Nissan recall due to brake, fuel gauge trouble

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NissanWhat’s this? Now there’s a Nissan recall in the works? Let’s just call it a crackdown by transportation authorities at this point – on big automakers and their suppliers. Shake the recall tree and see what falls out. Big auto financing outlets have felt the sting of the recession, but there are always better options out there. This Nissan recall has come due to issues with brake pedals and fuel gauges. The Street reports that the total number of cars affected will be around 540,000 – small compared to what we now know to be an 8,000,000-vehicle recall over sticking gas pedals by Toyota.

Toyota recallHonda recallGM recall… Nissan recall… will Ford be next?

Who can say, but they all do seem to be falling like dominoes lately. The most immediate safety concern covered by the Nissan recall involves a brake-pin that can “partially come loose and cause a loss of normal braking ability,” The Street reports. The following vehicles from the years 2008 through 2010 fall under the scope of the Nissan recall:

  • Nissan Titan pickups
  • Infiniti QX56
  • Nissan Armada SUV
  • Nissan Quest minivans

According to Nissan, no injuries or accidents have been reported that related directly to this most recent Nissan recall.

Are we out of gas or what?

A faulty fuel gauge could certainly be inconvenient, but in most cases it would not place a driver in physical danger. While specific information regarding the exact problem with certain Nissan fuel gauges has not been made specific, it is known that Nissan plans to fix the problem. Vehicles in the Nissan recall with fuel gauge issues include the following cars from 2005 through 2008:

  • Nissan Titan
  • Nissan Armada
  • Infiniti QX56
  • Some Nissan Frontier pickups
  • Some Nissan Pathfinder and Xterra SUVs

According to The Street, “Nissan shares were shedding 14 cents or 0.9 percent, to $15.86 in recent trading.” That is certainly not a welcome sight for the automaker, but it could definitely be worse. It is unclear whether the automaker is currently in need of credit counseling along the lines of GM, the bailout king of American carmakers.

What should you do if your Nissan or Infiniti is affected by the Nissan recall?

Contact Nissan Consumer Affairs via their Web site or call (800) NISSAN-1, or (800) 647-7261. If for some reason you need the department’s mailing address it is P.O. Box 685003, Franklin TN 37068-5003.

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