iPhone 4G problems | Apple says it is all your fault

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Apple says iPhone 4G problems are basically "all your fault." Image from Flickr.

The iPhone 4G seems to attract problems. First, the phone was leaked long before Apple wanted it to be. Then, the iPhone 4G problems came in pre-ordering and delivery. Next, white iPhone 4G problems abounded. Now, the final straw – iPhone 4G reception is proving problematic.

iPhone 4G problems: Reception

Though the design of the iPhone 4G is geared toward actually improving the reception of the phone, many users have been discovering a quirk. The steel-band antenna around the iPhone 4G quickly kills all reception if a user touches the bottom-left corner of the phone. Apple’s solution to this problem is simply “just don’t hold the phone that way.” You could also spend money above and beyond the phone, iPhone apps, your data plan and your voice plan to get a case. Either way, the iPhone 4G reception problems appear to be an Apple-admitted design flaw. Perhaps duct tape would fix it?

iPhone 4G problems: Colors

Sure, there isn’t any difference in the technology behind the iPhone 4G black and iPhone 4G white, but there are “manufacturing issues.” The promised iPhone 4G white will not be available for at least a few more weeks, if not months.

iPhone 4G problems: Ordering and delivery

Though the problems with the iPhone 4G ordering and delivery are slowly working themselves out, it has been a long time coming. The promised delivery date for the iPhone 4G was changed several times. First, the online AT&T store crashed. Then, the Apple store shut down orders. Next, the delivery date was pushed back. Even still, some customers were told they had successfully pre-ordered a phone when they hadn’t, and visa versa. Finally, FedEx appeared to have iPhone 4G problems of its own — with delivery happening only sometimes.

iPhone 4G problems to come?

The iPhone 4G problems stem, partially, from the extreme demand for the device. However, there are structural problems that the iPhone 4G has which simply are not being fixed. IPhone 4G reception being killed by how most people hold the phone is a design “feature” that has existed since the last incarnation. Not having reception may be a good thing though — because AT&T’s new data plans are structured in a way that you will be able to download maybe 2 TV episodes before you go over data allowances for the month.

Are you having iPhone 4G problems? How have you fixed them?

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This post has 15 comments

  1. kamal says:

    I have problem in my iphone 4G in update what is salution for it
    please help me

  2. saksham says:

    @denny …. Are u a dumb or what….??!! Why the hell you are making experiments with no conclusions… see better keep your experiments and its results in your pocket… unnecessarily writing without any logic is just weird….!! You boast with your so called masters in EE and surprisingly designing electronics…!!! What is the reason to write these things when no one is interested to know abt you??
    Sometimes you discovers for left or right hand holdings…sometime you make inventions with so called S/W problems…and more to this sometimes your family doesnot feels any issues with IP4… LET US KNOW WHAT YOU EXACTLY NEED TO TELL ALL HERE….??

  3. Maureen says:

    My screen light is constantly on! Is this a problem with the 4G as well or could someone tell me how to turn it off?

  4. PHILLIP says:


  5. Denny says:

    When are you people going to wake up? I have worked with Apple and many other companies before, and I have yet to see any profitable company that really cares about the consumer, other than their image. Apple is not in this business to give anything away for free, and neither is any other business. The government lies and cheats you, the banks cheat you, the utility companies cheat you, the oil companies cheat you, most commercials on TV are either total lies or drastic exaggerations, which in my book is a lie. I have owned many businesses in my lifetime always trying to do good by everyone. I have dealt with Pepsi Cola, Ford, GM, Proctor & Gamble Chemed Corp, and many others. That caused me to go through 3 bankruptcies. Now I deal with utility companies all over the US. From what I have seen the only difference between these companies and the Mafia is that they usually don't kill people, or at least not intentionally. When I was a kid there were something called truth in advertising laws, usury laws that said anyone who charges over 15% interest was violating the law, and the only ones that did were the criminal bookies. We had the Bill Of Rights to protect us with double jeopardy laws, right to privacy laws, right to own a gun, etc. Now almost every one of the BOR laws has been superseded buy case law that makes every one invalid. Today is a a total different world, and is more and more like the wild jungle where the smartest and strongest animal eats the other animals. The only difference between us and the animals is that we are good at pretending to be what we aren't. With my present business with many branches, I can easily see the disappearing of the middle class all over the country. My guess is that we will see the US become more and more like Mexico, The Philippines, etc., where there is very little middle class, a small amount of rich and a lot of people hanging on to the poverty level line. The corporations will more and more control everything we hear see or do, and if we try to get out of our class we will be stomped on. The government will levy more and more taxes to keep you where you are, such as the new federal sales tax, which they are temporarily calling a sin tax, that is in addition to the income tax, the use tax, the state taxes, and at least another 100 taxes that most people don't even know about. The days of prosperity and freedom for the general public are over folks! So I see nothing different with what Apple is doing and has been doing for a very long time. I could even say more and give examples from my business experience, but this is not the place for it, and it would be more like a book that a comment :)

    • Ivan says:

      In that case does anyone know if the lastest iphone 4 maybe have been fix the signal problem?.Very intereshing Denny!!. Do you have a book now? add me to your contacts to talk about apple issues and why not to improve economy in this harsh condition of consuption. email: camilogm2111@hotmail.com.

    • Barbara says:

      BRAVO! You have covered the real problems of today's society! Smart man.

  6. shirley says:

    i waited almost 4 yrs to get a phone that fits my needs an this is what i get come on apple ……..

  7. Denny says:

    One other thing that I have recently noticed is that the reception problem appears not to effect every iPhone. My sister and her husband on the east coast have the new iPhone, and they tell me that they see no signal reduction regardless of how they hold the phone? Truthfully, it is starting to sound more like a software problem than a physical hardware problem, unless they are manufacturing some of them differently. When we say that the signal goes down, we are really saying that the bars on the phone reduce, which could easily be caused by some software problem. The question is how does the interference of the hand holding it play in the scenario.

  8. Pat Thomas says:

    Steve Jobs does not care about customers he just wants our money. The man refuses to respect Human Rights Legislation in Canada and will not make his Accessibility features (Zoom and Voice Over) available on the 3G phone. The technical experts out right lied to me and said the phone was fully accessible. I even emailed good ole Steve who claims to answer every email and have never received a response. Why would he care about reception problems with the 4g. I wonder how much stock prices will plummet when Apple is faced with a Human Rights Complaint with the 3g. Especially since Apple representatives were caught on the news saying that Apple does not charge for Accessibility, it is software and free. Yet the only way to get the feature is to pay even more money for a new phone I don't need or want.

  9. Denny says:

    Sloop, To call someone a moron would relationally require that you say what mistakes the person made. I tried my best to help people with the best information gained from my experiments, while all you did is brag that you are returning the phone, instead of trying to use your brain to solve the problem. Seems that it is easier to simply complain, and call someone a moron than to try to solve the problem.

  10. SLooP says:

    Denny, I suggest you pursue a Ph.D., or better yet, a different field altogether. You are a bona fide moron. This phone sux bootie in many ways, so many in fact I do not wish to discuss. Mine's going up for auction immediately.

  11. michael david says:

    you're an idiot

  12. Denny says:

    Your analysis of the reception problem is incorrect. It has nothing to do with touching the bottom left corner. I have a masters degree in electrical engineering and spent many years designing electronic equipment, and the bottom piece goes all around the bottom, so touching anywhere on the metal piece would give the same results.

    Anyway here is what my guess is as to what is going on. Inside the case there is an antenna or they are using the metal ring around the outside as the antenna. My guess is that it must be inside, because typically touching any antenna would cause some reception problems. I also ran some thick tape around the whole case, which didn't change the reception problem. So my best guess is that the antenna is inside the case.

    What is probably happening is that when you are holding the phone in your left hand, the flesh of your hand covers most of the left side of the case, blocking the signal. But if you are left handed you would hold the phone in your right hand, and when you do that it doesn't affect the reception. This made me curious as to why there was no problem in the older iPhones, and since I have a few I did an experiment. When you hold the older iPhone in your right hand you see the same problem with the older iPhones. It's just that there aren't as many left handed people to complain. My guess is that Apple moved the antenna from the right side of the phone to the left side, and now the majority of the people can see the problem. It is either that or the front camera can see how you are holding the phone, and Apple wants to control how people hold their phone, as well as every other thing in their life :)

  13. Franrose says:

    What kind of solution is that!? I can hear angry iPhone users from a hundred miles away with that response. Apple clearly failed to deliver what they promised, and now a class action lawsuit is underway.

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