iPad engraving and other ways to decorate your geek toys

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Engraving iPad

You can engrave just about anything you want on your iPad -- but how else can you customize? Image: Flickr / matt_gibson / CC-BY

In announcement timed perfectly for the holiday shopping season, Apple will be offering free iPad engraving. This engraving has long been offered on iPods and has proven popular. Plus, there are other options for improving the look of your iPad that go far beyond just two lines of iPad engraving.

Free iPad engraving

When you order an iPad from Apple, you can now get free engraving. The two lines of engraving can say just about anything. The free iPad engraving adds two to three days to the shipping time for your iPad, so you will have to plan ahead. If you want to customize your iPad beyond just a few lines of text, though, there are plenty of other iPad customization options out there.

Steampunk your iPad

With an aesthetic based on wood, brass and all things Victorian, steampunk may seem to be an odd choice for iPad. By combining new technology with an old-style look, though, steampunking your iPad can create a classy aesthetic. iPad charging docks and syncing docks in steampunk style are available all over the web. You can also get steampunk-style leather carrying cases.

Sticker your iPad

Decals and stickers to customize your iPad are among the least expensive and most creative ways you can customize your iPad. Pre-printed decals are available online, or you can contact your local sign or decal shop to print custom stickers. If you are going for a “full wrap” look, ask for a perforated material that will help prevent bubbles and keep the heat of the iPad from building up.

Protecting your iPad with a fabric case

If you plan on using your iPad regularly, it is definitely worth it to buy or make a fabric case. Not only will it customize the look of your iPad, it will protect your investment. You can start by checking out your local fabric store or purchasing a handmade case — either way, the fabric will ensure your only iPad engraving is what you choose, not accidental scratches.

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