our new leader has arrived go right down the drain , but he keeps smiling and will untill THE BIG FLUSH is completly over ,then everyone will taste THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

  5. TruthinBerlin says:

    We aren't putting these posters up for racial reasons what-so-ever. this is political… he could just as easily be a green martian, and we'd still be doing it. This is our right to protest when our leaders, and our government are making moves we think people should be looking into, and be more aware of. Until people worldwide began putting up these images, the President seemed to have this fanatical fan support system, he was going to fix everything, he could do no wrong… but all politicians are capable of corruption. It's important to remember, Obama, IS a politician. Also important to remember: Obama isn't the devil himself, but the pretty packaging marketed to us by the worst of the worst, the most corrupt of corrupt, & most evil of evil to sell us so easily on their own plans so there's no protest. Important for American's to research all unelected, newly appointed Czars in the U.S. These people will be deciding your fates on so many issues. Also point to bring up, We have a social health care system in Europe… but what so many die-hard American social health care supporters need to research is the major drawbacks invovled… it isn't free… not at all. We pay loads in taxes each pay period that equal, or surpass what most Americans pay to insurance companies for monthly co-pays or premiums (depending on whether your employer matches the payment), plus we pay co-pays between 10-50 euro each doctor visit, and another 10-50 euro for our meds… great not seeing a doctor bill later for sure… but not free, and completely mandatory that we must pay into it. (no longer a choice) you also have to factor in that the government will now control what type of health care you'll receive. I went to my doctor with pneumonia (mild) last February, and he gave me one ibuprofen for my fever (you can't get anything not homeopathic over-the-counter here) and told me to sleep it off. It would have been very nice during those two painful weeks to have had some anitbiotics. Then of course, there's the taxing the "rich" issue, where regular small business owners get totally screwed, (like a family member of me who has a post-construction company in the U.S.) and he already only made for himself around $10-12 per hour worth of pay, paying all his employees and business expenses first…but with the economy what it is, and what he will be having to pay on his "Rich" tax next year, he will surely lose his business completely, and all 9 of his employees will lose their jobs with him. In Germany, we are well aware of what Socialism (Communism) looks like, and we have learned to see it coming from far away.
    Graffiti-style, pictures are always made for politicians & leaders, it's our way to make people walking by on the street, stop, and think, and not always believe what the media tells you, but to research the facts for yourself. People were making these protests in ancient Rome, and we'll be making them until the world ends. I wish the point weren't getting lost in the pathetic attempts to make it a race issue.

  6. allen the true says:


  7. theMage says:


    Just because the MSM doesn't cover the Republican alternatives does not mean they do not exist. The protest represented by the posters is how the liberal democrats are force feeding the US with a "my way or the highway" attitude.

    Republicans with specific alternatives?

    Paul Ryan (WI), Dave Camp (MI), Tom Coburn (OK), Richard Burr (NC), Devin Nunes (CA). Now most of their ideas would not require the US to borrow to fund and they would not create a new govt. burocracy. Maybe that's why it does not seem to be in any of the liberal blogs or main stream media…

  8. Michael Mason says:

    Mr. Tarlow,

    I curious as to whether or not you were equally offended by the pictures of President Bush's face on the body of a monkey? I doubt it. I'm no fan of Bush, but I'm more insulted by the Democrats who pretend to be offended when the right wing uses the same propaganda strategies they learned from the left. Some of us have read the proposed health care plans and simply don't like them. Obviously hard for you to comprehend. Rather than address our differences on policy issues you would rather censor this artists freedom of expression and accuse your opponents of being illiterate. Have you read the proposed bills?

  9. F.A.S. says:

    While President Obama is working so hard to uncover prolific ways to provide health care to all, the grand old party and those like them are out to terrorize his good deeds. They are even willing to put in $1 million, not to find another solution that would be compatible with demand, but for the only reason to get the general public to oppose any health care reform motion. Period. And now we have appalling statements like the Obama Joker Poster. Clearly this is getting way out of line. Instead of barking and bickering over petty findings, why don't they come up with a better solution? They continue to rant about how damaging the proposed reform will be and yet have not taken the initiative to offer an idea of a better approach. But that's exactly what the problem is. They are so quick to jump to conclusions and are easily blinded by clouds of hate and fury. If they could only take the time to digest the possibilities, they would make better judgments for a better tomorrow.

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