Odds improve for job search that persists during the holidays

job search during the holidays

Rejecting assumptions about holiday hiring will improve the odds for job seekers with the resolve to succeed. Image; CC I don't know, maybe/Flickr

Contrary to popular belief among most job seekers, a job search during the holidays is not a waste of time. In fact, with much business activity slowing down, the holidays could be the best time to intensify one’s job search. Those who are persistent through the holidays will find less competition and people with more time to consider their qualifications.

Holiday hiring assumptions are wrong

Based on the assumption that companies aren’t hiring, many job seekers mistakenly put off their job search during the holidays. People who buy into that could miss the golden opportunity they’ve been looking for. However, with a lot of people making that assumption, the odds improve for those with the discipline to keep going. According to careercast.com, successful job hunting during the holidays takes perseverance, the mental toughness to shake off holiday blues and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations.

Stoke your holiday spirit with action

Keep your holiday spirit up by taking action during the entire holiday season. Don’t let up on your daily search of the online job boards, classified ads and professional association. Take advantage of escalating holiday activity on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Send holiday cards to people you’ve recently interviewed with. Many companies interview in December for positions starting in the new year. Hiring managers are looking for people who can help them get the jump on next year’s goals.

Take advantage of holiday gatherings

Holiday gatherings are an excellent opportunity to get in front of people who can help you find openings and meet the right people. Bring a simple, elegant business card with a phone number and e-mail address. Job counselors also recommend rehearsing a 30 second introduction that summarizes your situation and your career objectives. Volunteering at a food bank or children’s center can also lead to introductions to people who can help. You can’t expect success every time, but helping others during the holidays will lift your spirits and could lead to a paycheck.


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