Apple disciples will have to wait for iOS and iPad update


The iPad update is delayed, so Apple devotees will just have to console themselves. Image: GlennFleishman/Flickr/CC-BY

The next version of iOS has been delayed, and Apple zealots will have to wait for an iPad update. The pending version of iOS, or iOS 4.2, has been delayed because of a software problem that interrupts Wi-Fi connections. The release from Apple is now rumored to hit on Thanksgiving.

No iPad update until Thanksgiving

The iOS 4.2 release is being delayed until Nov. 24, according to The Telegraph, so an iPad update isn’t likely until then. Apple has not made an official statement about the reason for the delay, but the going rumor concerns software bugs. The supposed problem is with the connection program, where a defect interferes with Wi-Fi connections. The expected release date was Nov. 12, but the company had not scheduled the release for that date. A release date was never absolutely set down by Apple, except that the new version was due to be released in November.

New iTunes released

Though iOS 4.2 is being delayed, Apple fanatics can console themselves with a new version of iTunes. The new version, iTunes 10.1, will work with iOS 4.1, but many features of the iTunes update will likely require iOS 4.2 to work to full effect. Part of the operating system update, and the iTunes update, are new features AirPrint and AirPlay. Both programs enhance connection between Apple products. AirPrint will allow owners to use their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac computers to send documents to their home printer over Wi-Fi. AirPlay will enable users to send streaming video from iOS devices to AppleTV boxes.

Multitasking the central feature

One of the central features of iOS 4.2 is supposed to be an enhancement of multitasking features in Apple devices, especially thanks to improved networking capabilities between Apple devices over wireless connections. Still, the iOS update will be out, barring disaster, just before Black Friday 2010, which should be perfect timing for holiday shoppers.


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