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Who’s unpatriotic now?

I do believe the guy who wrote this book, Mathew Honan, created Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition. Image from

I do believe the guy who wrote this book, Mathew Honan, created Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition. Image from

During the eight years of Republican reign that preceded President Barack Obama’s election, fans of President Bush often fought criticism of him by saying that the critic was “unpatriotic,” “anti-American,” you know what I’m talking about.

So liberals got a reputation of being unpatriotic, but my how the tables have turned. The new web site “Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition” shoots back at the Republican representative from South Carolina after his decidedly disrespectful and debatably unpatriotic outburst during the president’s health care speech last night.

Someone started Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition very shortly after Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” while the president was speaking about health care reform, the most important and most expensive issue facing the nation right now.

While Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing condition did become an overnight sensation, the bare-bones site’s creator obviously didn’t need overnight loans to get this text-only, no background site up and running. There are no photos, no headings or borders or any design elements at all, except the underlined, all-caps words in about a 72-point font.

Joe Wilson stole your newspaper

The web site makes ridiculous and obviously false claims such as “Joe Wilson is on your death panel.” They range from silly lines such as “Joe Wilson let his dog poop on your lawn” to more topical ridiculousness like  “Joe Wilson laid off your dad right before his pension kicked in.” At least one claim, though, is simply true: “Joe Wilson yells while adults are talking.”

I get it. The creator of Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition is making ridiculous, false (or at least impossible to prove) and disrespectful claims, just like Joe Wilson did when he yelled “You lie!” at the president. The tag line at says “You dissed America, we’ll dis you right … back.”

I think there is a difference between being disrespectful to the president and “dissing America,” but — damn that site is funny! How can you help but laugh at “Joe Wilson traded the dead batteries in his walkman for the fresh ones in your TV remote“?

The kicker

I have no proof, but given the design aesthetic and undying loyalty to President Obama, I assume that Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition was created by the same man who created “Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle” to promote his book of the same name.

The man’s name is Mathew Honan, and if you spend enough time clicking through laughter-inducing, brief quips such as “Joe Wilson talked on his Blackberry all through your favorite movie” and “Joe Wilson yells Free Bird at concerts,” you’ll find out what the site’s creator really thinks:

“Joe Wilson is an elected official who seems to be using party-line rhetoric as a tool rather than thoughtful debate and is actually hindering real progress in society which is a shame as we’re a smart country and should expect more of the people we elect.”

Watch video: Joe Wilson yells “you lie!” at president

After you’re done reading all the hilarity at Joe Wilson is Your Pre-Existing Condition, check out the moment that tipped off this madness.

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