Jaycee Lee Dugard, 29, Found After 18 Years

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Abducted at 11, Reappeared at 29

Oceans of time have passed. Oh, to feel that joy of reunion. It is indescribable joy. (Photo: flickr.com)

Oceans of time have passed. Oh, to feel that joy of reunion. It is indescribable joy. (Photo: flickr.com)

When a child or children are abducted, life for a parent comes to a halt. Intense worry and thoughts of horror invade the senses, leaving you wondering why someone would do such a horrible thing to little ones so young and trusting. Innocence is a child’s right, and no creature has the right to take that from them.

You do everything you can think of to aid authorities in the search. You spin frantically from one thought to the next, only to drop from exhaustion once the centrifugal force of your anxiety reaches its terminus. Then it begins again in your dreams.

Needless to say, this is a horrible place for any child or parent to be. But if the clouds finally do roll away and that child reappears like Jaycee Lee Dugard, what can you do but live in that house of elation that has been baking slowly, hidden away in that corner of your heart? A mother-and-child/father-and-child reunion is pure joy. It is a housewarming.

Jaycee Lee Dugard may have returned

The Sacramento Bee reports that Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped at age 11 from her South Lake Tahoe neighborhood, back in 1991. According to the Bee, a 29-year-old woman claiming to be Jaycee Lee Dugard walked into a California Bay Area police station. Based upon telephone conversations with mother Terry, she and Jaycee’s stepfather Carl Probyn believe it is indeed the young woman who was kidnapped 18 years ago. Terry will fly from her home in Riverside, California to the Bay Area to meet with the young woman today. It is unclear whether fast cash loans helped her purchase the round-trip ticket.

The details of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s initial disappearance are both simple and horrifying. She was walking home from school when a sedan pulled up alongside her. A door opened, Jaycee Lee Dugard was pulled inside, and the car sped off. This all happened just a block away from her home. Stepfather Probyn even heard Jaycee’s screams, he says. But Jaycee Lee Dugard was gone. There were a number of false sightings, but all seemed lost.

News conference today

Jaycee Lee Dugard, not long before her 1991 abduction (Photo: websleuths.com)

Jaycee Lee Dugard, not long before her 1991 abduction (Photo: websleuths.com)

The local El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department will hold a press conference to discuss the new details in this previous cold case, according to the Bee.

Jaycee Lee Dugard’s disappearance led to a large-scale manhunt. Notice of her disappearance spread nationwide and prompted one of the largest police investigations in Bay Area history. Web sites like The Charley Project at http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/d/dugard_jaycee.html helped keep the fires alive. Fast cash loans may have even contributed to the continuing campaign to make people aware of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s disappearance.

It will be interesting to hear her tale. However, a family reunited is what is most important in this story.

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