Mosque at Ground Zero | Plans and rumors of the Cordoba House

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Muslim prayer rug and a man in socks

Plans for the Cordoba House - a community center that will include a mosque - at Ground Zero have unleashed a flood of emotion. Image from Flickr.

There are plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero, and emotions are running high on both sides of this plan. The planned Cordoba House will be a 15-story community center that includes a mosque. Funded with payday advances from the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement, the community center was first announced at a Lower Manhattan Community Board meeting this week.

Mosque at Ground Zero a part of a community building

The plans for a mosque at Ground Zero are not for a purely religious building. Instead, the Cordoba House project will include a performance art center, gymnasium, swimming pool and prayer space. The planned space for the community center and mosque at Ground Zero is the former Burlington Coat Factory building, between West Broadway and Park Place.

Detailed plans for mosque at Ground Zero

The Cordoba Initiative estimates that the community center and mosque at Ground Zero will cost about $100 million. The building would be funded by the Initiative, the American Society for Muslim Advancement and donations. The land for the Cordoba House is already owned by the Cordoba Initiative and does not involve any zoning changes. Even though the building does not require approval by the Community Board, the Initiative chose to discuss the plans at the Community Board Meeting voluntarily. The Cordoba House would be open to all and would aim to help promote Muslim-American understanding through offering needed community services.

Rumors about the mosque at Ground Zero

There have been many rumors flying about the possibility of a mosque at Ground Zero. One rumor states that the building is planned to open on Sept. 11, 2011 (the 10-year anniversary of the attacks). However, the Cordoba House will take between three and five years to build after funding is secured. Groundbreaking for the building may happen soon, but no solid plans for a date have been set. The building will be more than a mosque at ground zero; it will offer community services that are lacking in the mostly business oriented area.

Reactions to the mosque at Ground Zero

The reactions to the community center and mosque at Ground Zero have been understandably mixed. Some friends and family of September 11 victims are decrying the plans as “hypocritical and sacrilegious.” Other New Yorkers, already shaky from recent attempted attacks, are calling the plan “dangerous.” At the same time, other friends and family highlight that 10 percent of the victims of the September 11 attacks were American Muslims. Muslim community leaders respond by pointing out that religious extremists do not represent the feelings or actions of most American Muslims and are just that – extremists. So what do you think? Is this community center an insult or an effort at religious tolerance?


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  1. Southern Quaker says:

    There are no plans to build a mosque at Ground Zero. There are plans to build a Muslim community center on private property 1/2 mile away from Ground Zero.

    • Starlow says:

      Southern Quaker, maybe that's different, maybe it isn't. Is a church a church because it is designated as such, or because people take part in worship there?

      • maryrice says:

        The Cordoba House, as plans currently stand, will contain a mosque. Much like community centers run by many other religious groups, though, the church will be a small part of the overall center that is open to everyone.

    • Zorba says:

      There is already a mosque at the site. 70% of americans are opposed to the Cordoba project. If the imam claims it will be a tribute to the victims and symbol of friendship between Muslim countries and US then why does he not consider the thousands of americans who are against it? Doesn't tolerance work both ways? Why do we have to be tolerant if they are showing none? After the London subway bombings the Muslims wanted to build a mosque near the site. The Brits protested and it was not allowed. History shows that Muslims build large Mosques close to the sites of their victories over the infedels in allah's name.Don't let it happen at ground zero. Oh excuse me, two blocks away from ground zero. Same thing!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ann Carter says:

    I have a funny feeling about this idea. How about a non denomination building for all to enjoy. All we need is love for everyone. We need to come together in simple harmony. Remember our young boys are fighting for freedom and the american dream. This is America people!

  3. Dorothy Bourgo says:

    I think it should be something absolutely neutral….nothing religious attached, neither mosque or church. It should be something totally American. There may be Muslims here who are citizens but aren't they supposed to be 'typically American now?'

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