Jesse Jackson Jr. says iPad is killing publishing, costing jobs

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Close up of an iPad in a man's hand. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is clearly visible on the touchscreen display.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. owns an iPad but says it destroys jobs. (Photo Credits: Jackson: CC BY-ND/Selmarkblog; CC BY-SA/John.Karakatsanis/Flickr)

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) was for the iPad before he was against it. Just one month ago, Jackson lauded Apple’s groundbreaking tablet as a revolutionary educational tool. On Friday, however, iPad owner Jackson turned around and exclaimed before Congress that the iPad is a dangerous device that is “probably responsible for eliminating thousands of American jobs,” reports the Huffington Post.

The iPad will kill publishing, says Jackson

The recent bankruptcy of Borders Books and the sea change toward textbookless campuses has the junior congressman from Illinois up in arms today, and the iPad is the catalyst.

“What becomes of publishing companies and publishing company jobs?” Jackson asked the House. “What becomes of bookstores and librarians and all of the jobs associated with paper? Well, in the not-too-distant future, such jobs simply won’t exist.”

Jackson also objected to China being the primary production source of iPad parts.

“There is no protection for jobs here in America to ensure that the American people are being put to work.”

Biting the hand that feeds the US

Business Insider points out that Jackson is not considering the wealth the iPad has generated – not only for Apple, but a wide variety of industries. MarketCues suggests that the iPad will prove to be the nexus from which a number of billion-dollar industries could conceivably spring. E-readers and the iPad provide publishers with myriad opportunities to create interactive textbooks while greatly reducing the costs of producing frequent new editions, a boon for students.

Traditional publishing is an old technology in need of evolution, suggests @Craigmod. The lessened environmental impact of digital publishing coupled with convenience and immediacy that e-books provide translates into good will plus e-commerce transactions. More than 65 percent of iPad owners use the device to read e-books, and the iPad generates more than $2 billion in total revenue per quarter, according to Morgan Stanley.

The revolution will be tablet-televised

Publishers must adapt to the revolution and not flip-flop like Jesse Jackson Jr. Amazon already sells more e-books than print books (per late 2010 figures). Similarly, iPad users also support periodicals. According to YUDU Media, iPad users spend as much as 30 times more time on sites like, and via iPad app compared to a desktop computer browser. In fact, sales of the iPad app surpassed the Wired print edition in late 2010.

As the iPad TV ad says, “It’s already a revolution, and it’s only just begun.” Jesse Jackson Jr. may have lost his invitation.



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  1. Preacher says:

    He is an idiot. The printing press put caligraphers out of work, the automobile put horse drawn carriage makers out of work. What does he think progress is? New technology will bring new jobs and processes. Yepp, he’s with Obummer!

  2. Lyndon Girvin says:

    I think his father complained about import cars years ago, how the influx of cheaper cars would kill the U S car industry. Three decades later we know that poor quality and bad deals with autoworker unions killed the U S car industry.

    Mr. Jackson is a dinosaur like his father. I can't wait for technology to replace our elected officials. They no longer provide the best bang for our buck.

  3. Frozzel says:

    Wow this guy just does not have a clue. How many tec jobs has apple created here in the states, ya the ones that actually pay not like thoughs factory jobs. Not to mention developers for all thoughs e-books and news papers, it's the one of America best companys and he slams them for doing well when banks and car companies have failed.

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