Marketing Your Home Business

Creating or Recreating Your Home Business

Whether you are creating a brand new, home-based business or recreating it to make a fresh start or help with debt relief, there is always a lot of work to do. You need to do market research to see how your product or service will be received by the public.

There are a number of ways to do this, including telephone surveys or paper surveys. However, these tactics are becoming somewhat outdated, and they are time consuming considering the amount of response that is received. Taking this to the internet is a better idea.

Beginner’s Websites

Just putting a business online is a little more difficult than fixing an already existing one, especially if you don’t know how to create a web site. You can obtain free web site templates through WordPress from sites like, or you can purchase them and receive backup support included with the cost.

These come with instructions and tutorials to help. Web sites such as supply you with all the information you need to create your web site, or you can hire inexpensive help from freelancer web sites such as

Business Blogs

If your business is based online, you already have a web site, but creating a blog to go along with it will drive more traffic to your site. Using search engine optimization to do this targets the specific market you want to draw to your site and blog. If you create fresh content for your blog every week that uses appropriate keywords with tags and titles, you can improve the traffic flow to your blog and potentially to your site.

Using Social Networking

If your business is based on the internet or you have just created a web site for your home based business, social network forums are a great tool. The most common ones right now are Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. All of these huge social networks create connections between people.

For a company, it is an opportunity to reach millions of people. To give you an example of how widely these are used, there are 14 million visitors to Twitter per month, and only half are actually registered users. By the end of this year, the number of registered users is expected to rise to 12 million.

Article Submissions

To direct more traffic to your site or blog, you can submit articles to directories. That way, people who have searched under a certain topic and have found these pieces will see them. The articles must be interesting and unique to keep the reader’s interest and entice them to visit your web site. You must be careful in the directories that you choose to submit articles to.

When you peruse the internet, you will find companies that promise 12,000 submissions, but not all of these will actually render you any benefit. There is more advantage to submitting articles to 500 directories that have thousands of visitors, then 12,000 directories that only have 100 viewers. You can find the very top article directories at To find information concerning determining the best directories, you can visit

Link Directories

Link directories are sites where you can post your link, and people who are searching for related items can find it. The same rule applies to these as goes for the article directories. It is important to choose the right ones and to place your link in the right category.

For example, if you are opening a business selling souvenirs, then you can pick your link directory and post your link under gifts. There could be a number of categories to post your link so use your best judgment. The site, has a list of directories that can help the search for the best link directories.

Links and Backlinks

These are created in a number of ways. There are three-way, two-way, and one-way links. The best of these is the one-way or the backlink. This means that a person has placed your link on their site and is recommending your site.

These are created by all of the above categories, and it is a way to dramatically increase the number of visitors to your site. It is also a good idea to have links on your site that lead to professional business or information web sites. This will add credibility to your service and reputation.

Growth in Internet Business Sales

If you can utilize these tools effectively, you will see your home-based business profits increase tremendously. Moving a business to the internet is now the norm. In 2005, there were almost 14 million small businesses online. Since then, these businesses have seen an average of 15 percent increase of sales per year. This means that in the last four years, that home-based business saw a 60 percent increase in sales.

Making Your Dream

Not all businesses have seen this and not all will, but it is certainly more than possible if marketing tools are used correctly. There are millions more businesses on the internet, and they are all trying to get a piece of that profit. It takes excellent marketing strategies to do this, but these tools will help.

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