Mosque at Ground Zero approved by NYC community board

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 By

Construction site where the Twin Towers once stood in New York City, prior to September 11. A mosque at Ground Zero has been approved for construction.

Soon, there will be a mosque at Ground Zero in New York City. (Photo: Picasa)

Since the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement first announced they wanted to finance a mosque at 9/11 Ground Zero, the outpouring of emotion from the people of New York City and beyond has been tremendous. While some view building an Islamic mosque on the site of a national tragedy as a needed gesture of religious tolerance, others believe that doing so is an affront to those who died at the hands of orthodox Islamic operatives whose holy book advocates killing non-believers. Regardless of the objective truth – if such a thing exists – construction of the mosque at Ground Zero is set to commence, according to Associated Press reports.

Manhattan Community Board 1 says yes to Mosque at Ground Zero

The AP reports that a New York City community board voted 29-to-1 in favor of the Cordoba House mosque at Ground Zero building project. Ten members of the board abstained. While the vote by the Manhattan Community Board 1 wasn’t required for the project to move forward, it is widely viewed as being essential to obtaining the support of New York City residents. Construction should take three to five years and possibly require installment loans, sources indicate. There is a nearby building that may receive landmark status, however. That could delay the project.

‘A seed of peace’

Board member Rob Townley said the motion planted a seed of peace. “We believe that this is a significant step in the Muslim community to counteract the hate and fanaticism in the minority of the community,” he told the Associated Press.

The board meeting was anything but peaceful. Opponents yelled at various speakers, claiming the project was being built over a “Christian cemetery” and that the board should “show respect for 3,000,” referring to those who died there on 9/11. According to various sources, many of the opponents were not opposed to the construction of a mosque in general – just a mosque at Ground Zero.

Establishing an inclusive facility

The founders of the mosque at Ground Zero project told the press they are seeking to build a “vibrant and inclusive world-class facility” that would include a “performing arts center, swimming pool, culinary school, child care facilities and worship space,” according to AP reports. Cordoba House would also provide New York City with 150 full-time and 500 part-time jobs, not to mention a $100 million-plus infrastructure investment for the city, said Cordoba House spokeswoman Daisy Khan.

Not a recruiting ground for terrorists

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, executive director of the Cordoba Initiative, made a point of saying that the group fully condemns the activities of terrorists on 9/11, and that the Cordoba House will strive to ensure that the mosque is not a center of hate. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the media that there are no security concerns that would impact the mosque at Ground Zero project.



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  1. australian says:

    in the most simple terms. 'America, NYC, Where in the world is your pride and respect for your people'? i am happy that I don't live in America right now because that planning of that building would upset me.

  2. Heywood says:

    Who the hell are the idiots who passed this? Some pretty big fools in NYC. Islamic people bomb your city, kill your people and you want to let them build a mosque on the site. What kind of bribery went on here? See what losers we have even at a city level of government. No wonder we're in our current position in this country. Look at the leadership. Morons throughout.

  3. Ben says:

    A national study conducted by asked about American opinions regarding plans to build a mosque and Islamic community center near “Ground Zero” of the World Trade Center attacks. Results found that Republicans were the least favorable of plans to build the mosque, with the majority of Republicans (63%) reporting that it was “not at all appropriate.” Also, 37% of Democrats and 39% of Independents indicated that the plans were “not at all inappropriate.” The majority of all political parties reported that it was disrespectful to the victims of the World Trade Center attacks to build a mosque near ground zero. More results can be seen at…

  4. Dontwanttobebeheaded says:

    This is beyond outrageous. Muslims want to mark the territory where they murdered almost 3,000 infidels. For 13 centuries they have done exactly that. We stupid Americans are being "tolerant" while the Islamic cancer is spreading and laughing at us. That mosque will also be a celebration of poverty, ignorance, violence, repression of human rights and contempt for women, which are all traits ne can find in all Muslim societies.

    • shak says:

      > Dontwanttobebeheaded. Muslim did not murder the 3,000 ppl on 9/11. I invite you to ready the Holy Quaran and understand what it says. First of all, Islam discourage killing ppl even if they are bad ppl. We are nobody to judge anyone and punish anyone. If you hate someone and kill him/her, then you don't belong to Islam (period). All the human being are created by the allmighty God. We might have different opinions about religious and God, but it's no doubt that he is the only one. referring to what you said, yes I belive Americans are stupid. I think they should get involved in politics and what their government do abroad. They interfere in other business and kill 100s of ppl everyday. The americans are too busy watching games, drinking, vacations, hard work, etc. I think Americans are great ppl with big heart. But their government are making a mess everywhere in the world which they paid for it and will be paying for it unless they stop. Just check how many civilians they killed in other countries including infants. I love America and I am a muslim. I will protect this country under any circumstances. I SWEAR. Even if it is Chirtian, jew or a MUSLIM.

  5. Markos Apostolos says:

    The Muslims are planning to invade the US from within. They got approval from the New York City Mayor "Michael Bloomberg" and the official New York community to build a large Islamic complex and Mosque over ground zero. This is to worship Muhamed and to insight hatred of Christians and Jews and to organize mass murder from within the US. Muslims are advancing a bit by bit they start small and spread like locusts. They hit and run. They use mosques in Israel to launch rocket attacks against civilians. They will use the Mosque to show their contempt to the victims of 9-11. Islam Holy Book "The Quran" in the Repentance Surah Verse 29 states: "Fight who do not believe in ALLAH AND HIS PROPHET FROM THE PEOPLE OF THE BOOK "CHRISTIANS AND JEWS" UNTIL THEY PAY THE JIZIAH (MONEY TO RANSOM THEMSELVES) WITH WILLING SUBMISSION, AND FEEL THEMSELVES SUBDUED. Muslims are commanded to fight and kill Christians and Jews according to the Quran. so allow them to build the Mosque so that they teach more of them to go ahead and execute mass murder..WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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