Installment Loans and How They Operate

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Installment loans

If you are one of the many people who are experiencing an unexpected financial emergency, an installment loan maybe just the right thing for you.  Installment loans are a simple way to get cash on hand quickly.  What exactly is an installment loan?  It is a short term loan. When you take out an installment loan you will have a set payment plan until the balance is paid off.

Benefit of Installment Loans for Those with Bad Credit

With the economy the way it is now, most everyone will need an installment loan at some point. In fact, many people are already receiving installment loans, and a lot of these people have bad credit. But how can somebody with bad credit receive an installment loan?

Installment Loans with No Credit Checks

In most cases, we do not require a credit check in order to approve someone for an installment loan.  Usually, whether a person has good or bad credit, when they apply for a loan they are concerned about the affect it will have on their credit.  Since most lenders usually will not do a credit check, you will avoid another inquiry of your credit and the installment loan will not appear on your credit report.

Installment Loans and Bankruptcy

Inquiring about bankruptcy is something we usually do not do when considering someone for an installment loan.  We do not use it as a qualifying factor.  If you have had a recent bankruptcy, do not let it stop you from applying with us online today.

Installment Loans and Identity Theft

While doing anything online, people are rightfully concerned about identity theft.  Many places that offer installment loans require things like your social security card, driver’s license, and state ID which they may fax, scan or e-mail to other locations.  Often times, they may even require to see proof of residency through a piece of mail.

This is usually unnecessary and can be frustrating when these items are not on hand.  When you apply online with us today, you can avoid all of these problems.  We do not require seeing any of your personal identification information.  Always look for a phone number to call and make sure you talk to someone before you apply for an installment loan.  This assures that the site you are using is safe.

Our Quick Installment Loans

When you receive an installment loan from us, the money is usually deposited into your account in as little as two hours and the money is available for spending right away.  What a change that is from other loan companies that make you wait several days to use the money that you need right now.

The best part of applying for an installment loan with us today is that we ask the minimum questions to get you set up with an installment loan.  This makes it possible for most everyone to complete our installment loan application in less than five minutes.

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