Molly Wei is innocent in Rutgers suicide case, say her lawyers

Statue of a robed figure carrying the scales of justice.

Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi face the scales of justice in the Rutgers suicide case. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Kristen Taddei/Picasa)

The recent horrific case of the Rutgers University student suicide continues to catch the attention of the media as the New Jersey campus mourns the loss of a sensitive, artistic classmate. According to the Associated Press, the lawyers representing Molly Wei – she and fellow student Dharun Ravi are alleged to have pushed a fellow classmate into suicide by webcasting the deceased student’s private homosexual encounter – is professing the 18-year-old freshman’s innocence. Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei have been charged by prosecutors with invasion of privacy for allegedly filming the student without his knowledge or consent.

Molly Wei and Dharun Ravi may be charged with a hate crime

Molly Wei’s attorneys have issued a statement of sympathy to the family of the deceased, but maintain their client’s innocence. The AP notes that the attorneys’ statement makes the case that Molly Wei’s “remarkable reputation is being unjustly tarnished by uninformed and incorrect assumptions” and that Wei is being maligned by unjustified character attacks. Neither Ravi, Wei nor their representatives have commented on the possibility that they may be charged with a hate crime.

Ravi and Wei could face five years in jail

Invasion of privacy charges would carry up to five years in prison if Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei are convicted. The Middlesex County prosecutor’s office told the AP that movement on potential hate crime charges is uncertain at this time. Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan delineated that his office needs to determine the facts and evaluate whether there’s an applicable law.

Amid talk of hate, compassion

The Clementi family members have shown mildness and restraint while mourning for their lost son. In a media statement released last week, the Clementis stated that while the legal matters surrounding their family tragedy are important, what is most significant to them is to remain civil and decent.

“Our hope is that our family’s personal tragedy will serve as a call for compassion, empathy and human dignity,” writes the Clementi family.


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