Be the One Who Snares the Slippery Green Stuff

Be Fishers of Green

When it comes to making money, are you a patient bear… or something more impulsive? (Photo:

When it comes to making money, are you a patient bear… or something more impulsive? (Photo:

It runs through our lives like the glacial rivers transverse the valleys in the northern hemisphere. It has a presence of its own, and in one way or another it is as old as time itself. It fights its way through nationalities and economies like the salmon fight their way up stream to their final resting places. It is cold, fast and slippery, but there are ways to catch it. If money were salmon, from which of the following creatures could we learn the most?

The Patient Bear

The bear is a patient and powerful animal; it looks like it could be a clumsy creature, but it certainly isn’t. When hunting for salmon, bears choose a high-traffic spot that will allow them to pick the salmon off at their leisure. Perhaps this best describes you? Are you hungry for money but won’t rush to find it? As a human, perhaps the bear would analyze which of the markets or niches will be profitable and lay in wait for the right moment to pounce.

The Eagle’s View

The eagle is a majestically formed bird of prey with excellent eyesight. Its claws are sharp and strong. Once it has a hold of something, it won´t let go so easily. It circles rivers and lakes, discarding weak opportunities until it spots the salmon and swoops in with great speed and accuracy to take the prize. Sometimes it is hard to see opportunities when they are all around us. Perhaps if you take a step back and look at the situation from a distance, you will see the clearer picture and be able to make a better-informed decision.

The Persistent Wolf

Wolves are beautiful and honorable creatures. They understand the advantages of teamwork, and since they live in hostile environments, their survival depends upon it. When wolves hunt for salmon, they may not have the dexterity of other creatures, but they are persistent and will eventually grow fat on the food they catch. If you know what you want and you keep trying, you have a much greater chance of finally succeeding than others who are uncertain and give up early.

The Premature Seagull

Since seagulls don’t often come inland and they aren’t the biggest of birds, the salmon they catch are usually very young. Perhaps you have discovered that a way to make money is by finding lots of little methods that all add up. But by the end of the day when you finally have anything of worth, you realize you have worked harder than the average person.

The Hungry Orca

The Orca whale is an extraordinary creature, one that travels the oceans and eats in bulk. It is an intelligent mammal that utilizes its strength and skill to come out on top every time. Do you take chances that pay off more often than not? You have learned that without risk there is no reward and are now in a position to use your money to invest and explore larger money-making avenues. However, the bigger you are, the more you have to eat.

The Wily Angler

Perhaps you are a fisherman. You take time to learn about the marketplace and take careful consideration with the bait you plan to use when the tide returns. With the years you grow experienced and eventually learn the best angles and locations to catch the best fish.

Learn Your Money-Making Style

There are various methods that can be used to become financially successful, and these differ from person to person. If you keep an open mind and are keen to learn, you will eventually ascertain what approach works well for you to enhance your business potential.

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