Verizon, Sprint snub Nexus One | Is Google phone a failure?

A giant working model of the nexus one phone at a trade show

The Nexus One Sprint Verizon rejection may be the end of the Google Android phone that apparently is too big for any pocket or purse. Flickr photo.

Nexus One, Google’s overhyped Android phone, is making headlines these days for all the wrong reasons. Verizon was the first to prick the Nexus One bubble when it announced last month it wouldn’t make the Nexus One available. The Sprint and Nexus One pairing vaporized earlier this week. Sprint axed Nexus One after previously saying it would carry the device. Depending on who is talking, Verizon and Sprint snubbing Nexus One is either one of technology’s greatest failures, or a trivial misstep that doesn’t really matter.

Google web store Nexus One

The Nexus One failure, at first blush, seems obvious. Google wanted to limit availability of the Nexus one exclusively to Google’s web store. As reported on eWeek, Some experts do think the Google web store Nexus One model is clear evidence that carriers aren’t interested in supporting a device that can’t sell in their own retail stores. Other experts think that the Nexus One was simply eclipsed by better Android phones.

Nexus One Sprint

Things were looking up for Google web store Nexus One sales just a few months ago. PC World reports that In mid-March, Sprint announced that it would carry a CDMA version of Google’s Nexus One  sometime later this year. Monday Sprint dropped Nexus One.  Sprint said  it would support the the upcoming HTC EVO 4G Android phone instead. Sprint may have chosen the the HTC EVO 4G because it has a larger display than the Nexus One, runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network and also features the HTC Sense UI. The fact that you couldn’t use your online cash advance to buy  a Nexus One from Sprint probably didn’t help.

Nexus One Verizon

The Nexus One/Verizon deal flopped thanks to the HTC Incredible Android phone. The Incredible has about the same specs as the Google Nexus One. Also like the Nexus One, the Incredible runs Android 2.1. The biggest difference between the two devices? The Droid Incredible runs HTC’s revised Sense UI. reports that the newer version of Sense makes using the Android platform a seamless and much more enjoyable experience.

Nexus One’s Android advantage

Everybody likes a winner, and even before the Sprint and Verizon defections, the Nexus One reputation suffered from initial 3G connectivity bugs and low sales figures. PC World said that the sole remaining advantage Nexus One has over Incredible and EVO is its direct tie to Google’s speedy OS update process. On the HTC Sense UI, a manufacturer-altered versions of Android, updates can take months to reach users.

Android thriving without Nexus One

Is Nexus One a failure? As it turns out, some analysts think the device had run its course and Google is better off without the Nexus One. After its humiliating rejection by major carriers, the Nexus One may be done. But its rivals all run on Android, which is just fine with Google. And all the media commotion about smartphone competition, of all things, has raised the profile of Android to the point that Android phones actually outsold Apple’s iPhone last month.

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