First Generation Nap Nanny products recalled by CPSC

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission and company Baby Matters have recalled the first generation of Nap Nanny products. One death has been attributed to a Nap Nanny, but in that case the product was being used incorrectly. Baby Matters has offered an $80 coupon for the purchase of a new Nap Nanny to anyone who has a first-generation Nap Nanny.

The Baby Matters Nap Nanny

The Baby Matters Nap Nanny is a foam product intended to help restless and fussy babies sleep. Intended to re-create the position of a car seat, the Nap Nanny has a three-point harness. The harness is what is at issue in this recall; when used incorrectly, the harness does not hold the baby in place. First-generation Nap Nanny products do not have a D-ring to hold the Velcro harnesses in place. Only those without the D-ring are included in the recall.

What to do if you have the Nap Nanny

If you do have a Nap Nanny, your reaction to the recall depends on which product you have. If you purchased your Nap Nanny between January 2009 and July 2010, you most likely have a first-generation product. Call the Baby Matters company at 888-240-4282 to get a coupon for $ 80 (about 61 percent of the purchase price) off a new Nap Nanny. If you have a second-generation Nap Nanny with D-rings, visit the Nap Nanny website to watch a video on how to properly use the Nap Nanny.

Consumer Product Safety Commission under fire

The recall of Nap Nanny sleeping pads is just the latest in a long line of baby-product recalls. In the last year, the CPSC has recalled pacifiers, drop-side cribs, toys, booster seats, cradles and more. In 2008, Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which asked for standards to be set for baby gear. The CPSC has set standards for baby walkers and bath seats. Crib standards are forthcoming, and standards for other products are on the schedule. The CPSC has a serious problem: not much staff, but the responsibility for every product on the market.



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