New York UFO sightings were likely balloons

Flying saucer

The New York UFO sightings weren't flying saucers, and neither is the cooling tank in this photo. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Reports are beginning to emerge of a New York UFO sighting. It seems that some unidentified objects appeared over New York City on Wednesday. Almost immediately, New Yorkers took to Twitter and began tweeting about the UFO in New York City skies. Balloons can be mistaken easily for flying saucers, if seen at the right angle and with the right reflection. Reports of China UFO sightings have been rampant as well.

New York UFO sighting likely balloons

Around midday Wednesday, some New Yorkers began seeing multiple flying objects that were reported as a UFO NYC sighting. Twitter exploded with claims of a UFO over New York City, according to the Huffington Post. However, not every New Yorker was buying it. Almost as soon as claims of a UFO in NYC came out, so did the explanation that what people saw was a raft of large balloons that appeared silver in color. Video of the events in question only reveals tiny silver objects floating far away. Balloons with a silver tint can easily appear metallic with glare from sunlight. Making the imaginative leap to visitors from another world isn’t too difficult, either.

UFO China sightings

Over the past year, several UFO sightings have occurred in China. An unidentified flying object closed several airports over the summer. The most recent sighting occurred a few weeks ago. A flight into Baotou, Inner Mongolia, reported seeing something in the air that air traffic control observed on radar. The airport rerouted flights for more than an hour before the object left. It wasn’t the only report of a UFO over China during the summer. Xioashan Airport closed temporarily in July under similar circumstances.

Prediction coming true?

It’s worth noting that retired Air Force officer Stanley Fulham, according to Yahoo News, released a book online, titled “Challenges of Change” in September. The book predicts that extra terrestrials would make their presence known on Oct. 13, 2010, when the U.S. would see UFO displays over its “principal cities.” The book is available on Fulham’s website.


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