Lisa Murkowski could beat Joe Miller in Alaska with write-ins

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Lisa Murkowski

Lisa Murkowski could pull off a huge upset on the write in ticket. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

One of the closest watched elections this year is for Alaska Senate, and it looks like Lisa Murkowski could upset Joe Miller. Murkowski lost the Alaska Republican Primary, but vowed not to go down without a fight. Miller has the Tea Party and Sarah Palin endorsements but is nearly level with Murkowski in polls. Palin has slammed Murkowski for not getting out of the way. Should Murkowski win, it will be the first write-in victory in 56 years.

Murkowski could stage historic upset

The Alaska Election 2010 for the open Senate seat has come down to three main candidates. Joe Miller won the Republican primary over Lisa Murkowski, making him the official Republican candidate for the seat. Miller, a political newcomer, has the coveted Sarah Palin endorsement. He is also a Tea Party darling and stands a fairly decent chance at winning. Scott McAdams is the Democratic candidate, and so far has not received nearly the same attention. However, Lisa Murkowski has had a resurgence in polls and has refused to simply walk away. She is running as a write in candidate. However, according to the New York Times, that will present further challenges in the Alaska Election vote counting.

Chance for historic upset

After the Alaska Republican primary, there were some concerns over ethics violations during Miller’s tenure as an attorney for the state. Murkowski, who has been blasted by Sarah Palin in the press, is starting to build momentum, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Should Murkowski win the seat by write in, it will be a very rare victory. The last time a write-in candidate won a Senate election, the candidate was Strom Thurmond. The year was 1954, according to the Washington Post.

Tea Party validation to come

Some Tea Party candidates have emerged as real contenders, though some have also been favorite targets of the press for a multitude of reasons. The real impact of the Tea Party movement will ultimately be decided at the polls.


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