Insight Communications cable service down

Cable box

Insight Communications techs are working to restore cable service. Image from Flickr.

Insight Communications — cable, broadband, and telephone service provider for Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio — is experiencing a cable service outage. With 716,400 basic cable customers and 509,400 digital cable customers, Insight Communications is working to restore cable service as soon as possible. As of 8:48 a.m. local time on Tuesday, the Insight Communications call centers are also overloaded. Insight Communications will have to do quite a bit of debt survival work to keep customers after this outage.

Insight Communications frozen signal

This morning, many Insight Communications customers, especially in central Kentucky, were greeted with a frozen picture. Insight Communications cable signals were interrupted due to a malfunctioning server in Louisville. Some customers were only getting a selection of digital cable channels. Others were seeing a frozen picture from broadcasts that were on at 11 p.m. last night.

Request to not call the Insight Communications call center

On the Insight Communications’ blog, the CEO of Insight requests that customers not call the call center. Insight Communications only has two customer-support numbers. Even with a fully staffed customer service call center, calls from hundreds of thousands of customers are collapsing the Insight Communications phone lines. The company claims to be “working diligently” to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Insight Communications phone, internet service

Insight Communications’ cable service appears to be the only service directly affected by the server issues in Louisville. Some Insight Communications internet and phone service users are reporting intermittent outages of their service – though it appears that the internet and phone services return to normal after only a few moments. Most likely, the outage of Insight Communications phone and internet service is due to attempts to fix the cable service outage.

No estimates for return of Insight Communications cable

Insight Communications has not currently offered any estimates of when cable service might return. Some customers are reporting outages that have lasted as long as 5 to 7 hours. You can keep updated on the status of Insight Communications on the CEO blog at or with local news websites.

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