How to find a cheap couch or love seat

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It's easy to replace a couch or love seat for very cheap, if someone takes the right shortcuts. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Every now and again, people do have to buy new furniture. For some it is not always the most pleasant experience, but there are some ways to make it easier and a lot lighter on the wallet. There are a few excellent places to look for great deals.

Replacing a couch or love seat

Replacing furniture and appliances is part of every day life, and for some it can be a somewhat unpleasant experience. Replacing living room furniture such as a recliner, a couch or love seat can also be expensive. New furniture can cost hundreds of dollars, and financing can be risky. However, there are some ways to find a great deal on home furnishings if a person is determined enough.

Be all right with used furniture

When putting together a living room on a budget, the fact may be that there is not a new piece in the right price range. Therefore, a person has to be willing to buy used furniture. Used furniture does not automatically mean lower quality. There are plenty of well maintained used sofas, recliners, love seats, coffee tables and other furniture out there, one must simply be willing to look. Here are some great starting points.

  • Craigslist – look for picture ads, as Craigslist ads can run from awful to amazing.
  • Garage sales – look for garage sales put on by housing communities, especially the kind where a home owners association only allows them now and again.
  • “Ding and dent” stores – furniture and appliance stores have their slightly damaged goods resold for them, at discounts up to 50 percent off or more.
  • Call furniture and appliance stores directly – ask about dinged and dented pieces, and try to negotiate a bargain. It could be easier than one might think.

Rent to own and financing

Going the rent-to-own route or financing through a furniture store might not be the best choice. Rent to own stores mark their furniture up, and consumers in the end pay more than retail. Financing furniture through a store usually means a no interest period before the balance is due, but if whatever is not paid off has the interest assessed automatically.

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