Norman LeBoon charged with threatening Rep. Eric Cantor

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File photo for Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor. Now that Norman LeBoon is in custody, he can spend more time worrying about health care reform.

Rep. Eric Cantor and family were threatened by Norman LeBoon with a "final Yom Kippur." (Photo: Wikipedia)

Norman LeBoon called Rep. Eric Cantor “my Congressman,” even though the Philadelphia resident lived nowhere near the office of the Virginia Congressman. However, his hate-filled YouTube message to the politician was considered a threat upon Cantor’s life; it prompted the U.S. Attorney’s office in Philadelphia to charge LeBoon with two criminal counts. LeBoon is now being held without bail, so instant money can’t spring him from jail. According to the Philadelphia Star, the law became involved when Norman LeBoon’s anti-Eric Cantor video was seen by a San Francisco resident, who in turn reported it to the FBI.

Norman LeBoon may have had nothing to do with gunshots at Cantor’s office

What is clear is that Norman LeBoon’s video bears threats to Eric Cantor and his family. It mentions a “final Yom Kippur.” Luckily, as Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Reed told the Star, neither Eric Cantor nor his family was harmed. The shots fired at Cantor’s Virginia district office – the ones believed to have been fired in protest of the health care reform issue – have not been connected to Norman LeBoon at this time.

The messiah has a history of mental illness

As mentioned previously, Norman LeBoon is being held without bail. He is believed to be a flight risk and a danger to others. Reed told the media that LeBoon, who calls himself a “messiah” and “the son of the God of Enoch” in his YouTube videos, has a history of mental illness and will undergo psychiatric evaluation. He also has a prior arrest involving terrorist threats, assault and reckless endangerment of his roommate. That case is still open. Currently, the divorced father of two gets money now from disability.

More on the final Yom Kippur

Norman LeBoon clearly feels that Eric Cantor has a lot for which he must make atonement. In one of many rambling YouTube videos, LeBoon says, “Remember, Eric . . . our judgment time, the final Yom Kippur, has been given.” He refers to the Virginia Congressman by such colorful terms as “Lucifer,” “pig” and “abomination.”

It would seem that if Norman LeBoon were indeed a messiah, he would have been able to predict that posting such a video on a public video site would lead to the end of his ministry.

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