KFC Double Down | Doing away with the bun, again

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KFC Crispy Strips

Add some bacon and cheese to that chicken, and you have KFC's Double Down. Image from Flickr.

Last year, the KFC Double Down sandwich was tested in two markets – and created so much talk that some wondered if it really existed. Well, the truth is out – and KFC stores around the country are going to start carrying the KFC Double Down on April 12th. No word on the pricing structure, though if it were based on calories this sandwich may require instant payday loans no faxing just to try. The KFC Double Down is reported as having 540 calories (460 for the grilled version) and very close to a full day’s sodium.

The KFC Double Down does away with the bun

The idea of the KFC Double Down is pretty basic, and could very well come from the Atkin’s Diet Days. Do away with the bun – and replace it with meat. The KFC Double Down sandwich puts bacon and cheese between two chicken patties. The sandwich sounds incredibly decadent, and is targeted towards “customers that really want to fill up”. The idea isn’t necessarily new to all celiacs, low-carb dieters, and bread-haters, but it seems be creating tons of buzz.

The Caloric load of the KFC Double Down

KFC has reported that the Double Down is going to weigh in at 540 calories per serving for the classic sandwich. For an adult on a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet (which, unless you are watching your calories, you probably aren’t), that is barely over 1/4 of their daily calories. However, the fat, sodium, and cholesterol load of these sandwiches come closer to 60-100% of the recommended daily allowance. Ouch – that’s worse than getting rejected for online payday loans instant approval. This is, of course, assuming that the KFC Double Down estimates are correct.

Doing the math of the Double Down

The Double Down sandwich sounds like a fairly good deal, calorically. However, there are many that question KFC’s Double Down estimates. So let’s do some math. Three of the Colonel’s Cripsy Strips have 400 calories. Assuming that the chicken patties are the approximate weight of one chicken strip each, that’s 267 calories. Two slices of bacon, even sliced very thinly, add about another 100 calories. While KFC has not announced how much cheese in each Double Down, most pictures indicate it is at least four slices of cheese and/or cheese sauce. At an average of 90 calories per slice, that is at least another 360 calories. That means, being generous, the KFC Double Down could be, at a minimum, 727 calories. Still significantly better for you than a Big Mac.


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