Modest Needs Foundation Helps Americans in Tough Times

Modest Needs Foundation verifies need

Dont let your fellow Americans end up on the streets.

Don't let your fellow Americans end up on the streets.

I’m sure, at some time or another, everyone has felt badly for a person on the street asking for money. Maybe you even gave that person the change in your pocket. Usually, though, when handing out money to strangers, the person who gives the money is left wondering what the stranger will do with it. That’s where the Modest Needs Foundation comes in.

What if you knew your spare change was going toward someone who really needed it? Someone who would use it for something important? If a trusted neighbor told you he just needed $5 in order to get by, would you help him? The Modest Needs Foundation collects applications from people who just need a little extra cash to get through a rough time. The Modest Needs Foundation web site promises that “Client Advocacy Specialists have performed extensive due diligence” on every application for short-term financial help.

Examples of Modest Needs Foundation clients

Almost anyone who has a job can qualify for limited credit check payday loans and get short-term financial help. But not everyone has the means to pay it back with so many people unemployed. Many of the consumers at Modest Needs Foundation need help with medical expenses, a month’s rent or car repairs.

Modest Needs Foundation consumers can only get one-time help. One consumer, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, is asking for help to buy a bed. Another says he is out of money after paying for his son’s surgery and now doesn’t have any cash to fix his truck. Though there are just a few sentences about each consumer, Modest Needs Foundation requires documentation showing the consumer needs money, so donors can be reassured that their donations are going to a good cause.

Small donations are a big help

Many people believe that unless they give hundreds of dollars to charity, it won’t make a difference. However, Modest Needs Foundation has story after story about families and individuals who have received help through several small donations. Most Modest Needs Foundation consumers need less than $1,000, and when people start to give, donations add up fast.

You might not have enough to fulfill a person’s application or donate hundreds of dollars, but if you have money to go out for coffee, that money could be put to better use. If you’ve got enough to pay your rent and buy groceries and heat your home, you probably have just a few dollars left over after that. Even $5 can make a difference.

Inspiring stories at Modest Needs Foundation

At you can read through stories of people who have received help already through Modest Needs Foundation. You can also read about the approved consumers who are seeking help and could use your extra pocket change for shelter, medical bills, beds and other short-term expenses. Make sure you check out the Modest Needs Foundation web site. Here’s an excerpt:

Because Modest Needs has earned the highest possible charity ratings from both Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance, you can give with confidence, knowing that we won’t abuse your kindness.

But more importantly, together, we can make sure that no hard-working person is ever forced to choose between taking a child to the doctor and putting food on the table.

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