ACORN videographer James O’Keefe arrested by FBI

Bug a senator’s phone, go directly to jail

Back in September of 2009, Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe hit ACORN where it hurts by capturing Baltimore office and New York City office employees on film encouraging people who were clearly transacting in child prostitution to lie to the IRS. Now videographer James O’Keefe is in deep trouble with the FBI. He’s been taken into custody because of his involvement in an attempted shakedown that involved bugging the telephone lines of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. James O’Keefe and three others have been charged with entering a federal property under false pretenses with intent to commit a felony. Your payday loans blogger can find no justification for such action.

His ACORN video made him a darling among talking-head conservatives

This of course means that liberal talking heads were quick to play the entrapment card. There were also claims that the videos were heavily edited to make ACORN appear as guilty as possible, but none of what appeared in the video has been disproven. ACORN filed a civil rights suit against Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe. That suit brought up evidence that they’d been in ACORN offices before and been kicked out… but that doesn’t make a rotten ACORN fresh necessarily, does it?

Sean Hannity defended them

In between bites of Ruth’s Chris porterhouse and self-initiated pats on the back, the vitriolic Sean Hannity offered a sensible defense for James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. He said he’d “break them out of jail” if they were convicted, according to the Examiner. Other conservative media outlets did the same. But let’s see how they react to James O’Keefe’s latest escapade. My guess would be that they’ll air footage of a Joy Behar/Elizabeth Hasselbeck wrestling match before they’d touch James O’Keefe again. If you’re putting money on the Brooklyn girl, you probably won’t need payday loans to recoup your losses. But then again, I’d never encourage gambling.

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