New Year good luck food | 7 things to eat for good luck


Green vegetables, such as kale, are usually eaten as a good luck New Year food because they resemble money. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The New Year is a time to invite good luck to start out the year well. Good luck foods for New Year celebrations are a tradition around the world. Foods to eat for good luck may have social, historical, or religious significance — but blending traditions for your good luck feast could make for a tasty new year.

1 – Good Luck Food New Year – Noodles

In many Asian cultures, noodles are considered a New Year good luck food because they symbolize a long life. Try rice noodles for a traditional taste; or combine 4 large eggs with about 3 1/2 cups flour and 1 teaspoon salt for fresh pasta.

2 – Cabbage and greens as good luck food for New Year’s

Everywhere from the southern U.S. to Germany and Ireland, green vegetables are a good luck food. Try blending 1/2 pound chopped kale with 1/2 cup olive oil, and 3 cloves garlic for a kale pesto – a new twist on New Years good luck greens.

3- Legumes and lentils for good luck

In the southern U.S., it’s black-eyed peas, in Italy, it’s green lentils, in Germany, it’s split pea soup. In just about every culture, legumes are considered a new year good luck food because they store well, are incredibly healthy, and resemble coins that swell when cooked — symbolizing an increase of wealth.

4- Seafood for New Year good luck

It could be long-stored cod, pickled herring, or red roe — but seafood is considered a good luck food for New Years, because it has historically been a cheap source of protein.

5- Pomegranates for good luck

They grow in large bunches and are red, the color of good luck, so pomegranates are often eaten as a New Year good luck food.

6- Pork for New Year good luck

Eating pork as a good luck food on the New Year has a long history in many European and Spanish countries. Pork is considered New Year’s good luck food because it is very rich, and symbolizes prosperity.

7 – Dessert as a New Year good luck food

One thing that is standard across almost every culture, religion, and historical record is that sweets are great for celebration and for good luck. Be it a pastry cream filled king cake or deep fried and sugar-dusted dough, sweetness and sugar help symbolize a sweet new year.

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