Kevin Costner’s oil spill cleanup machine to tackle BP oil leak

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 By

A casual, candid portrait of Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner's oil spill cleanup machine promises to siphon 210,000 gallons of oil from water a day and is being tested on the BP oil leak. Wikimedia Commons photo.

The next project for Kevin Costner is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. Costner and a team of scientists he is funding demonstrated a centrifuge machine to BP oil leak officials Thursday. BP will start testing the Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup machines next week. The gulf oil spill cleanup has been intensifying since an oil rig leased by BP exploded and sank on April 20. A gushing oil geyser on the ocean floor that has poured millions of gallons of crude into the gulf has yet to be capped. The spreading oil slick is fouling the Louisiana shoreline and has entered a current that will carry it to Florida and beyond.

Kevin Costner’s oil spill cleanup machine

The Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup machine was inspired by a past oil spill disaster. Costner said he was deeply affected by the environmental devastation of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which dumped 11 million gallons of crude into Alaska’s Prince William Sound. ABC News reports that Costner  has contributed $15 million — no mere payday cash loan — over the past 15 years to fund a team of scientists developing the technology to clean up massive oil spills. Costner bankrolled a company called Ocean Therapy Solutions, which has created a powerful centrifuge that separates oil from water, stores it in a holding tank and sends the water, 99.9 percent purified, back into the ocean.

Oil spill cleanup ideas pouring in

The Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup machine was demonstrated to BP officials in New Orleans last week. At the time the New Orleans Times-Picayune mocked Costner’s centrifuge in an article, listing it along with a growing number of other ideas people have submitted to a BP oil spill hotline for addressing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. Oil-eating bacteria, bombs and a device that resembles a giant shower curtain are among the 10,000 fixes people have proposed to counter the environmental disaster. The New York Times reports that BP had approved six of Ocean Therapy Solutions’ 32 machines for testing. The giant vacuum-like machines suck oil from water and separate it. Costner will also donate $26 million to the cause.

Is Ocean Therapy the Solution?

BP oil spill officials and Ocean Therapy Solutions are working to determine where to test the Kevin Costner’s oil spill machines. Depending on the results of the tests, the Ocean Therapy Solutions technology could be running within a week. Ocean Therapy Solutions claims the largest machine can separate 210,000 gallons of oil from in one day, which nearly matches the volume of oil that BP and the U.S. Coast Guard have estimated is pouring into the Gulf. Other Scientists have said that the volume of the BP oil leak is as much as 3.4 million gallons a day.

BP oil spill gushes away

The Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup machines are the latest approach in an evolving response to the massive, month long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010. The Associated Press reports that heavy oil is starting to clog Louisiana marshes, while out at sea huge plumes of partly submerged crude have reached the loop current, a powerful stream of ocean water that could transport the BP oil leak to Florida and beyond. BP officials said a procedure called a “top kill” that pumps heavy mud that could possibly plug the BP oil leak will not be ready until next week.

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This post has 15 comments

  1. madmilker says:

    Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. has a better machine.

  2. essiegee says:

    It's not only huge stars and huge companies that are donating to the cause. For instance, (a very small company) is donating all profits from their oil leak-themed tee shirts to Earthshare Gulf Coast Restoration Fund. Donations through them can even be fun and painless.

  3. shanzan says:

    So when more and more oil fills marshe covers beaches and overwhelms all available cleanup haha effort, wont it be a very big fire risk in areas? hmmm

  4. Bo, Chester, Vt says:

    Just an idea….would it be possible to lower another large square containment unit over the spill site? This time the unit would have a large opening on each side and a port for a line to a ship at the top. As the containment unit is lowered the oil under pressure would be allowed to exit the side openings so the unit could be placed. Water, at a controlled temperature, would be injected in through the line from the vessel to control any crystalizing. Then, a suction would be created through the line, drawing liquids up to a proccessor. As the suction is created the side ports of the containment unit would be closed, one at a time, as the pressure decreases due to a continuing increase in suction. At the point that the pressure equalizes the last port would be closed allowing equipment to continue drawing all liquids from the unit to the vessel until such point that only oil is being drawn. Am I way off base??

  5. Kerry Babbage says:

    Such a sad situation, however big marks for Kevin and what he is doing, I wonder where Bill Gates is with his Billions?

    This event along with all the other oil disasters, surely must show the World how inefficient using oil as an energy source is…if it doesn't go into the water and kill our oceans – vital for life, it goes into the atmosphere and pollutes the air we breathe…

    …and for what? Money that people hoard and waste on ridiculous material items…the time it takes to repair these man made natural disasters also make me wonder about the government control…letting companies drill for oil etc. with no real contingency plan in case of accidents?

  6. FASTSTANG says:

    The Russians went to BP about a week into the leak and told them how to stop it. They had a leak just like this one in the North sea. They were able to stop it . What they did was use a very small modified Nucular bomb. They sent it into the oil pipe that broke . It blow it shut . With all this oil going into the Gulf a like Nucular hazard would not compare to the same damage the oil is already doing !!!

  7. Walter Millsap says:

    Hurray for kevin, I work with a similar Vortex technology and I'm quite sure that his new system will work, it's natural physics working in a mechanical form. So give the man his dues for investing in something that will help all of those who live in that Gulf area.He could have just as well put his money in the stock market.

  8. Rick says:

    Sorry Daniel, you can't crimp off the pipe, the leak is at the base of the pipe junction and the blowout preventer. At 150,000PSI it will be hard to cap. Even at 1 mile deep which is a crushing depth, the oil still spews out like crazy.

  9. Rick says:

    I'm sure Rush Limbaugh is going nuts right now. A hollywood liberal helping with the cleanup while the fat radio buddha sits behind his mike.

    • Jade says:

      Haha! That is so funny. And true.

    • Charles says:

      People like Rush do not solve problems, they are not interested in the good of the environment. All they want is to point fingers, make jokes,blame someone (Obama) and get ratings for their shows.The sad fact is they have a following, people who worship every word they say.Being a good American, means solving problems for your country, not wishing, that there are more problems, so you can blame someone for it.

  10. David Dunlap says:

    Three simple solutions seem very reasonable to me:

    1 – Ocean fishermen use nets that are miles long to catch tons of fish. Such strong net material could provide support for a curtain of plastic to contain all or most of the leaking oil so it can be pumped into tanker ships. Such curtains could also be dropped around the large oil plumes so they could be contained and pumped out. There are plenty of Gulf fisherman who could help in this process.

    2 – If nothing else, why aren't there dozens of hoses above the leaks to suck out much of the oil before it spreads. No need for a huge metal funnel/dome/top hat. With enough suction in the right place, much of the oil could be captured around the well and put into tankers. Water and gas could be separated from the oil on site or elsewhere with normal oil/gas/water separation equipment. Why are they working with only one suction pipe that had to be placed into the leaking pipe?

    3 – Back to the original massive frozen metal funnel dome. Seems like warm surface water could be circulated through the dome to avoid creation of the frozen hydrate crytals until the dome is in place. Then the pumps could be reversed to suck the oil. Once the oil and gas begin flowing, their heat and their separation from the cold water should keep the line open just as they would during normal production.

    Even if these solutions don't capture all the oil, the more that can be captured on site, the less there will be to destroy our seas and coasts. On site capture will be vastly cheaper than ocean and coastal clean up and related economic costs. The current situation could very possibly bankrupt BP.

  11. Mr. Estel Mitchell says:

    Estel Mitchell

    Our coastal lines mostly swamp areas need simplified

    idea,like running ropes infront of our marshes. Tying plastic bottles on so

    they hold up mass amount of rags tied off for oil slicks.

    Boat people putting lines out along with others, America can help by giving bottles to the areas needed along with people tying up the lines in needed areas.

    This putts multitude people to work any unites new ideas, like land fills is 66 percent of plastic only 6.8 percent is being recycled.

    All this material after oil spill uses can be processed to new type of roads the old needs.

    Format giving to different govenment levels locally are aware of this new ways.

  12. Daniel Pawlak says:

    Maybe a hydraulic tool could be made to crimp off the 21 inch pipe that is spewing out the oil !

  13. Sal Riccobono says:

    I made a suggestion as to a possible means to help the oil spill catastrophe. I feel confident it is worth looking into. But no one has replied. I’m thinking, maybe it’s not a expensive enough idea to consider. With all the money that’s being lost, I would think an inexpensive idea to help the situation might be worth considering. Oh well, silly me. !!!!!!!

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