Investigation: NYC snow bosses bought beer, encouraged slowdown


Snowplow supervisors have been accused of buying beer instead of working. Image: Wikimedia Commons

New York authorities have launched an investigation into four NYC snow bosses. Allegedly, these four union NYC snow bosses bought beer and sat in a car rather than cleaning up snow. The investigation is also digging into the question of a purposeful work slowdown.

Investigation into NYC snow bosses’ beer

After an article published by the “New York Post” that cited unnamed sources, New York officials have launched an investigation. The allegations are first and foremost that four Department of Sanitation workers parked their car, purchased beer drank it on the clock, while the city was mired in snow. The convenience store where they allegedly got beer no longer has surveillance tapes of that day, so the investigators are questioning all city employees who may have information about the incident.

Alleged slowdown during NYC snowstorm

The investigation into NYC snow bosses’ beer is just one part of the investigation into the response to the East Coast snowstorm of 2010. There are many rumors that union bosses told their employees to slow down work as a way of “punishing” the city for financial cutbacks. The official union representatives have denied that any slowdown was encouraged. About 10 percent of the NYC Sanitation Department’s workforce called in sick during the storm, about five times more than an average day.

Effects of the snowstorm response

There have been many questions about the effectiveness of the New York City Department of Sanitation response to the snow storm. Some estimates say that between five and 25 individuals may have died because emergency crews were unable to reach homes of those who needed assistance. Rather than a purposeful slowdown, the New York City Department of Sanitation is blaming the slow response on broken-down equipment and very high winds. If the investigation of NYC snow bosses buying beer finds that the allegations are true, the supervisors could face losing their jobs.



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